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imageMonthly Update for January 2019 - 2017 Honda CR-V Long-Term Road Test

In January, our long-term 2017 Honda CR-V was rained on, both literally and metaphorically, after one editor decided he doesn't like it all that much.

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  • BocceBoyBocceBoy Member Posts: 1
    My Safety System Failure problem was fixed in December 2017 using TSB 17-064.
    “Honda Sensing Failure - TSB 17-064 – Update PCM @ Millimeter as per TSB procedure.”

    My Touchscreen Flashing problem was fixed in May 2018 using software. Sometimes it requires hardware.
    “Head Unit Malfunction - Software Update”

    My Shifter Button hasn’t failed, yet. But I’m sure it will. Honda will be providing a new sturdier button soon. Until then, they will just replace all the broken ones under warranty.

    So, you aren’t experiencing any Oil Dilution problems? You must have one of the lucky ones. But then again you drive yours in a warm environment, so it is less likely to occur.
  • skisurf1skisurf1 Member Posts: 13
    Glad I bought a 2014, 74,000 miles with no problems.
  • duncanatrduncanatr Member Posts: 4
    I think Edmunds has forgotten about posts after this for two weeks :(
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