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Town and Country new Engine?

wwreithwwreith Member Posts: 1
edited February 2019 in Chrysler
I took my 2014 Town and Country in for rough idling and check engine light and got a diagnoses of 5th cylinder no compression. Ultimately I was suggested I should consider a new engine. Now it turns out I was 2K miles under the power train mileage limit and Chrysler was willing to look at the car. They said they could not duplicate the compression issue but noticed 3 cam shafts that were damaged and were willing to replace those. Here I am going from a new engine to a 24-48 hour fix. I am in no way a car expert but this seems strange to me that the car went from a huge repair to almost minor. Appreciate any suggestions or questions I should consider asking the dealership before they give the car back tomorrow. One area of concern I have is will the loss of compression issue come back with new cam shafts. I worry that this is a quick fix to get me over the mileage limit so they don't have to deal with a potential underlying problem that caused the cam shafts to fail.
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