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Subaru WRX wagon vs Audi A3

jordanhjordanh Member Posts: 4
edited April 2014 in Audi
This is killing me! My ideal car would be the Audi A3 2.0 with a stick and AWD. Unfortunately it is unavailable, so I have 3 choices: 1) Get the 2.0 and live w/o AWD (I live in NYC and plan on parking the car on the street). 2) Get a Subaru WRX and live with a little less luxury. or 3) Go for the A3 3.0 and hope I'll start liking the DRG paddles better (this is probably my least favorite option).

I don't ski or drive off road at all, but am concerned about safety. How big a deal do you think it AWD is?

Anything else I'm missing?

Any idea if Audi is planning on releasing the 2.0 with AWD anytime soon?

Thanks in advance for your help!


  • rangnerrangner Member Posts: 336
    You could probably get by without AWD, but as a subaru owner, it's definitely nice to have. Have you looked into the WRX Limited or the Saab 9-2X? They'd be alot more reliable than the audi would be. Good luck!

  • chadxchadx Member Posts: 153
    "Any idea if Audi is planning on releasing the 2.0 with AWD anytime soon? "

    Audi A3 2.0T quattro drive (AWD) is available for 2009.
    EPA Mileage Estimates - Automatic (City / Highway): 21 mpg / 28 mpg; Range in Miles: 304.5 mi. / 406 mi.

  • foxone2foxone2 Member Posts: 1
    As the owner of a new WRX I can give you my impressions. Firstly, it is like NO other car you probably owned in the past. The WRX is not an AWD car. . . it is a fulltime 4x4 car. Cars like the Audi are front wheel drive until the ecu detects wheel slippage and then sends some ammount of power to the rear wheels and then when the slipping is done... usually a second or two or three. . . the car becomes your every day FWD car. The WRX is sending 50% to the front and 50% to the rear at all times. The experience is like driving a rear wheel drive car with lots and lots and lots of grip in the corners and slick roads.

    And consider this: that if you buy or lease a WRX there are ecu reflashes on the market where for a few hundred dollars you can increase power to nearly 300hp while the Audi is only around 200hp.

    The WRX is not the next best thing since sliced bread and the A3 is no slouch either. With the WRX you are getting a car that is engineered for going fast either in a straight line or in taking sharp corners. Its not engineered for a soft plushy ride and you can tell that the first time you drive it. The Audi is akin to a small luxury car that has a great engine... the 3.2L V6, and a great transmission.

    Myself, I love the WRX (and I am nearly 40 years old) but I am now toying around with the idea of selling it and going with a 3.2L A3. With the WRX people (kids and young adults) are going to want to race you at every stoplight. The Audi is a stealthy car in that no one is going to pay it a lot of attention. Kids in Mustangs and EVOs are not going to pay you any attention at all.

    So in short, the WRX is great if you are looking for a lean mean driving machine. The Audi is more mature, but equally fun in its own manner. I like the A3 and if there were a way for me to sell the WRX without taking a loss on it then I would be all over the A3. . . I like its luxurious side and the 3.2 has got the power to make it fun, and the AWD does come in handy on wet or otherwise slippery roads.... But the WRX truly has the best drivetrain in that it is a full time 4x4 vehicle.
  • rshollandrsholland Member Posts: 19,788
    Actually AWD = 4WD, but not necessarily the other way around.

    What you're really referring to is reactive (on-demand) AWD vs. proactive (full-time) AWD. Subarus (Audis too) have full-time AWD, as all wheels are always engaged to some degree.

    BTW, I too have a '09 WRX, and have got you beat by 24 years. Geezers like to have fun too! :) ...And yes, it's a hoot to drive.

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