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Cadillac DTS New Owner Reports!

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,093
edited April 2014 in Cadillac
Just recently picked it up your DTS? Tell us about it here!


  • robw64robw64 Posts: 76
    I picked up my new DTS yesterday (black with cashmere interior). Needless to say, I'm still in that "new car euphoria" stage, but I'm really pleased with the vehicle. The Lux III edition is loaded with technology but it is all surprisingly easy to use. The overall look of the black paint job is very formal....for now, I'm glad I decided to go with it rather than the red, but we'll see if keeping it clean becomes tiresome!

    I am also a tall driver (6'5") and the seat travel and interior room is outstanding. I was originally investigating an STS, but my first visit to the dealer nixed that idea due to it being a mid-size rather than a full-size vehicle.

    I'll try to keep everyone updated on the ownership experience as I go. For now, this is one beautiful vehicle and I'm very excited.
  • teveteve Posts: 5
    Have 4500 miles on mine and no complaints. It gives a terrific ride and gets more than 5 mpg better than my 07 Tahoe.
  • robw64robw64 Posts: 76
    It's been nearly 5 months and we took our DTS in for its first oil change at 4500 miles today. Although the oil life monitor still read 54% remaining, I just couldn't bring myself to wait much longer (even though everyone, including the dealer, says to trust the computer).

    This is the only maintenance we've had to perform on the car. The only other time it was 'out of service' was to replace the stereo head unit back in September. The stereo display went blank, then we lost all sound. The next morning the sound was back but still had no display. Rather than just re-program the electronics the dealer replaced the entire head unit. I don't know if they replaced it because it's the upgraded Bose system, but it's working fine now. One fault on the dealer's part: they forgot to take our 3 CD's out of the unit before sending it away. Thank goodness we have uploaded every bit of our music onto the PC so we can sync with our MP3 player (which, by the way, plugs into the face of our stereo).

    Overall mileage (according to the onboard computer) is running 18 mpg, which is only one less than my previous 2001 Concorde LXi with a 6-cylinder. On the short trips we have taken (the longest has been 50 miles or so) we are getting about 27 mpg. My daily commute has been 6 miles each way, but my new job will double that number including some highway miles so I'm expecting to see a change in consumption.

    We still love this car and get compliments everywhere we go. Even the service tech at the Mobil oil change station told me I had a 'sweet ride'.....he couldn't have been more than 25 years old.
  • maryanndmaryannd Posts: 2
  • maryanndmaryannd Posts: 2
    Having problems with my new car. Has been in the shop 3 times for the same problem "service suspension system" also found that the deck light is cracked. Have had the car since December, anyone else having the same problems?
  • robw64robw64 Posts: 76
    My car is not having the suspension system issue, but my rear deck-lid brake light also has a few hairline cracks. I've looked at a couple other DTS's in parking lots around town and they are cracked too. Looks like an assembly problem at the factory, maybe? I haven't taken it in for replacement yet but plan to do that very soon.

    The only other issue I have is the driver information center repeatedly says "Replace Remote Key Battery" even though I've done that twice already. The message goes off for about a week then comes back. It's annoying but doesn't cause any performance issues. I'll have that looked at when I take it in to get the deck-lid brake light repaced.
  • mgolliemgollie Posts: 2
    We have had the 2007 for about 5 months. It is lux 2. This is our 5th Cadillac and overall the best. About 14 to 15 mpg in town and approx. 24 mpg (CA. gas) on the hiway at 70 mph. The trunk stoplight was cracked and replaced under warranty.

