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New Civic Hybrid Owners - Give Us Your Report

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Congratulations on your new car! This is the place to give us your first impressions.

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  • Just finished my 1st week with my new 06 HCH, traded in my 03 HCH CVT. Really like all the improvements, mileage remains to be seen, (1st tank came out to 41 mpg, (with 43 on trip computer) but it was the dealer fill up, so not sure how topped off it was). So far trip computer shows 44 for the 2nd tank, haven't noticed the 64 mi reset phenom.

    Very interested with any aftermarket XM installations and how well they integrate into factory (non-nav) system.

    Have not noticed the hyped gas engine shutdown on level cruise below 35, wouldn't the mpg gauge max out? Any insight on that?

    From Honda website "For 2006, the electric motor can propel the car from a stop to speeds up to 35 mph." I wish...

    Love the better acceleration, I always felt the previous HCH just lacked a little. The auto stop tweaks help much in stop and go traffic jams (almost daily for me)

    Anyone else wish there could be more user input into the amount of assist? I live in a hilly area and end up fully charged a lot, wish I could expend a little more electric on the climbs.

    Getting aftermarket leather, anyone else done that? I got galaxy gray exterior, love that new color.

    Anyone changed the factory wheels? Would it seriously affect the economy?
  • davem7davem7 Posts: 35
    Like yourself i'm still wondering about the minus 35mph gas engine shutdown feature, as far as I can see it doesn't exist except on auto stop with the brake applied.

    I did question the dealer about this point before buying the '06 HCH and they disclaimed any knowledge of it. Still it does appear on the website leaving one to wonder if it was an oversight.

    My XM radio was installed by the Honda dealer and so far the performance is excellent. The antenna is mounted on the upper right of the front windshield and I still haven't found out if the factory installed version would use the roof antenna or not.

    I have reception about 98% of the time except for the obvious dead spots such as tunnels and thick tree cover.
  • The car has a 20 hp electric motor which is not enough to propel a 2800 lb car, so there is no real electric-only mode. But it is possible, though hard, to use the motors without using the engine, but only when the car is already moving, slowly, on a level or downhill surface. And the car still decelerates even with them on, but at a much slower rate than when coasting.

    It's still a mild hybrid, in other words.
  • I agree, 06 CH is a mild hybrid. Although I have been fairly successul at getting the car into pure electric mode, I am averaging about 30-35 mph when it is happening, the trick is I let go of the accelerator at about 40, let it trickle to 33-35, and put foot on gas pedal and maintain 1100 rpm exactly, and for about 40-50 seconds my gauge goes to 100 mpg on instant. I will admit prius does a much better job at holding electric mode only longer-thus the 67 hp motor for that model.

    By the way if you could send me an e-mail, I am the one with the problem of my ave mpg reseting at 63.5 just like you, I have a call into Honda, and supposedly a factory rep is supposed to know about it this week, if you send an e-mail to my private e-mail, I can give you phone # and case # to reinforce the complaint if your interested.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Straight from Honda...
    "During acceleration, the engine or the engine and electric motor propel the vehicle. During cruising, the gasoline engine and/or the electric motor can propel the vehicle."

    While most of the time the electric motor works in assist mode, 2006 Civic Hybrid can run completely on electric power as well. Especially during cruising, there isn't much of HP requirement anyway. How many horses do you think a typical sedan is using under constant speed cruising on a highway? Not much.
  • Hi, I just purchased my 1st hybrid and I have not experience 35mph gas engine shutdown.
    I have the NAV display and the dealership wants to charge me $700 parts/labor for XM. Dose this sound right? XM ready I thought its pre wired.
    Also what kind of display you get on the XM i.e. band name song name?
    :confuse: :confuse:
  • larsb and robertsmx, we are well aware of Honda's literature. But speaking as people who actually own the car and have been driving it extensively, it doesn't have a real electric-only mode. The Prius does, I know this because I rented one and drove it, but this car keeps its engine running all the time except when coasting, braking, or stopping. It is possible to get the car to engage an electric-only mode but it's very difficult.

