Volkswagen Rabbit Audio & Entertainment System Problems

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Volkswagen Rabbit Stereo, Audio, iPod, AUX issues and questions


  • yeeeeemanyeeeeeman Member Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a 2007 black 5door rabbit with convenience package and alloys. Seems like my stereo is having some issues. The volume keeps altering when I'm driving around. I know its not the stereo frequency cause this problem also occurs when I have a cd playing. Has anybody else experienced this problem? If so what did you do to fix it?
  • bpeachee1bpeachee1 Member Posts: 19
    It sounds like your stereo is set to volume adjusting mode, which will raise the volume as you drive, and lower when you slow down.
    Not sure how to change it, since I bought the 2 door, which I dont think has that feature.
    It should be a simple fix in the manual.
  • cvtcvt Member Posts: 4
    From the VW media site, here is a cut-and-paste of the changes for the 07 Rabbit:

    • Optional iPod adapter
    • Audio auxiliary input added
    • Simplified cruise control actuation
    • New Rabbit exterior colors – Tornado Red, Candy White, United Gray
    • Tire Pressure Monitoring System optional
  • rgarnerrgarner Member Posts: 37
    I'm another 2 door Rabbit owner. Picked it up last Wednesday. Silver 2 door with the 17" Vision wheels. So far, I can't say enough about this car and the value. It does not drive like a 15k car. I do want to throw out that if anyone in the Triangle or Eastern NC is interested in a new Rabbit, I had the best experience EVER buying a car at Frema VW in Goldsboro. Awesome deal!

    I traded in my 03 Civic LX...we'll see if that was a good decision :confuse: No comparison in the performance, styling, etc., but my Hondas have been good to me in the past.

    I wanted to see if anyone with the new 2 door has the IPOD adapter? If so, does it work through the radio like other VW's?
  • gogirlgogogirlgo Member Posts: 47
    I had the IPOD adapter installed on my 4 door Silver at the dealer on Thursday. My car came with the Satellite Radio option. The cable for connection (charges at same time) is in the glove compartment (so your ipod is out of sight and no messy wires). The ipod is controlled thru the CD and uses the functions and controls of the CD player. Your CD player is not disabled. The info shown on your ipod is not displayed on the radio. (a big disappointment) You will need to set up 5 play lists...CD 6 is a list of all the tracks stored in the ipod. For example, I put all my audio books under CD 1, rock under CD 2...etc. Note: I could not get my play lists to come up by setting them up as CD on my ipod so I set them as A1, A2, A3,A4,A5 to correspond to CD 1, thur CD 5. I did not find the instruction book helpful.. so I may have missed something. I used a cassette adapter in my old car and this is such better sound and ease and safety of use. It was a bit spendy through the dealer $150 for the adapter and $200 to install. They did it in 1 hour. The box comes with instructions. Here is a link to show you how to do it yourself and answer your original question. Hope this is helpful. :)
  • rgarnerrgarner Member Posts: 37
    Thanks gogirlgo. Yeah, the it's a bit pricey, but I want the better sound. I'm tired of my IPOD sounding like a 15 year old tape :).

    The 4 door comes with a "nicer" stereo, which is why I'm wondering if the stereo on the 2 door provides the same function. I'm sure between someone on here and the dealer I'll be able to find out.
  • jpmccormacjpmccormac Member Posts: 98
    Thanks for the info. I think I'll wait for the '07 Rabbit, as the iPod adapter (among other options) will come as a factory installation.
  • dragonlipsdragonlips Member Posts: 2
    After searching everywhere and finding that the dealership was clueless on this point. I finally found the AUX adapter in my new 2007 Rabbit. It is in the glove box in the upper right.

    Figured I'd share the love since my next step was to start dismanteling the dash to see what setup the radio had for inputs.
  • eccentxpxeccentxpx Member Posts: 1
    Just bought a 4door and was kind of disappointed that no navigation was offered. After doing some research I've found that the units that are in the 2006 passats & golf V's will also fit in a new rabbit? Has anybody else done any research or have any other ideas?
  • cmm67cmm67 Member Posts: 1
    This is a pretty big problem...but your dealer can fix it. Just in case print this out and take it with you. That way you don't look a little crazy if they didn't get the bulletin.
    TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) number is - 91-06-02

