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Tourneau Cover Discrepancy (US vs. Canada)

dbs6000dbs6000 Member Posts: 58
edited February 2019 in Volkswagen
Shopping for a 2019 Tiguan SEL Premium R-Line in the US.

Came across this video of a 2019 Tiguan Highline R-Line in Canada: [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiczzRllBao[/url]

Note the 6:25 through 7:00 mark in the video.

There's a hard rear Tourneau cover, which is different from what I see as an accessory on US models, which is a soft roll-up cover.

Does anyone have any info on this Canadian version, and whether or not I can order same here in the US?

Sad our US models only have power driver's seats as well; I see that this Canadian version has power driver's and passenger seats! :|

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