    I love the car, but I think the electric-only mode was just thrown in so Honda could claim the car is a full hybrid.
  • davem7davem7 Posts: 35
    For the XM music channels there are three display modes, first is for the channel name(i.e.Bluegrass), the second is for the song title, the third is for the artist name.

    For the news channels there are also three display modes, first is for channel name(i.e. Fox News), the other two identify the program and host(i.e. The Big Story, John Gibson)

    A button on the instrument panel enables you to switch between the display modes, you can leave it locked in on any one mode.

    The display mode has large type and is well illuminated, its easy to read while driving.

    Occasionally you will see brief text messages such as phone numbers.

    I paid $700.00 for installation by the Honda dealer.
  • I picked up my Civic Hybrid last night, and today had the opportunity to assess its performance in the pinch of holiday traffic. I was in the right lane, the left lane occupied, and a vehicle was merging on the right. I was AMAZED at the acceleration and power as I moved forward in the right lane to avoid the merging car
  • I just bought a Honda Civic hybrid, selecting the Honda over the Prius for several reasons (IMHO):

    The Civic looks, feels and drives like a traditional car
    The instrumentation panel of the Civic is simple
    The starting procedure for the Prius feels weird
    The Civic interior looks richer
    The Civic feels, overall, like a better built vehicle
    The Civic is a sharp looking car!

    One thing I didn't like was that the Civic doesn't have a fold-down rear seat, but after consideration I thought I could live without that.

    The Civic hybrid is not the Civic of my youth. Back then, I considered the Civic a cheap import. Now, it's a model for the American car industry to emulate. The car is loaded with cool features - power windows and doors, smartkey, CD player, climate control, cruise control, and extensive safety features including 8 airbags and ABS, to say nothing of the enviable gas mileage.

    My primary considerations in buying a hybrid? I average 35K miles per year and want to spend less $ for fuel while making my contribution to the reduction of carbon emissions and reliance on foreign oil.

    The car was purchased at Clinton Honda in East Annandale, NJ. Don't know if the manager was feeling great that day or they were looking for an end-of-year sale, but I bought the car for $500 under MSRP and will take delivery in 2006 to get the estimated $2100 tax credit.
  • tgrebtgreb Posts: 1
    I picked up my 06 Civic Hybrid last Wednesday. So far it appears that I am getting 37-38 mpg. I live in a flat area, but it is hot right now. Running the AC is a must. Can I expect the mpg to improve as the car gets more acclimated to the road?

    I reaaly like the car, but I chose it over the Prius thinking I would get 45-50 mpg. I've heard the Prius really only gets 48-50, and for that difference the Civic is a much nicer looking vehicle with the new design.
  • keswickkeswick Posts: 3
  • Bought my 06 Sept 5 and am getting 58 mpg combined city and highway. Have been trying some of the suggestions given on this site.
  • I just picked up my wife's 2007 Civic Navi Hybrid from Parker JohnStone Honda in Wilsonville OR. We ordered it in August, but it came in this November. The deal we got was about $100 under 2006 MSRP plus mud flaps and all weather floor mats (the total price was $24,200). We live in the bay area in California, and it was worth the trip up to Oregon to get the car (The one-way airline fare was $130 for the 2 of us). One of the modifications that we have done is to replace the pie pan 15" wheels with 16" Civic wheels. They are about the same outside diameter, weight only 4 pounds more, and gas mileage has not been affected. Needless to say we are very pleased.


    The only issues that we have noticed is that the engine "autostop" feature is a little jerky when it starts back up, and that when the engine goes into the battery charge mode, it also makes a little jerk to the drive line at speed.

