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Hyundai Sonata changes you'd like to see



  • pekelopdpekelopd Posts: 139
    The heated mirrors are actived whenever you turn on the rear defroster, incase 'uwishu1' didn't know.
  • dncbdncb Posts: 70
    1. I'd like to see another two inches of seat bottom and slightly softer seats when leather is ordered. Not enough leg support.
    Digital speedo. Easier to read at a glance. Honda's got the idea with far front mounted digital - less eye diversion.
    2. I disagree with earier witer on red guages. Red is applicable to pilots where no other lights affect the eyes and pupils can open up. But that's not the case with autos because of headlights and other bright light sources that keeps the iris changing.
    3. With climate control, my AC compressor runs in all positions but bi-level and vent. User should be able NOT to have AC compressor running at ANY air position if desired for the added fuel mileage and lack of wear and tear on AC. Not everyone lives in a humid climate. I live in AZ.
    4. I hear creaks already. Defect or stiffer chassis needed?
    5. Current console armrest not accessible to shorter drivers with seat forward - even with slide. Replace with inboard padded, foldable armrests attached to seatback. Then console can be dedicated to function of storage/cupholders.
    5. All electric seats should have memory positions. That is an almost no-cost feature (switch and wiring about $4 cost) software almost free in main computer.
  • rhduke00rhduke00 Posts: 129
    Standard equipment changes on GLS and SE
    1. Tire pressure monitoring system
    2. Brushed aluminum inside door handles
    3. Eight way manual adjusting driver's seat like 07 Accent.

    Standard equipment changes on Limited
    1. Tire pressure monitoring system
    2. Brushed aluminum inside door handles
    3. Eight way power driver's seat and four way power front passenger's seat
    4. Better leather

    Optional equipment for GLS and SE
    1. Eight way power driver's seat and four way power front passenger's seat
    2. Telescoping steering wheel
    3. Leather seats and trim
  • I'd like to see the following as options for the Sonata. Most of these shouldn't add to much to the cost of the car.

    Radio Changes
    1. Move advanced radio steering wheel controls. (At least CD track & preset up/down)
    2. Aux Input to Radio (for DVD players, MP3 players, etc.)
    3. Optional HD and/or satellite radio
    4. Radio that picks up station names and song names, like GM cars do. (Very cool)
    5. Move radio where the vents are. It's hard to reach.
    6. Combine clock with radio.
    7. Optional DVD player in front head rests for rear passengers.

    A/C & Heat
    1. Rear vents in center console.
    2. Dual climate controls. Or at least some way to turn off the floor vents. That would be a cheaper solution.
    3. Dash vents that truly close.

    1. Steering wheel should be closer (or make telescoping an option.)
    2. Door locks while moving (should be configured by driver.)
    3. Different type of leather on steering wheel. (feels odd)
    4. When set to auto lights, lights should come on when wipers are on.
    5. Dim the cruise and fog light gauge lights a little. I keep thinking my brights are on.
    6. Beep when fuel is low.
    6. Ability to disable beep about seat belts.

    1. Rear cup holders next to center console or in passenger doors. (Just somewhere other than rear arm rest). Useless with 3 people riding in rear seats.
    2. Have the trip system also display tire pressure, temperature, direction, door lock options, etc.
    3. Move rear seat locks to trunk opening. Or a key version on rear deck.
    4. Power should stay on, until doors are opened. So that windows can still be rolled up, sunroof closed, etc.
    5. Interior lights should turn off automatically after so many minutes if door left open, etc.
    6. Brighter trunk light.

