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Oldsmobile Alero Accessories and Modifications

humpty66humpty66 Member Posts: 2
well im gettin an alero 1999 black 4 doors automatic 95,000 miles , my sister is giving it to me for free, im going to turn 16 in 2 weeks and i just got a job.. so now that im earing some money i want to spend that money on "pimpin it" i know its silly but i really want to do this.. i would like to know how much would it be for buyin a body kit, tintin the windows, headlights, rims, muffler, spoiler all the stuff and what should i put on it to make it look better i dont know much about cars thats.. do u guys think racing stripes would look good on it? if so do u know how much are they?.. well write back please.. :D


  • humpty66humpty66 Member Posts: 2
    can u add a turbo or nos tu an automatic car "alero 99"
    .. does drift an automatic car ruins anything in the car?.. what thing should i put on my car to make it look "tight"?
  • galaxiebeinggalaxiebeing Member Posts: 9
    Well, a good tint job will run about $200. Don't go cheap here! Wheels that give the Alero a great look are 18" American Racing wheels, named, Coil. Available at Sears or tire stores for aound $600. for the set. BUT - if you are going to get the 18 inchers (with the correct fitment for tires) you will definitely want to lower the car - I used Eibachs on my Alero. Otherwise the look of the 18s is not cool. The Eibachs lowered the vehicle about 1 1/2 to 2 inches. Even kids with Cobras like the look and chicks think it's hot. Also, a carbon-fiber hood scoop, from Lund (for show, not go), makes the vehicle look aggressive. DON'T FORGET UNDER the hood. AC DELCO spark plugs gapped at .060 and a K&N air filter will improve performance. Be sure to keep the original wheels to run them in the winter - unless you live in sunny southern Cal. Claying the body is an absolute must to get a good luster - you can do it in 20 minutes. A good running Alero is a lot of fun and one that is dressed up gets attention. As far as a body kit, the only thing besides the fake hood scoop on mine is factory side body moldings whichg seem to do the car justice. I have been considering racing stripes for abpout a year but haven't made up my mind. Polling my friends is about 50/50. Also, if it doesn't have leather buckets consider getting yours reupholstered or put racing buckets in. Be ready to do a lot of work putting them in, though, because some modifications are necessary to get them in if they're not factory ordered. Mine is a 3.4L, 4-door, Arctic White, which really glistens in the bright sun because of the claying. Be sure to stick with 87 to 89 octane for optimum performance, too. Higher than 89 goes right through and decreases mpg. I am thinking of buying a 2-door Alero so I can put a Lambo door kit on it. That would not be cool on a 4-door anything. All in all a great little car. Glad to find another Alero enthusiast. BTW, I own 2 of them; an '04 and a '99. No mechanic has been able to figure out why, yet, but the '99 is quicker than the '04. The '04 is 18 lbs heavier than the '99, but I doubt that's the reason. Both of them beat out BMWs, though. Good luck.
  • bwings4bwings4 Member Posts: 1
    Trust me man its not a car that you need to "PIMP OUT". Spend the money on the engine first. How many times have you seen plps cars that r decked out and then see them broke down on the side of the road. Im 21 and ive seen it too many times. Its an Alero not an Audi. Make sure its running right ok. Then maybe go wheels/tires and a tint.
  • jennhjennh Member Posts: 2
    My car has this problem of slighting jerking or "hiccups" while driving. When it does this the RPM jump up and back down quickly. ANY HELP??
  • josh8577josh8577 Member Posts: 2
    i have a 2000 alero gls. mine is doing the same thing right now and i was told that it is the intake gaskets leaking. take at the smaller hoses hoses beneath the air intake and if they are leaking you will see a wet area below them. thats the coolant leaking from them which means that extra air is getting in to your system which is causing the computer to mess with the ride. i just bought my gasket kit for it today which cost me 90 dollars. the killer of this repair is the labor you will pay for. around here it is 600 dollars for the part and labor at a garage because the whole top half of the engine has to come off. luckily my cousin is a mechanic and im getting it done free on sunday. so if you havent gotten yours checked and fixed by then ill let you know if it solves the problem.
  • josh8577josh8577 Member Posts: 2
    it wasnt caused by the intake. it was caused by the mass air flow sensor in my car. i got one at a junkyard for 20 bucks and solved the problem
  • yaz22yaz22 Member Posts: 4
    Has anyone put on the hard shell dash overlays that they sell to cover up the wrinkling leather problem that are common to Alero dashboards ??? If so, I would appreciate any info you can give me on how it was installed and how it looks. Also, I would REALLY appreciate a picture of it installed. You can send the pic to my e-mail account (yaz53@comcast.net). I have been looking around at junk yards for a dash but the work involved to switch them is enormous. If the overlay looks great installed, I will go that route. It is cheaper and easier. Thanks in advance !!! Rich
  • aaronpaul13aaronpaul13 Member Posts: 1
    hey, what a coincidence, my sister gave me my 99 alero gl when i turned 16 too haha. sure theres tons of stuff u can do to it, (not really any engine stuff tho except a cold air intake) i did however put a great performance exhaust on mine, its made by monza with the pacesetter name on it. my o my it sounds beasty, here is the link http://www.alamomotorsports.com/pacesetter/pacesetter_oldsmobile_monza_exhaust.html go there and get it only about $300, thats a steal. also if u feel the need there is only one supercharger that fits really well on this car... its made by GM themselves, here is the link : http://paceperformance.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=237 go there and check it out, about $2300 i think. and basicly just add head unit/amp/speakers/subs the works, (they all fit just fine) as far as a body kit... well http://www.andysautosport.com/ is a great place to find stuff like that, it has wings/body kits/ door conversion kits, everything... just get ur wallet ready tho... ok well i hope i helped, hope u get it "pimped out" lol ok c ya

