2006 dodge ram 1500 v8 5.7 Stalling randomly No pattern

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Hi I have a 2006 dodge ram 1500 5.7 when ever i am driving the truck stalls randomly radio stays on also i am able to put it in neutral it starts right up no probelm and then stalls a couple seconds later,
i have replaced a Torque converter , Crank shaft sensor, cam sensor also cleaned the throttle body and the MAF sensor
But that still didn't fix it
Please let me know if this has happend to you
Any answers?


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    I have an 08 Ram 1500 Reg. Cab 5.7L engine my truck runs at High (COLD) Idle and stalls out when it warms up...I still have the problem ... I replaced the Throttle Body and TPS, I've replaced the EGR valve, Crankshaft position censer, Camshaft position sensor, Map sensors, all 16 Spark Plugs, (8) Coil Packs!!!
    I've also replaced Fuel Pump>>

    PLEASE HELP!!! This is just costing too much!!! I cant get it out of my drive way!!!! [email protected]
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    Can anyone tell me where the IAC valve on a 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7L engine is located at???
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