When is the diesel Caliber coming to US?

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Anyone know or heard any rumor about when/if there's going to be a diesel Caliber available in the US? maybe a hybrid ?


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    I would think if one ever does become available it would need emissions clean enough for all 50 states.
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    jhkinght: Speaking from my own experience, my wife and I bought a diesel Liberty Sept of 05. We believed that this was something DCX was doing was of a permanent nature. But we were only a "test market" for DCX. DCX knew from day one that they were only going to make the CRD in the Liberty for two years. This CRD (diesel) option was nearly $2,000 extra paid by the buyers to be a part of a DCX "test market" Now no one buying these diesels knew this. Now only 11,000 of these CRD liberties were made. There are a number of problems with these CRD Liberty's, not all CRD's have problems, but a significant number od the CRD's do.
    I for one feel rather taken advantage of. These CRD's will either keep their value because they are desirable to own, or their value will drop like a rock in a lake. I do not like being in this position as we are retired, and really do not want to trade this vehicle for 6 more years, when I am 67.
    So be careful what you ask for you just might become a "test market" for DCX.

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    Hello? Hello?
    any word on mpg improvements or diesel engine options???
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    All that I've seen so far is diesel interest and specualtion from Caliber enthusiasts as faras a diesel option for the US market.

    Found an article on the 2007 Caliber that says:

    The 2007 Dodge Caliber will be available with all three displacements in the World Engine family: 1.8-liter (140 hp / 104 kW), 2.0-liter (150 hp / 112 kW) and 2.4-liter (170 hp / 127 kW). For non-US markets, Dodge is offering a new 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine (which is built by Volkswagen).
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    seems like suddenly dealer have in stock calibers they're offering rebates on now that everyone knows what kind of guzzlers they really are. I would have been first in line for a RT awd caliber if it got at least 27mpg. posts on this forum indicate 18 mpg. My sxt 2.0 cvt gets a disappointing 25 mpg and it's getting worse with each tank. :mad:
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    "Whining aside, the Caliber is an attractive and rounded package, especially when equipped with the diesel engine. The latter adds an interesting dimension -- it is clean, refined and remarkably quiet and it delivers wonderful fuel efficiency. Yet it has the low-end grunt only a diesel can muster. One can only hope that when Dodge introduces the Caliber SRT4, the diesel-powered version is sitting right alongside it. If I were a betting man, I'd have a little wager on it coming to Canada."


    http://car-reviews.automobile.com/news/new-dodge-caliber-is-selling-out-in-europ- e/2080/

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    I am from Europe and I brought Caliber 2.0 Diesel 1 year ago. This car is fantastic. Outside the city it takes 5.3liters of diesel on 100km. It does from 0-60 in about 9.0seconds. I am going to buy upgrade kit, so it will have much more power, upgrade kit will increase the power from 140hp to 180hp and 0-60 in about 8.5s and the consumption will stay the same. Once again great car.

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    Using US measures and conversions, Rene is getting about 44.5 MPG with the diesel Caliber - sign me up in Ohio!!! GN
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    They have the Diesel Caliber's here in the Uk with the 1.8L VW engines and they are selling better than the CVT 2L which i have but I am going to purchase a 2L DIESEL DODGE JOURNEY SXT or prehaps the RT...but I also read that since FIAT has bought Chrysler?? they have annouced that they are REMOVING THE DODGE BRAND from EUROPE and renaming them as ALFA-ROMEOS???..BAH....the european car giants seem to hate the US cars..WHY??????? :cry:
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