Opinions on Subaru Extended Warranty, please

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I got the 10yr/100K miles/ $100 deductible Subaru Added Security Gold Plus Extended Warranty on my 2016 Impreza Premium Wagon while doing a buyout of my 3-year lease. I was at the end of Original Warranty. 

My mileage is seriously low …6,000 miles total. Car was serviced at 6-month intervals on the Maintenance Agreement. The problems I’ve had are excessive rust on the brakes and some weatherstrip issues ...I think because of minimal use, mostly city stop & start driving, and being kept outdoors in Philadelphia. Had the same problems with my last Impreza (1995 LX that ran for 20 yrs). These issues were covered with Original Agreement, but looks like they’re excluded under this one. I'm already included in Subaru Powertrain CVT Warranty Extension to 10 yrs/100K miles.

I got the Manager down to his “final lowest” of $2,250 (price with tax) for the 10yr/100k/$100 Deductible. After signing, I saw posts on the forums and got a quote from Dave at Mastria in MA. $1,570 for the same plan (and $1,750 for a $0 Deductible). I hadn't known there was a $0 deductible for slightly more, a 10 interest-free credit card payment option, or that the price differed —and so greatly!— from dealer to dealer. And yes, I feel like a dumbass. 

It’s almost 3 weeks past the 3yr/36K expiration, so I can’t cancel my plan and get the better plan/price. I’m debating whether to see if SOA will convert my plan to $0 Deductible & lower price or whether to just cancel it and put the $2,250 into an interest-bearing account for future repairs. 

Opinions on what to do would be appreciated. TIA


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    Hi RbxPhilly
    I recently bought a new 2020 Subaru Forester and purchased the Gold extended warranty which includes 120k miles/8 years whichever comes first with a $100 deductible only to be used at Subaru dealerships. I think I got raped and sold into this plan and want to cancel it after speaking with my grand father who has been a mechanic for 30 years and does all my work on my vehicles and he said I should call them ASAP to get a refund! Since he believes the warranties are usually a trap. I got sucked into purchasing the warranty because the seller said the electronics in your vehicle are not covered after 3 years and those big apple car play screens and computers in the vehicle take 8 hours worth of labor to get to inside your dash. And then I find out I can’t get an after market car starter put in unless it’s by Subaru directly or else it voids my warranty. The seller then tried to sell me a better paint job for the vehicle Offering a $500 permanent gloss coat to hep preventing rusting, thank god I said NO to that one! Since I’ve only had the vehicle for less than 15 days I am hoping they will refund me the $2,999 they sold the extended warranty to me for which I think is extremely expensive!! The new car comes with a factory 3 year/36,000k warranty anyway. And most of the warranties I’ve read about have lots of fine print about what parts are included which usually only includes the oiled parts. Most of the money I will spend on the vehicle in the next three years will be everything that my warranty doesn’t cover which is basic wear and tear- brakes and rotors, oil changes and tires. I’ve never heard of anyone having electrical problems with their Subaru’s and the apple car play and computers needing replacing and eight hours of labor to do it. Not to mention the seller gets commission for every warranty they sell you. Your comments above were really helpful in me making the decision to call and cancel the warranty since it’s soo soon and I’ll probably trade the vehicle in after three years anyway. I really hope they give me a FULL refund and not a prorated refund because I have less than 300 miles on the vehicle and it’s still within lemon law period in Massachusetts which could allow me to bring the car back entirely. But I don’t want to do that of course, just get my money back for the warranty.
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