    The only real problem is an "easy exit" drivers seat that only goes all the way back. Can it still be programed to a custom setting (i.e. half way )?
  • mgolliemgollie Posts: 2
    I finally got an answer from Cadillac regarding the ability to program "the easy exit" drivers seat settings. You can't. The seat only moves all the way back when using this setting. This infringes onto the rear seat passenger.
    Another intermittent problem is rear seat seatbelts locking up when being used( passenger or booster seat).
  • joegodjoegod Posts: 13
    Just traded my 04 seville for an 07 DTS. Very pleased so
    far. Great ride, lots of room in cabin and trunk. Also
    concerned about the easy exit not doing what I would like it to do. Also can not use flash to pass lights during daytime. I liked this feature on the seville.
    Only 800 miles so I guess I still have a lot to learn about the car. Gas millage is also same as the seville. My first
    experience with XM radio. I like it.
  • joegodjoegod Posts: 13
    I recently bought a 07 DTS, after three months and 2500 miles I could not be more pleased. It is a great ride and lots of space for traveling. It seems the only people that write messages are the people having problems. Every car made has some cars that have problems to deal with. This is my l3th new Cadillac and I did get one that came under the lemon law, however, Cadillac was very good about replacing it with another new Cadillac. I also have a Mercedes and Chrysler. Don't be afraid to buy a car because someone else has had trouble with that brand
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    others with this sort of problem have not been able to get it fixed.

    One question: do you have a set of locking nuts (which take a key) on your wheels? If so, were they supplied by GM or are they some aftermarket add on? They could be a different weight than the rest of the nuts and would make the wheels out of balance..... -> this is just an idea
  • gbosleygbosley Posts: 20
    I am happy to say that my 08 DTS that i took delivery of Nov 07 , is running smooth and trouble free with 2,600 + miles , I have to say that technology on this car is so good , with the little Icon on mirror to indicate if there some one in blind zone that is a great add on , gps is easy to use , ride is smooth , dealer made it so easy from order to delivery , I had a 03 dhs and this dts really is major upgrade in ride and technology , :)
  • lemkolemko Philadelphia, PAPosts: 15,302
    Traded my 2002 Cadillac Seville STS for a 2007 Cadillac DTS Performance on Friday, November 23, 2007. My car is Black Raven with Ebony leather interior and 18" chrome rims.

    As of 3 April, the car runs smooth and has exhibited absolutely no problems. There's so much stuff on this car it makes my Seville STS look like a plain jane in comparison. I still don't know how it all works. I guess I just have to set aside a day when it gets warmer to learn everything.
  • texasjimtexasjim Posts: 9
    I have a 2006 Performance Sedan. If I can be of help...let me know.

    Texas Jim
  • vic10vic10 Posts: 188
    Just shy of 2 weeks and 400 miles on my ’08 DTS Performance. Dark cherry, shale interior. No Nav, sunroof or lane departure options. Keeping in mind that I’ve been driving a ’05 300C for the past almost 4 years:">

    The 300C was brutal power. The DTS is all about the ride. As soon as I stop driving like a little ole lady (in about 100 miles), I’ll probably miss the 300C less. What I don’t miss at all is the very firm, sometimes harsh suspension and the excessive rear suspension noise of the Chrysler.

    Can’t say enough about the Cadillac ride. My first drive to work was almost amusing. My body would react in anticipation of a known rough part of the road…but it never came with the DTS. Very smooth, very quiet, yet on the highway very well controlled. No mushy wallowing. That magnetic suspension works. Precise steering. Excellent brakes. Had an issue with the fly-by-wire throttle response but either it’s learning my habits or I’m learning its because responsiveness definitely feels better than it did at first. Still fiddling with the seat/steering wheel position (what’s that line from a Joni Mitchell song: None of the crazy you get from too much choice….). Very comfortable seats, well supported, yet soft and cushy. Great back support—no chance of sloshing around during sharp maneuvers. Tried the cooled seats. Was kind of like sitting on cold cement with a wet bathing suit….but I’m sure I’ll appreciate it come Tulsa summers.

    The car is striking in dark cherry. Really like the standard 18” chrome wheels. They add just the right amount of bling, and are pretty easy to clean. No need to look for aftermarket wheels. Like the shale interior but quickly replaced the floor mats with a set from USSpeed in dark brown, which matches the cocoa accents nicely. The mats (including one for the trunk) fit like they were poured in place, and the quality of the nap is about what you’d want in your living room. Definitely better than original equipment. Had an issue with the hook holes on the driver’s side not matching the hook positions on the floor. But one e-mail exchange with USSpeed and they said they’d send me a replacement set. Excellent service.