    The radio/navigation system is very good. We just wish that the unit had bluetooth integration, the radio supported RDS data, and that the voice control prompts supported more of the cars controls. So far we are averaging 44.3 mpg.
  • Ordered my white HCH back in April of '06 and took delivery of an '07 model in mid-Dec. MSRP plus dest. charge was $23195 plus tax, registration & tags. My discount thru a buying service was $1689. Dealer installed items: fog lights and leather steering wheel cover were extra. Early problem: the front end alignment/tow was badly out but dealer fixed right away. Rough travels from Japan, I guess. Gas mileage for the first three tanks averaged 41-42 mpg. I drive 50 miles one-way daily to work. Approx. 7 miles of that is rural mountain roads and the balance is congested suburban metropolitan interstate :) . Very satisfied with acceleration, responsive handling in all kinds of traffic, dashboard layout/features, HVAC, audio and especially the quietness equivalent to a luxury car. Rear defroster's a bit slow to de-ice though. Don't much appreciate the yellow-beige upholstry which shows the slightest dirt, but that's all you get with white exterior. Hoping for slightly better gas mileage after first oil change when I'll switch to pure synthetic. :)
  • I picked up the 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid with only five miles on it. I drove it for a few days and then topped off the tank so that I could track the mileage.

    Today, two weeks later and around 230 miles, I have a quarter of a tank left and I'm averaging only 32.6 MPGs.

    My highest "score" so far, was 44.3 MPGs on a 50 mile highway trip.

    In this city I'm getting 22-27 MPGs, haven't been higher than that so far.

    I love the car. It's comfortable, quiet, and quite peppy, but I'm not getting anywhere near the EPA estimates of 49/51.

    I'm not convinced the MPGs are better than a regular civic at this point, but the emissions are certainly lower (considering the auto-stop feature at stop lights).

    The dealer indicated that the full mileage potential isn't reallized until after 1,000 miles, but I'm not sure if I buy it.

    I've read all of these other posts claiming 40-50 mpgs, but I'm just not seeing it, and I'm a conservative driver.

    Maybe the 2007 doesn't have the MPGs the previous models have? :cry:
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,832
    Any car has to go through a break-in period, and a hybrid is no exception. Judging the mileage performance you're going to get by looking at the first tank of gas is a bit premature.

    Give the car a chance to break in and yourself a chance to get accustomed to driving it! :)

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    Just purchased or leased a vehicle? Share your vehicle reviews

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  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    My first tank in my 2004 HCH was only 37 MPG but I ended up with a lifetime figure of 48 MPG.

    Hang in there - you will learn how to use the instruments to max your MPG - give it some patient....:)
  • Bought my Civic hybrid last Saturday, January, 27, 2007. Have driven it about 300 miles so far and am getting 42-43 mpg over back road, hilly terrain. Purchased the vehicle for $21,000, $271 below invoice (this includes the $595 destination charge). Couldn't believe the price when the dealer quoted it. No strings attached. I was expecting to pay MSRP minus a little but to get a price below invoice. Not sure why but I am not looking a gift horse in the mouth.

    Love the look, driving feel, and interior of this vehicle. I haven't purchased a new vehicle in 12 years. I am glad I bought this one because of looks, low emissions and just being able to give less money to the price gouging oil companies and OPEC.

    Two questions, if anyone knows: how accurate is the mpg computer calculation of the vehicle and when are you suppose to get the first oil change? I remember the salesperson saying something about waiting longer than usual to change the oil the first time but I can't find it anywhere in the owner's manual.
  • I have an 06 and have gotten 42 or 43 mpg during the summer months....

    Now in the dead of winter, I am in the LOW 30's.

    I almost wish I had bought the EX
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    You'd be getting less than that in the EX.....(all cars lose efficiency in the cold and winter months)
  • I'm convinced this forum is padded by dealers or perhaps the manufacturer.

    I drive conservatively, and live on fairly level ground.

    Tire pressure, about 40 PSI.

    Temp in the 60's to 70's.

    I saw 43.3 MPG on the highway for about a minute once.

    My overall average hasn't been over 28.2 yet. My daily average never topped 30, and I'm lucky to see 40 on the freeway.

    There's just no way this car will come near 49/51 MPG's.

    If you're a 2007 HCH owner in L.A. and can prove that you're getting better mileage, let me know. Otherwise I just don't believe it.
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    Sad to hear about your mileage woes.

