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Are there any benefit(s) of the 2 exhaust pipes from a performance stand point?

Any other benefits?



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    I am getting ready to purchase an '04 TSX but am less than thrilled with the 4 cylinder engine. Are there any aftermarket performance mods available like a turbo or chip set?

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    If you don't like the 4-cyl's performance, I'd personally suggest getting another car. Mods are becoming available (mostly in the form of intakes) but there are no turbo chargers, super chargers, or "chips" that I know of. I actually think that, for now, the most signficant gain in performance will come from stickier tires and wheels that aren't as heavy.

    But, at the end of the day, you could spend a lot of $ to get only a modest improvement in power.

    I think you'd be better off spend more to get the TL, opting for a less expensive six cyl car (like the Mazda M6 or Honda Accord), or buying a vehicle that has some kind of forced induction (like an Audi A4 1.8T or Saab 9-3).
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    I'm considering the purchase of a TSX, but I live in Milwaukee and will be needing to deal with the snow. I saw it stated on a post a while back (#566) that his TSX was being left in the garage because of the snow. I know the lower profile tires never help, but I was hoping that with front wheel drive it wouldn't be that bad. I already have a 00 BMW M Roadster that won't move an inch in the snow, so the TSX is going to have to get me through those winter months. Is the TSX managable for anyone who knows, or should I be looking for a different car?
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    I'm from Pennsylvania, and bought my TSX last October, so I had to deal with some pretty harsh winter weather this season. Nothing as bad as you see in Milwaukee, I'm sure, but snow is snow.
    I haven't had any problems with the TSX in the snow other than (as I stated on another forum) I was driving up a fairly steep hill in fresh snow (freak snow storm while I was out, about half an inch to an inch worth) and learned that that TCS actually hindered me from climbing the hill because it wouldnt allow me to rev the engine past 2 grand. I tried pushing the VSA button on the console thinking it would maybe turn it off, but I guess once the TCS is working you can't turn it off mid-way.
    On the other hand though, the TCS actually helped when pulling out from an intersection in the snow or slush. Very helpful though. Don't know what kind of terrain you have in Milwaukee, probably flat huh?, but if there are a lot of hills, I guess just beware. Otherwise, the TSX handles just like any other FWD car with TCS.

    I have a question about a "weird noise" too. I saw some others posted about a noise, and that got me thinking. Whenever I pull out from a parking spot in reverse, stop, shift into drive, and pull away, I then hear a "clunk" come from what sounds like the rear of the car. It almost sounds like its coming from one side of the car, but I'm not sure which side. I assumed since I'm shifting and then accelerate forward, it has something to do with the tranny, but yet it sounds like it's from the rear. Any one else have that noise?
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    Whenever I pull out from a parking spot in reverse, stop, shift into drive, and pull away, I then hear a "clunk" come from what sounds like the rear of the car. It almost sounds like its coming from one side of the car, but I'm not sure which side.

    If this only happens when the car is started, it is the ABS self check.
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    oohh. That's a pretty loud clunk for a self check. Thanks for the info.
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    On another note has anybody put the silver star rims into their cars??? This might be another option i go with?? How does it look and does it do anything drastic to the car's performance?, as i know they are a bit heavier than the ones the tsx comes with
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    I have 235/45/17's on the TSX, and the car is lowered with sport springs. NO issues in 1.5 years except that they are cheaper for some reason. Oh , and if you are lowered, they will rub the fenderwell if you hit a fair dip in the road.
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    I have (my wife really has) a 06 with 5AT. I was checking out Comptech web site and I liked the supercharger kit for the TSX ( They don’t have a kit available yet for the 06 models. Do any members have the supercharge kit on their 04/05 TSX’s? I wanted to find out (especially from 5AT owners):
    - Does it void the original manufacturer warranty?
    - Any additional wear/tear/Maint on the drive train (transmission, CV boots, half shafts, etc.)
    - Minor or major gas mileage decrease while driving normally (under 3,000 rpm highway cruise).
    - Any other Maint issues and cost for routine Maint for the supercharger?
    - Is the supercharger worth the 4k+labor in your opinion?

    I was planning on adding CAI, headers, exhaust and Hondata chip reflash to the car next summer. I figure for an extra 2k, I could replace the above with a supercharger and get real noticeable hp/torque gains. Just want to find out the long-term pit falls of the supercharger.

