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Want to upgrade your F-truck audio, or can't hear anything at all from what you have? This is the place!

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    I recently purchased a 2004 F-150 Supercrew Lariat (New Body Style). The stock radio includes the in-dash 6 CD changer with what I beleive is Ford's "Premium Sound" package (loose term here). I want to connect an external XM radio tuner that is connected to to my existing radio. I am talking about an XM tuner without controls that is mounted in the glove box or under a seat (out of site). I assume the auxilary button can activate the XM radio? Will I be able to view the XM channels on my radio screen? Also, can I use my pre-set radio buttons to store XM radio channels in the auxilary mode? Scrolling up/down through 200+ XM channels would not be an option, neither is an awful sounding FM modulator. I would also like to connect an Ipod jack to my existing radio. I understand that I will not be able to view my Ipod songs on my radio screen, however, How can I connect two auxilary devices with only one auxilary jack (is there some type of splicing cable on the market)? Is this even possible?

    I asked a very old, very large, and very respected Ford dealership about Ford's triptunes. He said do not even bother and also told me thatI am much better off using another after-market product (he had no other suggestions). He had experienced too many problems properly connecting Ford's Triptunes.

    Am I doomed to an after-market Stereo to listen to music 2007 style? This was not in the budget, but what else is new?
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    No xm receiver/tuner will work with any Ford factory head unit.

    Your only option to keep the stock head unit is to get the sirius kit installed but its kind of pricy.

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    Anyone have info on where to start looking for the connector for the six CD Audio system in a 2006 F350 SD.
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    i just bought a connector for the speakers / power etc from a place called Steros on the go electronics. 866 380 0529.
    I bought the connector ($15) paid the usps shipping ($6) and it was delivered and was the right part.
    Try there.
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    I am presently deployed in the Kuwait/Iraq region (I bounce back and forth all the time).
    When I get back, I am going to complete the rebuilding of my 1995 F-150 Flareside. I have been working on it for two years.
    For the life of me, according to the schematics, there is suppose to be a harness that the goes between the OEM AM/FM/Cassette radio and the OEM Premium Sound, and I can not locate this harness. Every salvage yard I have gone to does not have the stereo system and/or dash in it. Can you help?

    I identified the FWH-593 and FWH-594 harness in a catalog but I am at a loss as to where these harness go and if one of these is what I am searching for. Can anyone help? Is this harness available or does it have to be built?

    Please reply to [email protected]
    Thanks to webmail, I can access my account even from the sandbox.
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    Thank you very much for your reference to!
    I have a 1995 F150 that I have been rebuilding and your reference has helped me immensely.
    I am #6 of #7

    Thanks Again!!
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