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Driver side door window falling down.....transmission problems

Dadge2019Dadge2019 S.CAPosts: 1
edited March 2019 in Volkswagen
Bought a 2009 VW beetle in 2010 and have had to get the driver's door window register repaired and or replace for the 4th time. The dealer, Timmons of Long Beach, CA has not been at all helpful on getting it covered as a defect.

Second and a much bigger issue is the faulty Aisen 6 speed tiptronic transmission. Mine is like most everyone else's in that it up shifts and down shifts abruptly, drops into a moment of free wheel then shifts again. We have 80,000 miles on this VW and will never buy another one. We leased the first 2 we had for 3 years each so we didn't experience any of the chronic problems that nearly everyone else has experienced.

Most of the entries about these problems were listed several years ago, but as I can attest, the issues have never been resolved by VW and still exist roday. I read about the possibility of a class action suit and would really appreciate an update from anyone on it's current status. Replacing a transmission at about 80,000 miles at a cost of $6500 is not an option for a defective trnamission.
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