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Saturn Vue Maintenance and Repair



  • trraffictrraffic Posts: 6
    I left my 07 V6 AWD in my steep driveway facing down in 20 degree weather for about three hours a few day ago. When my husband went out to start it/put it in the garage, it would not start. He tried a few times, then gave it some gas. Then it was fine. I've had the car for only 1.5 weeks (bought it with just under 700 miles, still considered new). It has not happened before or since, but I have also not parked my car on a steep hill. Is this normal? I traded my 97 Ford Explorer for this car, and never had the car starting problem with that one.
  • wadelwadel Posts: 5
    Thanks, I had the wife pull over last time it happened. It was low, then sounds like the base shut off, then got loud, and then normal.. I'm afraid to say it may be a defect. My problem? Trying to get the service manager to hear this intermittent problem...
  • wtd44wtd44 Posts: 1,211
    That "prove it" demand from service departments has come to making me steer clear of certain brands of vehicles, be they cars, trucks, or motorcycles. :mad:
  • porrettporrett Posts: 1
    Has anyone had any problems with the seats. I am debating the issue between leather and the cloth/pethleather ie vinyl. Yes, I would prefer the leather, however the dealer can't find the color car I want with the leather seats, so my only other option is the cloth/vinyl. I'm need to know, I'm buying today. thanks for any help
  • trraffictrraffic Posts: 6
    This is probably too late, but I got a Vue with leather seats (silver exterior and grey interior) about a month ago. When it is really cold, leather is not so good. I just hope in the summer, it won't be too hot, but I think the tinted windows will help. I did not want leather, but I did want the DVD, and that was the only one they had in the area. Part of me wishes I would have held out for a few more weeks; then I either would have stuck with cloth or else gotten heated seats., but I got a pretty good combination of rebates and the 0 percent finance for 60 months which was expiring a few days after I got the car.
  • wadelwadel Posts: 5
    New Information. Had Saturn replace radio. Just my luck, this new one seems worse. Really frustrating. My 1995 ford Pu and my 2006 toyota gets better radio reception, if in fact the problem is reception. I don't know what to do. The radio stinks! Shouldn't be that way for a 27k vehicle. Anyone have advice?

    Wade :(
  • wtd44wtd44 Posts: 1,211
    Perhaps you have an electrical wiring problem that resides outside the radio itself. :confuse:
  • twaintwain Posts: 185
    We had a 2003 FWD V6 Vue that served us well for 3 1/2 years. But then, the dealer said there was a problem with a sway bar and a wheel bearing, and the tires needed replaced. About $1500 in all. We didn't like that idea and traded it in on a 2007 FWD V6 Mariner.

    The gas mileage had begun to decline the last couple of months also.
  • wtd44wtd44 Posts: 1,211
    As much as I have liked our 2003 FWD Vue, I was overwhelmed by the discount through last month on the 2007 Jeep GC. I traded... I no longer own a Saturn. :cry:
  • tcbpchtcbpch Posts: 1
    I own a 2005 saturn vue 4cyl with 27773 k/m. During a drive, all three engine mounts broke. Now they claim that it is not a warranty issue. They claim I towed something to heavy or got stuck somewhere. Is there anyone else with a similar issue
  • ess3ess3 Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 that has done the same thing. I've had it at the dealership 4 times. The first time they reset the plugs. The 2nd and 3rd times they found nothing and the 4th time they upgraded the computer. It's started again and now it's worse than before. Any suggestions?
  • jmil74jmil74 Posts: 2
    We all know that we had trouble with removing those door panels. When I got my car alarm installed, they broke the clips on the bottom. Now my door panel keeps catching everytime I open the door. I have been looking all over for a door panel. A used, salvaged, refurbished panel would work. Saturn wants to charge me $500 for a brand new one. Does anybody have any ideas as to where I could get one?
  • jakrugjakrug Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 VUE with AWD which has had a vibration for 3 years. The differential has now been rebuilt and the vibration is gone, but I'm left with a humm in the gears. Is there any type of additive that will lesson the noise?
  • vanjessvanjess Posts: 1
    Does anyone have any suggestions??????

    in the last couple weeks my Vue has been having problems starting. It will seem like it is going to start and then the car won't idle and just turn off. After a few tries and or pump the gas it will turn on. Once it turns on it runs just fine.

    Any ideas or suggestions
  • pegmpegm Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Saturn Vue that in the last 2 months the ABS light, SE light, SES light, and brake lights are coming on and staying on. The gas hand and rpm hand has also started moving up and down very quickly. The vehicle is running fine. I have had a couple mechanics check it out and nobody can find a problem with it. Any suggestions?
  • doreenrdoreenr Posts: 8
    Hi everyone. I have a 2005 Vue and have had the rotors changed 4 times. The third time was the last week in July, 07 and I just had to have the changed again this past week (8/8/07). Something is not right with this. The service tech told me that this wasn't a "SAFETY ISSUE" :lemon: , but doesn't the rotors have something to do with the vehicle stopping! I told the service tech that I wanted to talk to the manager, but he just happened to have left for the day and wouldn't be in until Saturday. The service tech would talk to him on Saturday and give me a call. Here it is Sunday and no response. I did give the Attorney Generals office a call and they in turn told me to call the Dealers Commission Board. I did do that and they suggested that I go on this site to see if anyone was having a similar problem and to wait for the call from the service tech. My warranty will be up in 800 miles and I don't want to be replacing rotors everyother week. I'm a female and I never heard of doing rotors 4 times in 2 years! Can someone give me some information. I'm thinking that there is something else wrong that is making the rotors wear down so quick. Please help!
  • prrgg1prrgg1 Posts: 3
    Try calling 1-800-lemonlaw or try this web site, both are very informative
  • doreenrdoreenr Posts: 8
    Thanks for the phone number and web site. I'll let you know how I make out. Thanks again, Doreen
  • bkinga2bkinga2 Posts: 1
    I have the same issue on the same car, 06 Vue AWD V6. I have had the hub replaced and no change. It starts at 30 mph and stops around 20 mph. It seems to do it in the morning for a few miles. I have put the car in neutral going 40 mph and the sound does not change, even if I rev it.

