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MS22MS22 Houston, TexasMember Posts: 1
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I recently purchased a 2019 RAV4 XLE with power driver seat and tailgate. I am 6'1" tall and with the driver seat all the way down and the seatback inclined a decent amount my head is normally only a 1/2 inch from the top of the head liner, but in the mornings when my back has not compressed my head presses on the headliner uncomfortably. It is really hard for me to even get into the passanger manual seat, which does not lower at all. The dealer tells me they do not make a RAV4 XLE now without a sun roof. My wife's CHR has more headroom than this new RAV4. The older versions of the RAV4 had more headroom and better seats. Aftermarket seats are out of the question due to the airbags in the seats. I really liked this RAV4 but I do not think I can live with this lack of head room. A week after purchasing this vehicle I offered the dealer $1,500 to take it off my hands for another vehicle but they would not do it. No more Toyota’s for me!


  • ogrerugby1ogrerugby1 Member Posts: 1
    Sat in an XLE and had the same problem. Is the LE the only Rav4 they make in 2019 that will not have the sun/moonroof? Definitely a deal breaker if so.
  • arribasnarribasn Member Posts: 8
    Are you really blaming the dealer for this? No dealer would roll back a new car deal for $1500, fee alone are much more than that.
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