2001 Isuzu Rodeo Engine Stalls When Cold

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Trying to help my mom fix her car. My dad used to help her, but he passed away recently and she doesn’t have a lot of money to spend on a mechanic.

It recently started stalling when she first starts it, when the engine is cold. It seems like sometimes she can keep it going by giving it a lot of gas. I read some things online that it might be an intake gasket leak, so I tried that test where you start it and then sprayed MAPP gas around the intake manifold trying to listen for an increase in engine speed, but didn’t hear any changes. Also tried the test again with carburetor cleaner with the same results. I believe I’m spraying in the right spots.

Anything else it could be or is it still probably the intake gasket?

My dad has changed the fuel pump on it at least once, maybe twice. There also seems to be the smell of gasoline when it’s running, that’s been there for awhile now.

Is that dangerous?

Is there anyway to figure out where it’s coming from?
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