    Radio Volume Varies Resulting in Poor Sound Quality
    91 06 02 May 15, 2006, 2012018/2
    Technical Background
    Panasonic Premium 7 radio (FM and CD) sound quality may be poor due to excessive amplifier clipping. Radio sound quality varies too much with speed dependant volume feature disabled. Radio sound is muffled at various volume levels or may be perceived as fading in-and-out. This amplifier clipping can be verified at higher volumes with various types of music and is most noticeable when playing music via the radio or CD.
    This is due to the radio unit software for amplifier clipping.
    Production solution
    Radio software updated.
    If vehicle is equipped with Panasonic Premium 7 radio, use software CD Part No. W42PANASONICPRE7 and VAS 5051, VAS 5052 or VAS 5051B tester to update amplifier-clipping software to prevent this condition from occurring following the procedure provided.
    Follow guidelines below to determine if radio is a candidate for this type of software flash:
    Determine Panasonic Radio type and software level
    1. Connect VAS tester to vehicle. Switch vehicle’s ignition to ON position.
    2. Activate Vehicle Self Diagnosis from VAS tester.
    3. Access Address Word 56 – Radio.
    4. Look at header information which appears at the top of VAS screen. Panasonic Premium 7 radios can be identified by either PM6 or ZSW letters as shown in figure 1.
    Is vehicle equipped with Panasonic Premium 7 radio?
    • Yes, go to step 5.
    • No, go to step 6.

    5. Is software level 0016 or 0017 as shown in figure 2?

    • Yes, press Go To button to Exit VAS tester. Turn ignition to OFF position. Go to step 1 in Programming procedure for Panasonic Premium 7 Radio.
    • No, go to step 7.

    6. Radio is not Panasonic Premium 7 type. Do not complete this TB. Further diagnosis required.
    7. Radio software has already been updated. Do not complete this TB. Further diagnosis required.
    Programming procedure for Panasonic Premium 7 Radio
    For software programming to execute properly, vehicle’s battery must be maintained by an approved VW battery charger / maintainer. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in software programming failure.
    1. Connect an approved VW battery charger/maintainer to vehicle’s battery.
    2. Insert update programming CD, Part No.W42PANASONICPRE7, into VAS tester.
    3. Turn vehicle’s ignition to ON position.
    4. Activate Vehicle Self Diagnosis from VAS tester
    5. Access Address Word 56 – Radio.
    Radio may be in the on or off position. Radio station presets will not be lost after the software programming has been completed.

    6. At the bottom of the screen, select Update-Programming.
    7. Read Note displayed on screen, and go forward to next screen, the Software programming process will begin.

    A bar-gauge will appear showing the programming process. If a pop-up appears on VAS tester stating that Diagnostic link is faulty, ensure ignition is ON and select repeat.

    8. After programming process is completed, follow steps on VAS tester.
    If a pop-up appears on VAS tester stating that Diagnostic link is faulty, ensure ignition is on and select repeat.

    9. Once programming process has completed (100% on bar-gauge), the VAS tester will display Programming Log – Save Results?
    This screen displays old and new radio information. Software level in header of screen should now be 0018

    Press forward button on VAS tester.
    10. VAS tester will now prompt to Erase Fault Memory?
    DO NOT press forward button on VAS tester.
    Instead, press the Go To button and select the option to Exit the VAS tester.
    11. At the VAS start screen, select Vehicle Self-Diagnosis.
    12. Select Collection Services.
    13. Select Erasing DTC memory – entire system

    14. When DTCs have been erased, Exit VAS tester.
    15. Disconnect VAS tester from vehicle.
    16. Switch ignition OFF and remove battery charger / maintainer from vehicle.
    When procedure applies to vehicles within the New Vehicle Limited Warranty, use the following:
    Claim Type: W2
    Part Identifier: 9105
    Damage Code: 9105 39 000 1
    Labor Operation: Includes all procedures necessary to re-program radio 91052540 = 20TU
    Diagnostic Time: No Additional Diagnostic Time Allowed
    Claim Comment: Input “As per Technical Bulletin Instance Number 2012018/2” in comment section of Warranty Claim.

    Required Parts and Tools
    Description Part No: Quantity
  • ben911ben911 Member Posts: 12
    and the window sticker said it was a 2007 Rabbit. This car drove awsome: a stock silver 2-door. I made it a point to locate the AUX input inside the glove box, but could not find it to save my life. The sales weasel told me that they could install one for me. Needless to say, I was a little disappointed.

    I thought maybe it was a mislabled 06... but the VIN on the sticker matched the VIN on the car and the window sticker said "07" Any ideas what happened?

