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Transmission or air leaks?

82ndbravo82ndbravo Member Posts: 1
edited March 2019 in Buick
I bought this car. Put tires on. Oil change. And transmission perk

s. So I left town. Got around 200 miles from home and I just lose all gears. Got to stop. Switch car off a few times then throw into any gear and she will go. But only for a few mins. Then all gears gone. Car remains running.. I search around and notice all vac hoses on top of motor leaking on pretty much every correction. I go to Napa and ask about this part with the metal tubes. .. They dont have. So they give me a few hoses. I run back to car slapping hose to each opening and swapping back and forth. Car ran but did same thing. So police pull up had car towed. The mech is sjper focused on telling me Tran was on Last leg ...

There was no metal in Tran or oil pans or filters. Car ran smooth no rattle in block. But now since the factory vac hoses roited and since new hand cut hoses.

My question is this. There was no shake and was pretty smooth ride until I heard the hiss on a hose and touched It.... Could there be more to the vac leaks causing no function of motion of the trans instead of Tran just becoming junk out of blue


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    imidazol97imidazol97 Member Posts: 27,202
    I don't know of any vacuum control that is on the transmission.
    I'm guessing 250K, at least 200K miles on the vehicle? it's a 1997.

    A used transmission might be reasonable, but the odds of getting one that's not near death
    is lowered due to the age of all the many various donor vehicles that used the same transmission
    with the same gearing.

    I would want a transmission shop qualified person to check the pressures on the transmission, although
    that may be possible to do with the Tech II computer they hook up to the computer in the car. I suspect
    it will tell them how the pressures in the trans are as well as the activation of the electric motors (solenoids)
    that control the shift engagements.

    The vacuum tubes on the engine can cause all kinds of problems. There should be a diagram under the hood
    somewhere showing the routing. Not getting them right will lead to emissions not working right and giving a check engine light.

    2014 Malibu 2LT, 2015 Cruze 2LT,

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