    But your situation is not an indication of the best a 2007 HCH can do.....

    Something may very well be wrong with your car. 28.2 is very poor for the technology. lists some drivers as high as 65 mpg and VERY FEW as low as 28 MPG.

    I'd say take thyself to a Honda dealer and get the car checked out.
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    Just as another caveat: The MPG will improve as you learn the instruments and the correct methods to use to keep your MPG up.

    My 2004 HCH, the first tank was a poor 38.4 and I ended up after 29K miles at 48.2 for the lifetime number. My best tank was a 56.7 MPG tank.

    So the technology is there. Using it is something to learn. :shades:
  • I have a 2003. MPG started out at 42, has been declining ever since. One of the trip meters is now showing 36.7, the other 40.1 (as of 2.16/07).

    36.7 is the lowest I've ever had on that meter. It's been dropping about one mile/gal every month. Booked it in for 45K service next week to check it out - but then I re-read the owners manual, which said that tire pressure was an important factor. (My excuse for memory loss is that I've had a lot of health problems over the last couple of years!) Anyhow, sure enough, only 25 lbs in three of the tires. Hoping that will reverse the trend.
  • I've been looking into HD radio for my 2003 HCH. suggested: P.I.E. HON98-AUX
    Auxiliary Interface, to connect a portable music player to the compatible Honda factory receiver. (1998-2005 - there's another one for the 2006).

    From that, I can connect a Directed Car Connect
    Universal Add-On HD Radio Tuner. I'm still not 100% sure where to attach the Interface, the tuner, or the display. Don't want to have to reposition them twenty times. Wish someone could tell me exactly where each would fit the best.
  • There must be significant differences between the 2003 and the 2007. I can't conceive how anyone could get even a 40mpg average out of my 2007.

    I've followed the tips, use the instruments, but still average about 28-30 overall (mostly city).
  • So, when the car is idling at a stop does it go into electric only mode?

    If it does not, than you can easily lose your MPG economy when sitting a lot in bumper to bumper traffic. When you are sitting with the engine running, you are getting ZERO mpg because you aren't moving but still using gas, even though it's only a small amount. That can easily take your averages down.

    Now if it goes into electric only mode then you should be getting good MPG economy because it's not using any gas to just sit there, right?

    Just a thought. We are considering a HCH and just knowing from watching my Nissan Murano's fuel economy meter, I get zero MPG when sitting at a light or in traffic. The longer I sit, the worse my fuel economy.
  • erscoloerscolo Posts: 11
    I just replaced my 2004 with a 2007, and I could not be happier with the performance my 2004 gave over 40 months and nearly 89,000 miles. It's lifetime average was 46.9 MPG, and only once did it go below 40.0 MPG. My driving is 80 miles per day back and forth to work through the traffic in Denver, Colorado, so that kind of mileage, right in line with EPA, is good to me. Oh, and by the way, I've never worked for a dealer, this vehicle lives up to what it says it will deliver.
  • 1stpik1stpik Posts: 495
    Just bought my 07 HCH II last week. Already, I get 42-43 mpg.

    To those getting worse mileage, you have to drive this car differently than a normal car to get high mpg. You can't punch the gas and hit the brakes all the time.

    On acceleration, keep the rpm at 2000 and let the battery assist do its job. Maintain several car lengths from the vehicle ahead of you so you don't have brake and accelerate every time the other guy does. Let off the gas and coast to red lights and stop signs to boost mileage and let the battery recharge.

    Watch the mpg meter next to the speedometer. It continuously tells the tale.

    The hybrid isn't the magic solution to gasoline consumption. It offers a more efficient platform, but requires a little skill and patience from the driver. If you work with the technology, it will deliver as promised.

    You might have to spend one or two more minutes getting where you're going, but that's a choice you'll have to make.

    How much do you like jackrabbit starts and speeding through traffic? How much do you hate OPEC, Exxon, and all their cronies in the government?

    The answer will determine your driving style and your mpg.
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