  • trevoraytrevoray Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a 4 door black 2007 Rabbit yesterday and it does indeed have an AUX input in the glove compartment. It is on the top right, near the front. It is surrounded by a white rectangle.

    I also found out today from calling VW HQ, that the iPod option isn't available until Nov. At this time, it will be installed in or near the armrest is what the rep told me. If you do hear of an iPod option currently available, it is just the old iPod adapter that they've been using for other models. It is NOT the one that is specifically designed to be used with the new 07 Rabbits.

    Personally, unless they completely overhaul the interface of the nav menu from the iPod adapter, I'm just going to stick with using the AUX input. It's not worth paying over $300 to get the iPod adapter installed.
  • double0sariedouble0sarie Member Posts: 4
    How do you hook up your iPod through the AUX input?
  • zechbruderzechbruder Member Posts: 2
    Just bought my 2dr Rabbit manual tranny with esp and 16" alloys and the floor mat trunk liner package on Saturday. Was wondering why I wasn't getting light in the glove box and where they did put the aux 1/8" jack. Turns out that's where the jack is, where the light used to be. Rather have the jack than the light, seems like there is plenty of light to be had inside anyway.
  • zechbruderzechbruder Member Posts: 2
    I'm not very familiar with the Ipod, but I am a A/V Tech. I imagine the Ipod has a headphone jack unless Apple has their very own styled connections, but essentially a cable with 1/8" stereo connectors at each end (aka mini-plug).
  • dragonlipsdragonlips Member Posts: 2
    Correct the IPod has a headphone jack on the top. Also depending on the car adapter you get for power some have an amplified jack in the adapter as well. These get better sound. As nice as the IPod is the amplifier in the unit for it's stereo out jack sux. Using one pulling signal out the interface plug always yields better quality sound.

    Also if you are using the standard stereo jack out don't turn the IPod above half way up. That yields better quality sound.

    My XM works in it well also :)
  • yimmeryimmer Member Posts: 2
    I have the same problem with mine radio or cd/mp3 player you turn it up and it goes down by it self then you turn it down and the volume goes back up. I made sure my speed volume is off so its not that. hope to see more on the forums so i can get this fixed.
  • heenoheeno Member Posts: 7
    2007 Rabbit with the adapter in the glove box. Do I have to buy a $169 cable from my dealer to get my Ipod to work on the cars sound system? Also any one know how or if satelitte radio (Sirius/XM) works on the cars?
  • jimpalereasonjimpalereason Member Posts: 2
    Is anyone running a cable out of the glove box so you or a passenger can control the Ipod? Which is the easiest way to do this without leaving the glove box open?

    It seems weird that they didn't put it in the dash or armrest.
  • steven39steven39 Member Posts: 636
    hi folks,i just purchased a few days ago a 07 4dr rabbit and iam already haveing issues with the seems that while iam driveing the volume goes up and down by itself and the sound becomes muffled and distorted.has anyone else experienced this with their rabbit??
    i took the car in yesterday (saturday) and explained the situation to the service advisor and he told me that he doesn't have a clue to what is causing this and also that this is a common problem among rabbits.they won't replace the radio cause the radio and cd player work of the service advisors jokeing around said maybe my stereo was haunted which i did not find very amuseing to say the least.anyway,they basically told me to live with the problem because there was nothing that they could do.this is getting very annoying.
  • steven39steven39 Member Posts: 636
    just a follow up here to my previous post.the 07 rabbit is advertised to have a 10 speaker stereo system but in reality it only has 8 functioning speakers.the 2 big speakers 1 in the drivers door and 1 in the passenger front door do not function.just put your ear next to those speakers and you'll see what i mean.
  • jimpalereasonjimpalereason Member Posts: 2
    My speakers are working fine.
  • db24601db24601 Member Posts: 1
    I just got the 07 rabbit and I've plugged my mp3 player into the dashboard jack, but can't figure out how to get it to play on the stereo. The mp3 player is playing, but there's no sound. How do I get the sound to work?
  • sagegsageg Member Posts: 5
    Hit the "CD" button twice to activate the aux/ipod input.
  • ztinierztinier Member Posts: 2
    Is this an option?
  • v_dv_d Member Posts: 89
    take a look at post #25... it`s gonna help you! :D
  • gtimk5gtimk5 Member Posts: 2
    I bought a 2007 GTI with the NAV system and Sirius Radio. Included with this package was an iPOD interface/docking station located in the arm rest. I am experiencing a really weird problem with the Sirius Radio. While listening to Sirius the radio will suddenly switch to one of my preset FM stations. When I try to go back to the Sirius radio I can't find it in any of the menus. I have to turn the car off and restart it in order to see the Sirius radio feature. However every one of my Sirius radio presets have been reset to the original factory setting of Ch 184. This happens randomly every couple of weeks. Has anyone else had this problem?

