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Hyundai Sonata changes you'd like to see



  • lehleh Member Posts: 1
    The ONLY thing stopping me from buying a Sonata is that it doesn't come with at least the option of navigation. I think that is a HUGE mistake and should be added ASAP
  • hotrod54hotrod54 Member Posts: 82
    Good gravy, holy quacamole...don't let lack of nav stop you from buying a Sonata...personally, I used to use a dash mtd. unit, but it was in my face and frankly, a distraction. I perceive the in-dash units the same way. Solution? I have been using the Garmin Mobile in my wireless phone now for over a has everything the full sized units have including traffic alerts and re-routing, current gas prices wherever you may be, restaraunts, banks, etc....the whole enchilada. It has voice guidance, so it can be placed low and out of the way (I keep it in my forward cup holder). Shweet!!! :shades:
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Member Posts: 1,601
    Another thing he should consider, as we discussed before, is that there are several quality portable nav systems on the market.

    Just like shopping for a car, one should shop for a navi. Lowest price I've heard for a factory built-in unit is $1800. Found an authorized Garmin dealer selling a $995 list price unit for $500. (Circuit City is selling the same unit for $700, BestBuy for $900.)

    There are several quality brands on the market. With a portable, one can transfer the navi within the household depending upon which car/driver may need it on any given day or buy two for far less than a vehicle installed unit. Plus, take it with you when flying somewhere and renting a car.
  • craigbrookscraigbrooks Member Posts: 420
    After the last two days beating ice off my wipers every two miles I suggest having the wipers stop in the windshield defrost zone on intermittent. This would help defrost them. Sounds trivial but it means a lot.
  • hotrod54hotrod54 Member Posts: 82
    Umm...I use winter blades in snow and ice weather...some ice will build on the outer covering but if you turn the wipers on high for a couple of swipes, the muck will usually slde off. Much better then conventional blades this time of year. ;)
  • sprayer1944sprayer1944 Member Posts: 7
    i have a 2008 sonata,i added a nice rear spoiler (wing),chrome pillar covers,splash guards,and a chrome billet grill,i think chrome moldings for the wheel openings would add some class to this car.
    since noone has them ,i guess a narrow chrome side molding(stick-on) and a heat gun is the only way out.i've done it before.
    does anyone know a place to get moldings?
  • craigbrookscraigbrooks Member Posts: 420
    Try Korean Auto Imports or E-Bay. I've seen them on both sites.
  • kimweigelkimweigel Member Posts: 43
    My wife and I both have Sonatas (an '06 and an '07). I've added chrome moldings to both of them. They are available at Pep Boys on a roll for about 15.00. They come in 1/8" and 1/4", and, I think, in 1/2".
    I ran some 1/8" chrome molding along the top of the door rub strips on both cars. Very subtle, but looks good, especially against the Deepwater Blue. I also put some on the front grill of my '06 LX. Makes it look like the '07 Limited, which has chrome strips from the factory on the front grill.
    Just some advice: go slow, take your time, and remember, less is more.
  • kimweigelkimweigel Member Posts: 43
    I also have the overly snappish acceleration from a stop. My car is an '06 LX (V6).
    This is called throttle tip-in. From the immediate response of my local service writer when I brought it up that "they all do that" and "we can't do anything about it" I am forced to conclude that "they all do that" and "they won't do anything about it".
    My wife's car is an '07 V6, and it doesnt "do that", so I guess they have changed the programming. Unfortunately, these cars are drive-by-wire (no throttle cable), so we can't do anything mechanical under the hood to change the tip-in.
    It's just like the dimmer switch for the dining room chandelier, we can't train it, so we have to be trained by it
  • sprayer1944sprayer1944 Member Posts: 7
    i also put a billet grill on mine from billet,it looks great,and a wing,i had to paint it and install it ,it also has a third brake lite,set the car off nice ,and thanks for your imput on the wheel opening moldings.
  • craigbrookscraigbrooks Member Posts: 420
    Where did you buy the wing? I have the M3 lip spoiler but am growing tired of it. Maybe a change is in order. :shades:
  • sprayer1944sprayer1944 Member Posts: 7
    i bought it at (,when you get on the site click hyundai and it will take you to the page i bought the wing,it was$ 99.00 plus shipping,good quality construction.since i worked in body shops for over 40 years,it was no trouble for me to prime and paint it here at home.i'm not sure if you can get them already painted from this site.if you have any trouble finding this site ,let me know ,i'll try to help you.
    by the way thanks for the site you sent me ,i found wheel opening moldings there,merry christmas!
  • southsider1southsider1 Member Posts: 5
    I own a 2008 GLS. A lot of things that are standard on the SE aren't on the GLS, and I wish I had them...but you get what you pay for (telescoping wheel, audio controls on wheel, alloys, auto headlights, trip computer, lumbar support). But here's what I think should be on the GLS and isn't:

    1. Deeper cup holders--like the guy in I think post #4 said.

    2. I like the 5-speed manual, but I understand it's going away in 2009--they should keep it.

    3. Darker interior colors to help hide interior wear-and-tear as the vehicle ages. I bought fabric protection, hope it does the job on my silver interior.

    4. MP3 player input jack.

    5. I like the blue backlights, like on Elantra.
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    That would be a shame if Hyundai drops the MT alternative for the Sonata.

    FYI, it's been reported that the 2009 Sonata will have an aux input jack and I think I remember seeing it would have a USB port (like the 2009 Elantra Touring) but I'm not sure about that. Also it's been widely reported that the gauges will have blue backlighting, like other Hyundais. Don't know about darker interiors but the photos I've seen of the 2009 Sonata interior (gray) looked darker to me than the current interior--but I think they were leather.
  • cmw829cmw829 Member Posts: 19
    After driving my '08 Sonata SE V6 for a week (in order of preference):
    - Improved AM reception
    - Longer center armrest in the front
    - Move the on/off switch for the blower controls to the blower speed knob
    - Display of exterior temperature on the dash
    - Dual trip odometers
    - MP3 (IPOD-type) jack
    - Cup holders in the rear armrest that will hold a coffee mug with a narrow bottom
    - Skip the ashtray/cig lighter - replace with more storage
    - Improve the appearance of the gauge needles

    None of these things would be deal-breakers, just nice changes.
  • cmw829cmw829 Member Posts: 19
    Oops - forgot a couple:
    - Daytime running lights
    - Security alarming works like other systems - audible signal when arming/unarming without having to press the button twice when arming
  • oinktrntoinktrnt Member Posts: 22
    Most of your complaints seem to have been addressed with the 09 model. Things I would like (but am unlikely to see) include:

    1-diesel engine for better mpg (although am not sure if further mileage would offset price spiral on this fuel). So, if not that...
    2-Hybrid, possibly at a price somewhat lower than the Prius.
    3-Station wagon version. Despite its roomy trunk, like most sedans nowadays the actual trunk opening is too small to allow sizeable objects into it. I'm aware that Hyundai builds several SUVs, but am hardly enamored by their mileage ratings. The closest I could get to what I want would be a Kia Rondo. But that has less mileage and power. And I'd really have to overlook its dorky styling...
  • targettuningtargettuning Member Posts: 1,371
    Stay tuned for the Elantra Touring which seems to be based on the European I30. For a look it can be seen on the website under "future/concept" vehicles
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