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gmc bussiness ethics

supersadownersupersadowner southern californiaPosts: 3
edited February 27 in GMC
Hello all I have a 2012 G.M.C Acadia with 60000 miles, always dealer serviced, it was a nice car, low and behold while moving cross country valves drop into cylinders, long story short GMC steps up and offers 3000 twords new motor. Only problem is only dealership is Amistad motors in Texas, The repair could not have been worse
leaking oil , leaking transmission fluid, radiator was found with what was described as a big hole gushing antifreeze
funny thing when car was towed there, first thing a mechanic did was verify all fluids to determine cause of motor failure, all fluids were found to be at correct levels, fast forward the new motor is put in car wrong bolts in wrong holes, mechanic forgot or didn't care to put everything back where it went , transmission lines unsecured, oil filter leaking... took it to a local dealership they were very upset with the quality of work, asked who did this to your car
This repair showed no pride in who you are, what you stand for, you gave G.M.C a black eye

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