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I bought A 2010 KIA Sportage and now having electrical issues

BKL83BKL83 Member Posts: 1
edited February 2019 in Kia
Okay so I bought my KIA from a scum bag that totally got me. 2010 KIA Sportage has 136,000miles bought it at 134,000. First thing that happened was the rear door/hatch will not open "happened 3day in to owning it" still can't figure out how to fix that. I know take the panels off ect but I cant open it to take panels off. Then 2nd week into owning it It would not start. I changed the battery out and nothing. "was not starter" I then looked at the starter relay under hood and saw that it was burnt so I changed that out and it was fixed. 5weeks into owning it my head lights stopped working. they wore extremely dim. Then 3days later they worked again. My alarm goes off every know and again when I open the door and or seating in it with it out being turned on. The doors will lock on there own every time, even if car is running. If I'm not in it they will lock me out every freaking time. The radio would not turn down this one time " only time" Car will not start but sounding like it wants to. then I wait a day or two and bam it starts fine. Then again a week or so go threw the same thing. I'm hearing now a sound like a metal ring spinning around a metal rod. on drive side front wheels. "I need breaks so That might be it" This just started the other day. Only happened twice this far. My TPMS light turns on and stays on for a while more then not. "I believe this is the tire pressure mounting system" I got new tires on it balanced and alined as well" only 300miles on them. Does any one know anything about all these electrical problems? Might be the computer? ---- "I live in a state that protects the person thats sales there private car" so please don't say anything about suing, thats not going to happen I'm stuck. Also I don't need anyone telling me about my grammar/spelling , I typed this fast so I Don't care. I do not want to sale this and screw someone else over so I'm trying to fix it and keep it. What I'm asking is do you think most likely all these problems are caused by the same thing, if so what is that thing? Thanks and protect yourself when buying a used car, FUN FACT I took this SUV to a shop before I bought it to make sure it was a good buy and they said nothing was wrong with it.
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