2005 Yukon HID lights triggering ‘Reduced Power’

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Thanks in advance,,I bought my yukon 3 years ago, and the drivers side low beam light would be on sometimes and off sometimes. Googled my light bulb and its not what i have so I assume someone put a hid conversion kit in it. Along with this i feel its connected to the reduced power and check engine light issue that go in effect when this low beam light acts up. (I cut off the yukon let it sit a minute crank it back up and headlight will still be out, check engine light still on but reduced power has gone away and can drive normal). Not sure how to upload a pic here yet but the ballast is in a silver casing and has ‘fusion hid’ along with voltage info on it. Is this a factory from gmc or after market type? If not factory can i go back to the original bulb and get rid of this kit? How can i tell if the bulb is bad or ballast is ballad?


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    To put pics in your post, just click the Attach Image icon and choose the file from your computer

    Electrical gremlins are always tricky to pin down. Have you tried swapping bulbs driver's side to passenger side? if the problem follows the bulb, there's your culprit. But if it persists on the driver's side, you can start to look backwards along the power trail
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    I will do the swapping of the bulbs, and i clicked in that pic picture and didn’t do anything so it might have glitched at the time, thanks for your reply!
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    I just swapped them and will see when it acts up because its just here and there.
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    There are the pics, if the bulb needs replacing would it be 9006 HB4 35w bulb? And if the balast is fine, it doesn’t have to be changed correct?
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    I just swapped them and will see when it acts up, as far as the bulb someone said it it be bulb H9 but the base doesn’t have the three thingies to fit and twist in, H9 is just round 
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    Thanks so much PF_Flyer for that advice, this morning it started flickering like it did on the drivers side sometimes. I will be replacing the bulb! Thanks again!!
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