    1. Optional raised rear spoiler.
    2. More aggressive side appearance.
    3. Paint protectant around door handle to prevent paint scratches from rings, etc.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    )) "I hear creaks already. Defect or stiffer chassis needed?" ((

    Unless welds are actually popping loose, perhaps not. Creaking may merely be a sign that Hyundai needs to take extra care in where and how cabling is being routed. I had some annoying creaking in the dash in my '03 Sonata, but they seem to've resolved themselves with time. I wouldn't have bet on that happening, but did time and gravity solve what the engineers weren't able to?
  • I have found that now the weather is VERY cold, I am getting creaking noises from my headliner. The headliner is glued by Hyundai with a clear silicone-based adhesive that does a very poor job of adhesion. If I push on the headliner, I can hear the same noises as I do when driving which made this an easy one to uncover the source.
  • dncbdncb Posts: 70
    The dealer found one of two creaks and I found the other. One was the weatherstripping on the sunroof to which the dealer applied some special lubricant. I expect that to be a temporary fix at best, although it did solve it for now. the other appears to be in the drivers seat back (internal, not the frame or mounting)and is reproducible by just leaning into the seat back slightly and then releasing pressure. I tracked it down when the other one was fixed and I could now hear the seat creak during deceleration or acceleration. The answer the dealer service manager gave me really made me mad. He said, "It might just be something you have to live with." As you may guess I will not settle for such an ignorant "go away and leave me alone" answer and got on the horn to Hyundai. Yesh! So much for competing with Honda and Toyota for build quality. I've had one each of them and neither saw the shop other than for PM service in 120K miles each.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Yeah, and I take issue that I have had to have two service bulletins applied on my 2006 Civic (6K miles)to correct specific noises (one rerouted and added a longer serpentine belt the other replaces a motor mount) AND both rear shocks leaked out and needed replaced under much for Honda build quality!!! This Civic has had more problems in under 7,000 miles than the last 2 Hyundai products I owned combined, a 2002 and 2003 Santa Fe..
    In keeping with the original intent of this thread I would like to see a remote starter added.
  • I would like to see the linkage re-programed so that one could start off more slowly. I believe this change would improve gas mileage, especially in city driving. It's too easy to start with a jerk now.
  • You are joking, right??? Try not tromping the accelerator to the floorboard. :confuse: ;)
  • Along with other changes I'd like to see the ignition moved to the column. Banging keys can be annoying.
  • I definitely am not joking, Our I4 is very touchy in that respect. My wife complains about it also. Have owned about 30 cars so far and this one is the worst in that respect. We are both conservative drivers.
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    Craig, I like the igniton in the dash (mine's an '05). I never liked the ignition on the steering column. Keys would sometimes hit my leg.

    I've got 3 keys, the fob & a small swiss army knife on my key ring. For lack of a better description, I get some "banging keys" when the fob is facing "in" and almost no banging keys when the fob is facing "out." Try reversing your ignition key, or putting a sound deadening material below the ignition switch it that doesn't work.

    (Remember the botton or lever the driver had to push in order to take the key out of the ignition?)
  • I thought about putting something there to deaden the sound. If I wasn't so lazy I would take my other keys off with the keychain thingy that comes apart, which I have. Around town I just listen to it, but if I take a road trip I'll seperate them.

    Yes I'm old enough to remember the buttons and levers. Some newer manual trans vehicles on our lot still have the lever. Go figure.
  • dncbdncb Posts: 70
    Re: keys rattling against dash. My key fob is mounted to a ring about 3/4" in diameter. After the car is running I just turn it around and hang it on the ignition key. That pins it against the dash and... voila... no noise.
  • I would love to see the side mirrors be able to fold. In NYC with double parked cars, etc. you need to be able to fold your mirror.

    The car doors should lock automatically once the car is put into gear or goes 5 miles per hour not 15mph.
  • chief15chief15 Posts: 15
    The dealer can set the "doors lock" from 05 to 20 mph. The service department can do it in a few minutes
  • gamlegedgamleged Posts: 442
    "The car doors should lock automatically once the car is put into gear or goes 5 miles per hour not 15mph."

    I read elsewhere that a Caddy owner had had his car, which was set to automatically lock the doors at 5 mph, lock while being drawn through a carwash... and he had no other key with him... :D
  • Thank goodness this is an optional, dealer-activated option. I realize some folks like/want this, but for me (and I'm sure many others) this is one of the most irritating 'features' a car can have. It would be made slightly more palatable if they automatically unlocked when tranny shifted to park, but most I've seen don't do so.