    And the iPOD docking station is a joke. In theory it sounds like a cool feature. No need for adapter cables hanging out of the glove box or radio. A nice professional, concealed docking station that will securely hold your iPOD while interfacing through the docking connector. However the radio will only recognize six playlists (which must be labeled CD1, CD2, CD3, etc). And the dealer told me the limit is 99 songs per playlist. I was assuming that the menu on the iPOD screen would appear on the NAV system screen and I would have the full iPOD capabilities. No such luck. I would recommend getting the 6 CD changer instead, less frustrating.
  • steven39steven39 Member Posts: 636
    mk5,i have a similar problem with my 07 rabbit stereo..sometimes the radio volume will adjust by itself with the auto-volume feature in the off position.the sound becomes muffled and distorted when this has no clue as to what is causing this to happen..
  • eldainoeldaino Member Posts: 1,618
    Whats up stevo? Although i have not had the auto volume problem, one particularly cold morning i turned on my rabbit's stereo and it was very cracky and distorted. I changed tracks to no avail. So i switched it off. And then back on. And voila! Alls well. Kinda weird but no biggie. I'm planning on replacing the entire system anyway.(if i can find a compatiable head unit!)
  • fivedoorsfivedoors Member Posts: 2
    I got 4-door automatic 2 months ago, I love it. But, I always got confused by speedometer and engine revometer. They both use two digits, and the size are are eaactly the same.
  • v_dv_d Member Posts: 89
    speedometer on the right,
    rpms on the left... come on it`s not that hard to rem... and rpms go up and down quicker than speed does... ;)
  • jashfieldjashfield Member Posts: 2
    I'm actually having the iPod adapter removed and the glovebox aux input installed.

    The lack of iPod functionality is really annoying, and makes it almost useless, at least for the way I use it. I use random play sometimes, but usually I look up an artist and play an album. The iPod adapter won't let you do that.

    My rabbit came with the 6cd changer and sirius radio, which i love, so being able to just plug the iPod into an aux input will make things that much better.
  • eldainoeldaino Member Posts: 1,618
    man that stinks, but i hope it works out.

    I didn't realize that they could install the aux input for you
  • jashfieldjashfield Member Posts: 2
    It's alright, kinda minor compared with how much I'm enjoying the rest of the car.

    The dealership is shocked, they say everyone wants the iPod adapter... if it actually worked I'd dig it.
  • eldainoeldaino Member Posts: 1,618
    thats good to know man, i was considering it too! But for now, the aux is all good, it works fine and sounds exactly like a cd!
  • dsgurlydsgurly Member Posts: 1
    Hold down the scan button for two seconds vol will display on the radios screen turn the scan knob to the left to 1 and it should resolve the problem.
  • alikeithalikeith Member Posts: 2
    Just wondering where the speakers are located in the 2 door mdels and the sizes?

    Does the stereo sound good for a stock stereo?

  • eldainoeldaino Member Posts: 1,618
    despite what many may say, the stock stereo on the rabbit, while not very powerful, has a nice amount of speakers, and thus sounds nice. Its sounds nicer than the speaker system in my old 06 civic ex, which had two fewer speakers, but 160 watts of power.

    i'm not exactly sure of the sizes are, but the locations are as follows (for 2 door models)

    On the door itself:

    two small (not tweeters) speakers by the door handle
    and two large (probably 6 inchers) speakers on the bottoms of the door, and 2 tweeters up by the dash.