    -Aaron Klotz
  • galaxiebeinggalaxiebeing Member Posts: 9
    So, humpty66, what did you do with your Alero? Anxious to see if you tried anything. I'm still undecided about the racing stripe, although I am considering a modified racing stripe from the front of the hood scoop to the front of the hood. Found a carbon fiber one (about $50.) to match the hood scoop so I know they are out there. MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT! I changed out the plugs since I last wrote. I put in Bosch dual-electrode plugs and the difference in performance is phenomenal. (BTW, MPG is still very good at @ 22.5 -23.5. when I'm not racing. And, no, these are not highway miles, although the racing ones are.) Been running the Bosch plugs for about 9 months and these are the only plugs I shall use from now on. Get 'em at the Walmart - good price. Don't recall if I told you I had a performance muffler put on, but I did. For $200 total installed with a real chrome tip included, it's an IMCO performance muffler and it sounds GRRRREAT! The vehicle does not have the lawn mower ricemobile sound but roars like a V8 muscle car from the 60s. Had it installed almost a year ago by my Mexicali amigos. Even they were impressed when they drove it out of the shop. zoom? zoom? zoom? Kiss my Italian ancestry. It's VROOOM! VROOOM! VROOOM!</</big>i></b Use Mobil 1 5W 20 (the only true synthetic) exclusively. Hope this helps.
  • strainstrain Member Posts: 2
    i have a 99 olds alero with 3.4l but when the first one blew i figured that i needed to get less miles and more bang.
    I bought a 20k motor for $500 put slightly bigger valves in it and a thrush performance glass pack. doing this gave me the ability to go from stock 170 horse to 195 horse.
    I have cold air intake system on order, supposed to get an additional 5-15 horse witch will be plenty for the alero.
    The only question that i have is what kind of front end can i get for the alero now that i have more power then i need.
    O. E. is not strong enough for this motor. Need new axles, wheel hub assembly and struts. I have already replaced all with O. E. parts and they keep failing.
    Norman Strain
  • strainstrain Member Posts: 2
    your mass air flow sencer i believe can be cleaned and reinstalled with any type of spray cleaner. Just pull it out spray it off and throw it right back in.
  • galaxiebeinggalaxiebeing Member Posts: 9
    Why did your 3.4 blow up? Those engines can take lots of pounding and keep on keepin' on. Besides, with all the work you've done it's now another car altogether in an Alero package. Guess a salvage yard with some hot rod experts is what you need, now, for the front end advice. Was the xtra 25 hp worth the engine xchange? Don't know about the 5 to 15 hp w/ a cold air intake. Heard that was mostly hype. Also, are you dyno testing to get the hp?
  • rider99rider99 Member Posts: 5
    Hello i have been looking for a cold air intake and no-one seems to have one i was wondering where i could find one or even if a cavalier intake would fit an 02 alero 2.2L
  • galaxiebeinggalaxiebeing Member Posts: 9
    My friend said he got his K&N cold air intake from K&N. BUT, I think it's a waste of money because his cold air intake lies across the top of the engine. Seems to defeat the purpose of a "cold air" intake. I put the regular K&N performance filters in the filter boxes and have experienced great improvement in throttle response in 2 Aleros, a Ranger, and a Lexus. Don't think I'll spend the extra bucks on an item that only looks good when I open the hood. Also, I think the air intake already comes to the filter box from under the Alero as factory. My friend's car doesn't seem to be any quicker with his cold air intake kit. They do look neat, though. One more thing: our Alero's are 3.4l sixes.
  • mdobmdob Member Posts: 1
    My low tire pressure light come on today. I had the pressure checked in the tires but the light came back on. Is there anything I can do about this? I'm assuming the sensor is going, but the light is annoying
  • rider99rider99 Member Posts: 5
    hello i was trying to get to the speakers in the door and wondering how you take the door panels off of the door
  • galaxiebeinggalaxiebeing Member Posts: 9
    There are a few screws to remove which are obvious with just a cursory inspection. HOWEVER, on the lower rear section of the panel is a reflector, behind which is hidden a major bolt, which has to be unscrewed to get the panel off completley. Pop out the reflector and go in with a long socket. Once you do this you're set. I changed out all the factory speakers to SONY x-plodes. LOVE EM! Got 'em at the WalMart.
  • rider99rider99 Member Posts: 5
    Yeah ive got some alpine type R's in the back and putting some phoneix gold in the front on the door
  • rider99rider99 Member Posts: 5
    I was inquiring if anyone out there knew how to get some different tail lights for this car because i dont know if i can get anything different with how the tail lights are not connected they go to the trunk door and on the rear panel and i want to know how good that pacesetter exhaust really is because ive heard some good and bad about it thank you
  • rider99rider99 Member Posts: 5
    ok i have 3 bolts out but i cant get by the window thing because i dont have auto windows they are crank and how do you get that off
  • tntrocker513tntrocker513 Member Posts: 5
    Ok i just took my panels of my 99 alero. theres a clip on the window handle, its really small and very hard to get out( after an hour of trying my dad did it). You can get a tool at auto zone for like 8 bucks, or just use the trusty flat head screwdriver .