    The doors should lock when I tell them to lock. :shades:
  • dncbdncb Posts: 70
    I agree completely that doors should only lock when told to do so. I had an auto locking car -- a Lincoln -- and it was a pain in the butt. I pushed that button so many times picking up passengers (and sometimes three times per pick-up) that I eventually defeated the feature myself (or I should say the alarm guy did it for me when updating the alarm system). The door locks had cycled so many times during the life of the vehicle that the mechanisms became sloppy and noisy. Hyundai did it right by making it able to be programmed by the dealer to make it auto or not. I'll bet most folks choose "not" or eventually will with experience.
  • lehleh Posts: 1
    The ONLY thing stopping me from buying a Sonata is that it doesn't come with at least the option of navigation. I think that is a HUGE mistake and should be added ASAP
  • Good gravy, holy quacamole...don't let lack of nav stop you from buying a Sonata...personally, I used to use a dash mtd. unit, but it was in my face and frankly, a distraction. I perceive the in-dash units the same way. Solution? I have been using the Garmin Mobile in my wireless phone now for over a has everything the full sized units have including traffic alerts and re-routing, current gas prices wherever you may be, restaraunts, banks, etc....the whole enchilada. It has voice guidance, so it can be placed low and out of the way (I keep it in my forward cup holder). Shweet!!! :shades:
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    Another thing he should consider, as we discussed before, is that there are several quality portable nav systems on the market.

    Just like shopping for a car, one should shop for a navi. Lowest price I've heard for a factory built-in unit is $1800. Found an authorized Garmin dealer selling a $995 list price unit for $500. (Circuit City is selling the same unit for $700, BestBuy for $900.)

    There are several quality brands on the market. With a portable, one can transfer the navi within the household depending upon which car/driver may need it on any given day or buy two for far less than a vehicle installed unit. Plus, take it with you when flying somewhere and renting a car.
  • After the last two days beating ice off my wipers every two miles I suggest having the wipers stop in the windshield defrost zone on intermittent. This would help defrost them. Sounds trivial but it means a lot.
  • Umm...I use winter blades in snow and ice weather...some ice will build on the outer covering but if you turn the wipers on high for a couple of swipes, the muck will usually slde off. Much better then conventional blades this time of year. ;)
  • i have a 2008 sonata,i added a nice rear spoiler (wing),chrome pillar covers,splash guards,and a chrome billet grill,i think chrome moldings for the wheel openings would add some class to this car.
    since noone has them ,i guess a narrow chrome side molding(stick-on) and a heat gun is the only way out.i've done it before.
    does anyone know a place to get moldings?
  • Try Korean Auto Imports or E-Bay. I've seen them on both sites.
  • My wife and I both have Sonatas (an '06 and an '07). I've added chrome moldings to both of them. They are available at Pep Boys on a roll for about 15.00. They come in 1/8" and 1/4", and, I think, in 1/2".
    I ran some 1/8" chrome molding along the top of the door rub strips on both cars. Very subtle, but looks good, especially against the Deepwater Blue. I also put some on the front grill of my '06 LX. Makes it look like the '07 Limited, which has chrome strips from the factory on the front grill.
    Just some advice: go slow, take your time, and remember, less is more.
  • I also have the overly snappish acceleration from a stop. My car is an '06 LX (V6).
    This is called throttle tip-in. From the immediate response of my local service writer when I brought it up that "they all do that" and "we can't do anything about it" I am forced to conclude that "they all do that" and "they won't do anything about it".
    My wife's car is an '07 V6, and it doesnt "do that", so I guess they have changed the programming. Unfortunately, these cars are drive-by-wire (no throttle cable), so we can't do anything mechanical under the hood to change the tip-in.
    It's just like the dimmer switch for the dining room chandelier, we can't train it, so we have to be trained by it
  • i also put a billet grill on mine from billet,it looks great,and a wing,i had to paint it and install it ,it also has a third brake lite,set the car off nice ,and thanks for your imput on the wheel opening moldings.
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