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Power, Performance and Care

XD1ayXD1ay Member Posts: 1
edited February 2019 in Buick
Opting for gas mileage over performance engine power, I am still left with the question: Can tweaks be made to the Essence engine to increase performance and power. I took my old (2017, but have 2018 now) Lacrosse to the dealership with a "reduced engine power" warning light. After the dealership corrected the issue and updating software, things changed dramatically with respect to performance. Therefore, it seems that power and performance are subject to changes that affect this. Anyone know the right software or other tweaks that can be made improve (even at the cost of mileage) performance? Many thanks! New owner > 2 years. 1st was 2017 Lacrosse and now 2018 Lacrosse.
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