    on the back there are two large speakers by the side armrests and then two small sized speakers on top of that.
  • shirotorishirotori Member Posts: 51
    I'm just wondering how everyones i-Pod adapter with the radio configuration is working. For the first month of owning my Rabbit CD-1 through CD-5 had the first 5 playlists on my i-Pod while CD-6 would have all songs that are on the i-Pod. However, last week the radio basically stopped recognizing the i-Pod. CD 1 through 5 show "Fail" above the pre-set and have no control of the i-Pod. I can still use the i-Pod...still charges and listen to music, but I have to use it manually, not through the radio. I went to the dealership but they weren't sure, so they called the engineers who build the car or something. I got a call today saying that the way it works now is the way it is supposed to, but that doesn't make any sense considering the way it worked before. How is your i-Pod adapter working? Any issues out there? Any advice for me? Thanks
  • eldainoeldaino Member Posts: 1,618
    what your dealer told you is a bunch of bullcrap. it worked that way before and should continue to do so. go to a different dealer, or contact vw of america directly.
  • o_rabbito_rabbit Member Posts: 5
    so im in a bit of a pickle. i want to play my ipod in my 2door 2007 vw rabbit. whats the best option? buy a simple fm transmitter perhaps? also, i used to own a civic in which i bought a 1000 dollar system for (speakers, amp, face plate) but i dont want anyone drilling into my new car to keep these things. should i sell them? if so, where? the system standard in my bunny is perfectly fine for me, nice clear sound and decent bass. i dont need a ghetto fab bumpin car!! :)
    also for alikeith: i went into best buy to figure out the sizes of the standard speakers for my current scenario. they have 6 or 6.5 inch ones in the front and 4 or 4.5 inchers in the back...hence the drilling involved if i wanted to keep my recently purchased infinity speakers in my old car.
    anyhoo HELP!!
  • shirotorishirotori Member Posts: 51
    As far as the FM transmitter is concerned, I had one in my last vehicle and the sound quality was terrible. It was cracky and because it wasn't grounded I got alternator whine along with the music; the faster I drove the more whine I got. Not that that happens to everyone, but that was my experience.
  • eldainoeldaino Member Posts: 1,618
    whats the best option?

    You already have it in your car! just use the auxiliary jack (the cable for it is a male/male and i got mine at best buy for 10 bucks) set the radio to the AUX input and you are good to go!

    you may not be able to control the ipod throught the radio itself, but the sound quality is great and there is no costly things to do to use it! Its WORLDS better than a stupid fm transmitter!
  • bluemeanybluemeany Member Posts: 3
    I bought a 4 door rabbit a few weeks ago and noticed at random times the bass boosts itself. It's quite startling becasue its a big increase. The volume doesn't change just the bass. All I have to do is turn down the volume then back to to the level I was listening and all is well. It may not happen for a couple of days and it may happen twice a day. My biggest fear is blowing a speaker....thats how much of an increase it is. I was aware of the possible automatic volume issue before I purchased but never heard of a bass issue....anyone else?
  • carriejh27carriejh27 Member Posts: 1
    YUP!! I have the same problem! My husband works at a Volkswagen store and had taken my car in for tint and had them check out the problem with the stereo but Volkswagen said they are aware of the problem but haven't issued a fix or recall for it yet. That was last month. I haven't heard anything yet. I told him to check on it again.

    Other then that I LOVE IT! Haven't had any other problems yet but only had it for three months.
  • sharpedgeshurtsharpedgeshurt Member Posts: 28
    I've noticed it too. It's happened a few times, but no biggy. I wont worry about it as long as it doesn't blow my speakers.
  • eldainoeldaino Member Posts: 1,618
    i've had the crackly sounding speakers, but the bass bost has not reared its head.

    is anyone else just planning on upgrading the system with new speakers/headunit anyway and never have to deal with this again?
  • sharpedgeshurtsharpedgeshurt Member Posts: 28
    Not sure if this has anything to do with the speaker issue: But I've got the 4 door model with the 10 speaker system. Has anyone had this issue w/ the 2 door model. Also: for those of you who have disabled the auto-volume adjusting, can you post how to switch it on/off in the Forum? I've been too lazy to look it up, I might do it today and post it. . . Eldaino?
  • eldainoeldaino Member Posts: 1,618
    i'll look it up on the manual tonight. if i don't get too lazy. ;)

    i don't think anyone has really made a differentiation on wether the car in question with the audio is a 2 or 4 door.

    i just thought that given the amount of speakers vw give you, upgrading to an aftermarket kit would be amazing!
  • grauerhase07grauerhase07 Member Posts: 2
    I'd also like to know how to adjust the speed determined sound levels. I got a 07 2D Rabbit but it came with the booklet for the 4D stereo, so I have to figure everything out by trial and error.

    SOMEHOW I managed to get it to switch over to the AUX, but now I can't get it to pick up the AUX anymore suddenly. I have the cable, I have the player on, everything worked great before, but now...nothing.

    Any help appreciated.
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