05 Suburban - no start

LJ1024LJ1024 CaMember Posts: 3
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So bought the car a month ago- no issues. Friday i ran some errands was driving in traffic about 3 hours. Gauges were fine, low fuel 42mi on the tank. I stopped for dinner 10mi from home. Was out of the truck for 5minutes. Got back in it won't start. Lights come on, dash lights up, radio works. No clicks. No noise. Tested starter relay- good. Added 1.5 gal fuel (2gal can) (electronic fuel gauge hasnt changed from 42mi) Changed out starter and solenoid Removed aftermarket alarm Tested fuel pressure, pump comes on Does not start in neutral Whats next?


  • LJ1024LJ1024 CaMember Posts: 3
    Fuel pump relay, injector fuses, and crank fuse all check out.
  • LJ1024LJ1024 CaMember Posts: 3
    Ignition switch tests good
  • rickdonrickdon Member Posts: 123
    Did you check the starter cable?
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