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2005 Chevy Colorado - Will not stay on, or turn on at this point

afenn4afenn4 Member Posts: 1
edited March 2019 in Chevrolet
Experiencing issues with '05 Chevy Colorado. 238K miles, yes the engine light is on and below are the errors. Please know that these errors have been on for the last 7 YEARS! How do I pass inspection? Play the game of unplugging the battery, driving 75+ miles to pass most of the computer checks and bring it straight to jiffy lube (not an actual car shop) to have them do the inspection.

The car has a quarter tank of gas. It started doing this last weekend, specifically while I was at a red light waiting to turn right, and then I turned and as driving/turning it turned off. I was able to put the truck in park and then turn it back on. It then did it again as I was pulling into a parking lot and then put it in reverse and turning to back the truck up into a spot. It turned off, put it in park then turned it back on and parked the truck.

Truck would then not turn back on at all, would turnover and stay on for a split second, but not remain on. I ended up having it towed to a friends house to hopefully help fix.

Fuel Tank Pressure System
Evaporative Emission (EVAP) System Flow

Appreciate any inputs/feedback
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