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Escape Hybrid: Audio & Entertainment Questions

PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
edited April 2014 in Ford
Upgrading your stereo, or just trying to diagnose an audio issue? This is the place to ask for advice.


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    sdctchersdctcher Member Posts: 21
    I am trying to find a PIE Interface for my 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid with the 6 CD Changer under the passenger seat. The changer is labeled:


    "p/n 5M6T18C830AA which is a label over 3F1T-18C830-AB Assembly p/n 5M6T18C849AD made by Clarion Corp. Date 0604 Software version 1.07"


    The twelve pin cable (2 pins not used) runs through the center console to a Visteon Audiophile Navigation System.


    I have hopes of disconnecting the CD Changer and connecting my IPod by either docking, firewire, or USB. I am now using FM and it is highly unsatisfactory. It would be nice to be able to display and control via the Audiophile unit.


    Can anyone help?


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    sdctchersdctcher Member Posts: 21
    Today I heard back from PIE.Net:


    "The X3 system will work on this application. The parts you will need

    are: X3(brain module) and X3-FRDW (vehicle specific harness). The X3 systeminterrupts the audio from the CD changer allowing input from three differentRCA audio sources. The unit comes with a wired source selector (3 footcable) to toggle between the CD changer and the three auxiliary inputs.Part# X3-EXT/15 is available for applications where additional sourceselector cable length is required. Please note that the X3 systems onlyinterrupts the CD change audio lines, the CD changer is not paused."


    This sounded like a somewhat good solution to playing my IPod through my Visteon Audiophile/Nav System. So I went to the LogJam.Com site to price the parts:




    They said:


    "The PIE X-3 Auxiliary Input Converter system allows the user to add up to three auxiliary input sources and have them connected directly between the CD changer and most factory audio systems. Now you can connect your MP3 portable player, an XM radio, and an iPod, or any combination of three separate audio sources, all at the same time AND still use your OEM or aftermarket CD Changer! Now you can have it all with the PIE X-3 system. The X-3 system interrupts the audio of the CD changer, switching between the three user-selectable RCA level auxiliary audio sources, and defaults back to the CD changer if desired.


    The X-3 system consists of two parts, the Selector Brain Module or X-3, and the vehicle-specific T-harness, each ordered separately.


    ***IMPORTANT: Must have a functioning factory CD changer or an after-market CD Changer, and the CD changer will need to be running with a CD playing in order for the X-3 system to work."


    "The X-3 includes a selector brain module and wired remote selector display. The X-3 module has 3 pairs of RCA inputs for connecting three separate audio sources. A wired remote selector display can be hand-held or mounted anywhere convenient in the passenger compartment. The remote display has a single push-button switch that toggles between each of the 3 inputs and the CD changer and supplies a visual prompt (AUX 1, AUX 2, AUX 3, CD) of the selected source. A 15ft extension cable, the X3-EXT/15, is available if extra cable length is needed to mount the X3 Source Indicator in your passenger compartment.


    P.I.E. X-3 Multi-Source Auxiliary Input Converter

    X3padRetail Price: $69.95padLOGJAM Price: $59.95


    The vehicle-specific T-harness connects the X-3 system into the vehicles audio system. T-harnesses are available for Ford, GM and Chrysler vehicles, with harness compatible with import vehicles to be available soon.


    P.I.E. X3-FRDW X3 T-Harness for Ford Vehicles

    The X3-FRDW T-harness connects the X-3 brain module to Ford vehicle's audio systems. Vehicle must have a 12-pin data cable at factory CD changer location.


    ***NOTE: NOT compatible with 2003 models equipped with the 6-Disc in-dash headunit or factory navigation system.


    [WHOOPS !]


    "Fits the following Vehicles:


        * Ford 2003 Crown Victoria (pre-wired)

        * 1997-2003 Escort (pre-wired)


    P.I.E. X3-FRDW X3 T-Harness for Ford Vehicles

    X3FRDWpadRetail Price: $39.95padLOGJAM Price: $29.95"


    I replied to PIE (in part):


    Just few questions before I purchase and post this solution for our members.


    I viewed what LogJam.Com had to sell with your suggestions and they state the following on the harness:


    "P.I.E. X3-FRDW X3 T-Harness for Ford Vehicles


    The X3-FRDW T-harness connects the X-3 brain module to Ford vehicle's audio systems. Vehicle must have a 12-pin data cable at factory CD changer location.


    NOTE: NOT compatible with 2003 models equipped with the 6-Disc in-dash headunit or factory navigation system."


    The Ford Escape Hybrid has a Visteon factory-installed Navigation System so I am concerned this may not work.


    The 40G IPod really has only three ways to connect:

    Firewire, USB 2.0, and the Apple Docking solution. What cables are required to connect to the RCA connection on the harness?


    I understand that a CD must be playing in order for this to work. What happens when the CD reaches the end of its run?


