2001 X5 (E53) Stutters and Stops

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Good day and thank you a head of time for your help!

WHAT: BMW X5 2001 (E53) (S/N: lm65545)

Off and on this winter I have received a P0492. I thought it was just the cold. Then recently it started to stutter and stall. When I restarted it would be okay for a moment then start the stuttering again. When I went in for the codes it gave P0335 (crankshaft sensor fault), P0492 (Secondary Air) and all cylinders misfired. So, I decided to replace the vacuum tubing (everything down from the Secondary Air Injection Control Valve) for the P0492 problem hoping that would help the P0335, as my research showed that might take care of both. Nope. After driving, following the vacuum tube replacement, it ran well for a mile or so then started to stutter and stall again, requiring that I drive very conservatively and limp into the parts store who read new codes.

P1602 (Control Module Self Test, Control Module Defective)
P0335 (Crankshaft Position Sensor A Circuit Malfunction)
P0492 (Secondary Air Injection System Insufficient Flow Bank 2)
P0727 (Engine Speed Input Circuit No Signal)
P0102 (Mass or Volume Air Flow "A" Circuit Low Input)
P0340 (Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction (Bank 1))


Thank you for your help!
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