2008 dodge sprinter van, stalling issues and electric problems

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We have a 2008 dodge sprinter van, diesel. It has about 150,000 miles on it

The check engine light has turned on, and we've been told that the reason why is because of a glow plug. The van has been running fine despite this occurrence. After taking a trip down to North Carolina, we started having issues. The van has started to stall randomly when driving down the road, shutting itself off. This has happened a few times, then the heater stopped working. Most recently, the van wouldn't start and we had to get a jump to recharge the battery. We're not really sure where to go from here

Also to mention, during the trip down south, we had an issue with fuel leaking and had a low fuel pressure warning come up, the van stalled out a couple of times on the highway. we took it to a Mercedes Benz dealership and they found holes in the fuel lines, they replaced these lines and sent us on our way without any other advice than to change the glow plug. when we were driving back, a couple of miles from home, the van began to stall again.
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