2006 Civic Hybrid brake keeps locking

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2006 Civic Hybrid(with $98K mileages( IMA light and check engine light are on. Car runs good for a few minutes; sometimes more than 20 minutes if I disconnect the car's battery. After 10-20 minutes, D light dispears for a few second and comes back on. At that time car jumps a little. Then after 2-3 minutes, "Brake System" light(yellow) would show in the dashboard and brake would lock. It happened few times. I had to disconnect the car's battery few times to drive about 10 miles to come home. It is not safe to drive like this. Honda dealer says IMA is deteriorating and PMC needs to be replaced. Dealer would charge $1600 to replace the PCM and about $2800 to replace the IMA battery. I think it is not worthy of spending so much. Another mechanic ( who is a honda specialist) said PCM is good, but IMA is deteriorating. However, neither Honda dealer nor the honda specialist mechanic could tell me why brake keeps locking. I bought a new (car) battery (151R with 340CCA) from Autozone. It ran good for about an hour with no problem( no D light dispearing, no brake system light on, no brake lock, no jumping, etc). Now it started doing the same thing. Please help me. I cannot afford to buy another one. I realized that if I leave the car's battery disconnected overnight and if I don't use A/C, then it runs better for a little longer. Thank you, guys. I really appreciate your time


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    Hello, I have similar issues with my 06 Civic Hybrid, haven't ever noticed the blinking D and haven't ever disconnected the starting battery (BUT the other symptoms match

    In my case, in addition to above, if mine sits and idles to long then brakes act like they are locked up, speedometer freezes at zero, get "brake sys", "Power steering", "IMA", and "check engine" lights, when I turn car off for 15 ish minutes it all resets

    Otherwise, the short trips or trips in town with stop and go seem to cause same issues

    I also noticed that the "assist lights" where not as frequent or plentiful as they had been when driving same roads at same speeds and conditions

    For me, seems like a sling blade moment, turns out be I found my positive connection to the starter battery was loose ( clamp was worn out and I replaced)

    After a couple short trips the "assist and charge" lights seemed to reset (stopped working then started again) but now they seem back to normal After an afternoon of intentional short trips and forcing autostop/trying to cause the problem things seem to be back to normal
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