2009 Chevy Traverse ABS, Emergency Brake, Traction Control & Stiff Steering Wheel

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I'm the owner of a 2009 Chevy Traverse (my first "big girl" purchase) and I've had it for a couple of years now. The thing has had a long list of problems (we've already replaced the engine) and now we are on to another one. Back in October, I got into my car and began driving. I stopped at a stop sign, waited for everyone to clear, and pulled out to make a right turn when my wheel locked up... just as a tractor trailer was making it's way to me. I stopped pushing on the accelerator and it unlocked. No accident, thank God. But I had lights showing up on my dash. Emergency break is on, ABS is off, traction control is off, and the steering wheel tightens up quite often. This used to only happen while accelerating or making turns but now it is random. We've had it at our local "small town" shop for a couple of weeks and he had no luck getting it fixed. The codes his computer showed had nothing to do with the issues we are having. It is now at the local Chevy Dealership... I am terrified that we will hit, yet, another wall with this car that I'm STILL paying on. Any advice, similar situations, etc?
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