    Thank for the input.
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    Nobody's really had their TSX SC'd long enough to consider it longterm yet. I'd link you to a site with a lot of info, but that's not allowed here. Try Googling acurazine. Lot's of good info there on the Comptech SC.

    Keep in mind that Hondata still has to relflash the ECU to map it for the supercharger. The people I've talked to who have it have been really happy. Not sure about the warranty issue. Try the search.
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    I checked out the information at Acurazine before posting here. I did not find and long-term supercharger feedback or any information on warranties at Acurazine. The 4-5k for the supercharger/CAI/Hearder/exhaust might be better spent on a downpayment on a 08 TSX (assuming the same engine from the RDX is used). I'm going to keep the 06 TSX for a while and pass it down to my son for his 1st ride (9 years old now). I will still look for any information on supercharged TSX in any forums.
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    I'm almost sure a 3rd party supercharger would void the warranty. If you wanted/needed that much power, you should have gotten the TL which you could have for what you'll pay for the supercharger.
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    Telling a TSX owner if you want more power you should get a TL. It is like telling a TL owner to buy a RL if you want more power. BLASPHEMY! Say three hail Acura’s and make the sign of an A three times across your chest!

    All of these cars are similar but have different characteristics in styling, handling, features, and target demographics. I’ve looked at the TL and I felt like I just drove the car. When I was test driving the TSX, it really seemed like I was part of the car and I felt the road instead of just driving on it. The TSX can handle the extra power and push the “fun to drive factor” from an 8 to border-line 11 (I have a 5AT). I love the 2.4L engine high redline power, mid-range torque, and mpg ($3.05 a gallon for 91 octane in NM). I also drive any where from 5,000 ft to 7,000 ft elevation and some extra power would come in handy when needed.

    Most TSX owner’s think about CAI/headers/free flowing exhaust/hondata reflash to release a few more trapped ponies from the 2.4L engine. We will spend 1-2k just to get and extra 5-15hp compared to spending 4k for 45-55hp with a supercharger. With most TSX owners, it’s not just about the power but the total package. For my driving habits, a supercharger would improve the TSX's total package.
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    Unfortunately, short of supercharging, there's not much you can do get get more torque out of a 2.4 liter engine. And torque is where the TSX is lacking, more so than hp. Maybe you should have bought a BMW 3 series ;)
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    I'm not too crazy about BMW. I'm planning on keeping this car a long time and pass it down to my son for his first ride 7 years down the road. I know my cost for ownership would be far less in a TSX compared to a BMW after 7-8 years.
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    That will be one nice ride for a 16 year old. My oldest got a 9 year old Mercury Topaz for his first ride. He totalled it 7 months later (luckily no one was injured) and didn't get another car (which he had to buy) for 3 years.
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    I think it's only for looks. I think with four bangers, dual exhausts are kind superfluous.
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    I'm no expert, but dual-exhaust reduces back-pressure on the engine, which adds some extra "crispness" or power. In every-day driving, I'd doubt that the dual-exhaust makes one bit of difference. But, rev that 4-cyl up like it's made to do and drive it like a sports sedan, and, yes, I'm pretty sure it makes a difference. Your best bet is to ask this question about the TSX at Acurazine or a more general question about high-compression, long-stroke 4-cyl engines at a more technically inclined enthusiast board.
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    Just wanted to see if there was anyone located in the Boston, MA area to do an A-SPEC suspension group buy. The regular price is $ 800 - I spoke with a guy in parts who said he could give a discount for a group buy.
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    You can get it on ebay for $600. Acura of Escondido. $600 + ~$50 shipping.
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    I am thinking about buying an 08 or a 09 certified TSX. How is the four cylinder engine as far as acceleration is concerned? I live in southern CA. Getting on the freeway and off the freeway. What should I offer for a certified TSX with nav out the door price? Let's say mileage is around 10,000- 20,000 miles.


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    can'tgive you advice on pricing-but the 08 is the last of generation 1 and 09 is the start of generation 2. (which means it has the first year problems) I own a 6MT 06 tsx-I do mostly highway (freeway as you call it) driving. I have been on 3 cross country road trips (including driving thru California-love the San Diego area) I have to say it its an extremely comfortable car with enough power. This is my opinion and it is also on a manual transmission tsx, The nav came in very handy. My now 3 year old car, bought new 11/06, has almost 96,000 problem free miles. Still on the original brakes and replaced the OEM Michelin tires at 74,000 miles
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