    And the negatives:
    ---So far getting worse mileage than the 300C (19.5 vs 20.5) and the Chrysler used mid-grade.
    ---Miss the flash to pass headlight feature during daytime.
    ---Don’t like the headlight control. Can’t see the markings during the day, and you can’t turn off the Auto headlight feature. If the reason why they eliminated the flash to pass was to extend the life of the HID bulbs, then I’d like to avoid having the lights go ON when I turn the key, OFF as the engine cranks, ON when the engine starts, then OFF after I back out of the garage.
    ---Windshield wiper stalk requires a twist to get a one-time sweep, meaning you have to take your hands off the wheel. The 300C required a push on the stalk, which you could do with one finger.
    ---Limited storage in the interior. The glove box, map pockets and console are all considerably smaller than in the 300C.
    ---The console arm rest is too far back. Only the tip of my elbow touches it during routine driving.
    ---Why did they place the cargo net in the trunk so close to the edge? I’d like it back maybe 18 inches or so, so you can place items between the net and the edge of the trunk as well as in the net.

    So far have tried all they systems and they seem to work as advertised. Took 20 minutes to finally program the garage opener (old style, single signal), primarily because it took me 18 minutes to realize I had copied one of the 9 codes wrong from the remote…. Also mis-programmed the radio presets first time. This is the first car I’ve owned where you could mix AM and FM (and XMSatellite) in the same row of pre-sets. The sound system is considerably better than in the 300C and since the interior is quieter, you really get to enjoy the music.
    Did I mention I love the ride??? It is sooo impressive.

    I guess over time I’ll stop thinking I’m driving someone else’s car and realize this girl is all MINE…. Thanks for listening. I've posted a couple of photos on, same subject (not sure how to do it here.....)
  • rjr2565rjr2565 Posts: 27
    I'm new to this forum and trying to help my sister who is interested in a 08 DTS.It has a MSRP 45,415. Edmunds invoice is $42,318. What would be a fair price to be paying for this vehicle. Thank you for any help. What price should she start from.
  • kenb757kenb757 Posts: 149
    I'd start with $5-6k off with purchase cash and owner loyalty cash (if you currently own a GM vehicle) GM is offering through April 30th. I'd wait until April 29th or 30th (end of month) when the dealer really wants to move his inventory to prevent carrying it over to the next month. Also, if you're in a larger city, you may have more than one Cadillac dealership to compete for your business. Also consider a Smart Buy, this works like a lease but you own the car; you can purchase the car at the end of the period for the pre-agreed on balloon payment, you can get another GM vehicle, or just walk away.

    In 2007, Lincoln was pushing new Town Cars with up to $15k in incentives. I don't think you'll be able to do that well with a DTS, but who knows?
  • Has anyone experienced problems with 2007 DTS engine just cutting off while driving? My Mom began leasing the car in 3/07. This happened to her 4 times and she narrowly missed hitting someone one of those times. When this happens the brakes do not respond, nor can she accelerate, NOR does OnStar activate! The dealer can find nothing wrong except that some codes "were missing" on OnStar which they corrected. We contacted GM while the car was in the shop (for 10 days) - & the GM rep was downright rude. After the codes were fixed, she drove the car for about 3 weeks without any further problems. Then, while on a trip, she noticed that the car began to vibrate severely when she stepped on the brakes. She took it to the dealer & they replaced the pads and rotor. About a week after the brake repair, the engine again cut off while she was driving and had done so twice - the last time being yesterday, 8/26/08. She called the dealer and they did not even tell her to bring it in. The are trying to contact GM to find out what to do, but GM is not responding to them! FYI, I also drive the car and we took it on a trip this past weekend and I did not notice any problems while driving. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • bob247bob247 Posts: 8
    Are you sure it is coming from the rear. I feel a vibration in the floor and depending on the speed some in the steering wheel. The dealer tried a lot of things including putting on all new tires and rims from another car and force load balancing my tires and wheels. A different dealer told me they experienced the same problem and found the axels were bent. Once they replaced them the owner said the car rode like a Cadillac should.
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