    Heres a link of what it looks like

    http://www.bodyshopzone.com/archives/trim/door_panels/Chevy/CK1500_1998/dpcht105- a_98_chevy_truck.jpg
  • expwymanexpwyman Member Posts: 25
    The Alero didn't come with custom tail lights since Olds killed the line. I've seen a few custom-made lights online that were made, but nothing manufactured for regular sale. You can get new taillights easily on Ebay if you need replacements at least.
  • jdknight1jdknight1 Member Posts: 1
    Just a tip I read last night and am going to try soon.

    Take the IAT sensor, relocate it to your grill. Take electrical or duct tape and cover the hole the sensor was originally installed in. This is supposed to make the car think you're getting more cold air than it really is. It's supposed to be a free upgrade most don't know about.

    I have pieced together my own short ram intake. If this trick works, I may remove my short ram intake and find a filter to put directly over the throttle body. I also found links to high performance throttle body's for the Alero.

    Email me directly if you have any tips to share or questions

  • awcreamsodaawcreamsoda Member Posts: 2
    I just purchased one from a place with a cheezy name-www.myhotcar.com. It fit pretty well. I'd invest after you purchase it in a nice galvanized u-bolt clamp so you can mount a little more securely. But the unit does fit. I have found that when buying performance parts for the Alero, especially with the Ecotech 2.2 that you'll need to look at parts for the Pontiac version namely the Grand AM. Just be careful what you buy the chips seem to add more issues to a car that runs nice anyway. Iff you are planning on upgrading any more of the induction system it's not going to be cheap. If you want something that's going to last and be able withstand a 200lb foot your going to have to spsend some money. The cold air kit I purchased from myhotcar.com cost me $120 inexpensive after seeing what people are paying for others it doesn't come with a K&N filter b.ut it's made of the same stuff. I hope this helps. :shades:
  • awcreamsodaawcreamsoda Member Posts: 2
    Cane anybody tell me how big of a throttle body I can put on my 2004 Alero with a 2.2 Ecotech-4sp automatic without making the ECU freakout. I understand that the intake manifold will handle 62mm I can bore out my own throttle body I just need to know the max I can go. And for other reasons who makes a good preformance throttle body for the 2.2 Ecotech? :shades:
  • nbeltnbelt Member Posts: 13
    my 2000 alero gls 3.4 V6 only gets about 18 mpg in the city. trying to figure out how to get better if its possible without buying a bunch of expensive parts. HELP PLEASE
  • gotsmy99alerogotsmy99alero Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if there is any exhaust system available for the 3.4L 99 alero?? I found some alero exhaust systems but theyre all for the 2.4 or 2.2
  • bs3203bs3203 Member Posts: 1
    Yes, You should check out anderbrainnovations.com
    He is located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, but he does cutom work. One of very few places you can get aftermarket tails for the alero.
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