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Considering the Aveo: Test Drives

79customd79customd Posts: 87
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
Howdy friends, this here's Tub speaking.
Got a little question for yawll. I'm considering purchasing the Chevy Aveo sedan. Probably the LS sedan. Is there any experience with the LS sedan out there? I would like to know any problems experiensed with the Aveo and preferrably at what mileage they occured. Being a Chevy, I dont aticipate to much problems. Any experiense with the Aveo will be greatly aprecitated. Any recomendations or lack there of give me a holler about that to.

Thanks Friends, Tubb Bilford Jr


  • Pound for Pound this looks like a good deal. I'd like to see the responce of 79customd posting as well.
    I'm interested in a LT with $1400 options. Invoice 12,990 and MSRP 14,905. I intend to offer $13750. Is this high or reasonable?

    Please advise
  • 79customd79customd Posts: 87
    Do ya currently own an Aveo or are you buying one too? Couldn't tell from that post. :confuse: If it were me I'd buy the LS, but thats just me talking. Probably get a better deal. $13750 sounds adequit enough, but I know folks around here, that have gotten Aveos for $8995, brand new. Thats the LS, so if those options( $1400 worth ) important to ya, then by all means knock yourself out, but the killer deal is the LS, in my mind. ;)

    'preciated talkin' with ya. Tubb Bilford Jr
  • jp092165jp092165 Posts: 1
    I own an aveo LS. It is a 2005. I love it. I get about 38 on the highway. And 27 to 30 around town. It is a good little car.
  • Do you have the sedan or hatch configuration? For either one, how is the cargo capabiluty with it? Can ya haul what ya need to or are you having to make several trips?
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    I believe your offer is too high. Check the GM website for the current rebates in your area ( In my area there is a $750 rebate off MSRP. That brings the price down to $14,155. I believe you can get this vehicle for a few hundred dollars over invoice. Good Luck.
  • I am seriously looking at buying a 07 Eveo in March I've looked at some 07's that have just arrived at some of the local Chevy dealerships and i like the spicy orange. i most likely will get the LT model with the sunroof. i have the felling i might have to order the car. most of the new 07's I've seen don't have the optional sunroof. I will be putting down at least 10,000 down on the car making my payments as low as possible. has anyone else looked at the 07 eveo. it appears to me to be a little larger than the previous model.
  • I originally went into my local Chevrolet dealership wanting a LS Aveo Sedan and with 5 speed trannie and was told that they didn't have one and couldn't find one within the province of BC. There seems to be a supply problem with the new 2007 Sedans - I see very few of them on the road and few of them on the lots for sale. I was told that if I wanted a 5-speed LT with sunroof, I would have to order one from the factory and wait about 2-3 months. So the saleman showed me a fully loaded LT with the RS package added to it and a credit of $980 towards the sunroof which brought the price down to CDN$16,630 without pdi/freight and taxes, only $1,100 more than an LT and the RS adds 15" alloy and tires, rear spoiler and 6 speaker stereo with steering wheel stereo controls.
  • we purchased an 05 aveo for my mother and two years and 45k miles later.... no problems... it has so many miles because everytime my sister or myself take a long trip, we'll trade cars with mom for the gas savings. (My sister and I paid for the car so we don't feel bad about it) now I just got another one an 07 for my wife its only got about 2k miles but the car seems solid....and on long trips the 04 averages 36 mpg and the 07 averages 40 mpg.... can't complaint there.... :)
  • cdentcdent Posts: 1
    I got the car in july 07 its now jan 08 just turned 15000 miles .
    oil change every 3k. had it back to the dealer one time for
    a loose windshield wiper blade that was stuck to the window when i turned it on ..
    opps.. it came loose. the dealer said they only had to re-tighten it some kind of
    slip setup to keep it from breaking. getting better milage as it goes . now at 34 hy and 32 city. Its black with the chrome package and the sedan wing on back. just limo tinted All the side and rear windows. it looks good. now. just looking for a nice set of chrome and black rims to set it off.
    so far very happy with the car.
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