    Is the RCA connection powered so as to keep charging the IPod or must the IPod be tethered through a different connection to charge?


    Finally, this solution seems to be very limited. I wonder if you foresee a solution near in the future whereas an IPod can be connected directly to the Visteon Audiophile and by the use of radio buttons information on the IPod be accessed? I know that XM and Sirus are selling modules for the Visteon to expand useage now.


    I appreciate all your help. Thank You.




    I will post what I find out. I love to joust with windmills.
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    gagricegagrice Member Posts: 31,450
    Does the Escape audio system play MP3? I would think if it does that would be a better solution than trying to hook up the iPod. Unless they did some serious sound deadening on the hybrid, the Escape I rented was too noisy to notice any difference between the FM solution and a direct connect of the iPod.
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    docmanidocmani Member Posts: 1
    Did you every find a solution for this?


    Sounds like a great idea! I'd love to hook my MP3 player up.
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    sdctchersdctcher Member Posts: 21
    The latest reply from PIE.Net was as I post following. It sounds good and others have bought and successfully installed but I have a special case with my H-Escape. I am waiting for a setup that will display information on my Visteon Audiophile Navigation Display.


    Using our part #s X3, X3-FRDW and 3.5/RCA-6MM, you will be able to

    play your iPOD through your audio system when the radio is in CD-Changer mode.

    You will use the headset jack from the iPOD for audio output.


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    jlaurencejlaurence Member Posts: 1

    I have enjoyed reading your comments on the Hybrid Escape. I recently purchased one and have experienced many of the characteristics that you have been discussing.

    I have a question: I tried ordering the parts you describe from PIE.net but was told that that do not sell directly to consumers? Is there something I can do?

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    sdctchersdctcher Member Posts: 21
    LogJam Electronics.Com

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    mvbenisekmvbenisek Member Posts: 1
    Is there any solution to AM radio interference when braking or using wipers? We have an '05 Escape Hybrid with nearly 30,000 miles on it and so far, this is the only problem we've had (knock on wood). Our dealer can't find a problem and we know the brakes recharge the battery, but we wish we could hear the couple of AM programs we like even when braking or in the rain!
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    mgertenmgerten Member Posts: 1
    I have the 2006 FEH with a factory 6-disc AM/FM (non-audiophile) stereo. Anyone know if there is an input on the back of this stereo for an MP3 player input cord? I'm sick of using the FM transmitter to play my i-pod and want to hard wire it. I notice there is an AUX button on stereo controls.

    BTW - got the vehicle about 3 months ago, and am getting around 30 mpg - I'm pretty happy with it.
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    edhedh65edhedh65 Member Posts: 3
    I would like to know if it is possible to install a Navigation system in a 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid that originally was not sold with the factory navigation system. I found a ford escape Navigation system- identical to the ones currently offerred as options on Ford Escapes. I would like to know if I could remove the current radio and install this navigation unit. Thanks

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    mecheng1mecheng1 Member Posts: 161
    Mechanically the system you describe should fit in the 05 FEH. However, unless your are trying to:

    1) preserve the hybrid energy flow display bundled in the Nav system, or

    2) you got the Nav system for free or really cheap,

    I would recommend you consider some aftermarket Nav systems. The Ford system is several years behind the market in features and capability. Newer systems don't use multiple CDs (single DVD or HDD), displays are better, stored information is better, voice command enabled, etc., etc.

    Make sure a satellite antenna or any other peripherals also come with the Nav unit and be prepared to do this install and any other hookups. :)
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    edhedh65edhedh65 Member Posts: 3
    Would you recommend the Pioneer AVIC-Z1 as a navigation and DVD system and if so would it fit in a 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid. According to Pioneer it requires a 4" opening. Thanks for the advice.

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    boarderbradleyboarderbradley Member Posts: 1
    I saw that you found a ford escape Navigation system and I was wondering where you were able to find something like that. If you could get back to me that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    sboxsbox Member Posts: 2
    Does anyone know of any XM packages that can be installed on a '07 Escape Hybrid that has the factory Hybrid Nav stereo that will NOT require me to take out the 6 CD-changer? I found one by TERK but the sales rep wasn't sure it would work on the Hybrid and would replace the 6 CD Changer under the seat which I do not want to do.
    Currently I'm stuck with a XM2Go using FM Mod and I hate the quality.

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    mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    The Escape uses Visteon radios. There is suppose to be a Siruis Kit now available, but its probably pricy.

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    sboxsbox Member Posts: 2
    Thanks, I found an X3 from P.I.E. that will at least work with my XM2Go by adding 3 AUX connections that patch thru the external CD Changer. It won't be as wire free as I wanted but it will be better quality.
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    bettychaobettychao Member Posts: 1
    I got a used Ford Escape Hybrid 06. Is the CD number: 6L1T-18C912-AA version 3V for my Escape 2006? Thank you in advance.
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