    The shop has seen the car 3 times now. They have no idea what it is.
  • doreenrdoreenr Posts: 8
    Try You may have a breach of warranty issue going on. This web site is a good one.
  • rob111rob111 Posts: 7
    Our 2003 Saturn Vue is at the dealer right now
    and we are told that we must replace the front
    disc rotors because they are out of round. The
    rotors were previously replaced right after
    purchase, then replaced again in 2004,
    resurfaced in 2005, and started giving vibration
    early this year but only at highway speed did we
    notice it. First to eliminate the driver from
    the equation, she has driven several vehicles for
    at least 250K without a single rotor or brake issue.

    When I discuss the problem with the dealer's service
    manager, which is not that the rotors are out of round,
    (that is the result of the problem) the dealer appears
    to not have much in the way of corporate research or
    procedures to eliminate the problem. It is as if there
    is no reason for them to invest time and energy to resolve
    what may be a marginal design where material substitutions
    have occured somewhere down the product line, or there may
    be a maintenance point or adjustment that was not monitored
    at the factory when producing the vehicles.

    We discussed that perhaps the ratio of front to
    back braking force was not correct and that
    could have contributed to having the front
    rotors doing more than their designed share of
    the braking and thereby producing repeated out
    of round rotors. I asked them to clarify whether
    one or both rotors were out of round and I was
    told that they both were out of round, so that
    would seem to eliminate a single caliper issue
    in the front causing one rotor to go out of round. And
    it appears to me that if two rotors are warping equally
    and at the same time, it is either a design issue or an
    abnormal usage issue. I have the benefit of being married
    to the driver of the vehicle so I know it is not a usage issue.
    So I went ahead and had the dealer do the rear brakes
    adjustment in the event that this might resolve the root
    problem. (I was told that braking in reverse will not
    fully adjust them and in order to adjust them properly

    it must be done manually by a technician). This I was very
    suprised at. Anyone have any expert advice here?

    I then asked if perhaps the wrong pad material
    was installed at the factory which could be the
    root problem, the dealer checked and reported
    that the pad material installed on the vehicle is the
    correct pads material for the vehicle which was installed
    at the factory because they had not been changed at this point 37,500 Miles on the 2003 vehicle...

    So I ask you for assistance in helping to
    determine the root cause of the problem. At this
    point I do not want to invest >$500 in new
    rotors only to have them out of round in a year
    or two.

    I have two options as I see it:

    1. Buy aftermarket drilled/scored lifetime
    warranty rotors and pads and install them.

    ex: ake_id=1621&ad=google

    2. Fix the root cause problem and have the
    dealer replace the rotors with OEM equipment.

    What could I be missing? I have not read the service manual for this vehicle yet as it cost >$300 to purchase. Any input or similar experience?

  • doreenrdoreenr Posts: 8
    The only advice I can give you is seek leagal advice. Go to or call 1-800-lemon law. They maybe able to help you. Your car may not be a "lemonlaw" car, but it may fall under a breach of contract warranty issue even if your vehicle is out of warranty. You sound like a smart person so I'm going to guess that you have all your receipts.
  • mven74mven74 Posts: 2
    I need help replacing it. I was wondering if anybody can tell me how to take the front cover out? Thanks! :)
  • lac123lac123 Posts: 1
    I seem to be having the same problem on my 03 Vue. Had front rotors replaced 2/06 along with break pads only 18,800 miles on car. Had front rotors replaced again 7/06 and now having front rotors and break pad replaced 8/07. Thank God rotors are under warranty. This should not be happening. I only have 30,900 miles on the car. I don't drive very far from home to work. Not heavy on breaks.
    When I reminder the dealership about changing rotors 3 times all they said was Ya we know.

    I know it won't do any good, but I am calling Corporate and I want to call a state agency just to record this problem. I'm afraid that evenutally the rotors won't be covered under the warranty.
  • doreenrdoreenr Posts: 8
    call 1800-lemonlaw. They maybe able to help. Coporate really didn't help me in solving my issue. They were good talkers. It took them 3 days to call me back. Bad customer service.
  • Have them check the control body module
  • My 2003 Vue is a manual transmission. We experienced rough idle, hesitation on acceleration, using the heat or ac would make it worse. The spark plugs started fouling out. We replaced those. We treated the fuel. Even checked to make sure the new tires weren't causing this dangerous situation. The SES light would come on intermittently and the cruise control quit working. We could ride the clutch to get it to accelerate, but ended up parking it until I could afford to take it in for repairs. I had to refinance the vehicle to pay the $1300 repair bill. They replaced the ignition coil packs and one of the catalytic converters along with a few other things like more new spark plugs. I have never been so disappointed in a car! My paint is now chipping off, all four passenger doors creak and clunk when you open them, the back window wiper works in painfully slow motion. I would trade it in, but I JUST RE FINANCED IT!
  • Try a new instrument cluster. I have had a lot of cars that do this too.
  • Try getting a new computer. They are expensive, but it might just fix your problem. And, you should have them test drive it after. If they can experience it, they have to believe you.
  • :mad: I have a 2002 saturn vue 3.0 litre v-6 awd i am having touble finding the plugs on it i think they are under tyhe intake but i am not sure. it is really irritating trying to do this.
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