Toyota FJ Cruiser Tires and Wheels

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Shopping for new rims or mud tires? Talk about your options here.


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    FJ Cruiser Flat Tire

    And you may want to check with your dealer to see if your tires were "recalled."

    Recalls: Jeep Grand Cherokee, Toyota FJ Cruiser See Problems
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    I bought the black FJ imprinted tire cover, but it didn't have a lock on there. I've seen several other FJs that have the rim around the tire cover. Where do you get those? I've looked all over online. I was going to just put holes in it and lock it up with a bike lock or something till I saw the other trucks. And I want mine to look as good too Thanks :P
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    Hi Steve,

    I own a FJ Cruiser and I'm trying to find a more aggressive tire than the stock Dunlop 265-70/17s. I need more of a mud terrain tire and was looking at the BF Goodrich KM2's but I understand they don't make that tire 265 or a 285 which I wanted. They do make and older BF T/A but I wanted the KM2. My question is what tires/wheels are folks putting on their FJs to upgrade that are larger than stock and yet not making any mods to suspension, etc.
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    Welcome to CarSpace!

    I don't own a FJ Cruiser so stand by for other owners to respond. Check out the reviews at too.
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    I’m looking for a new tire for my FJ. I don’t know if is possible to fit a 285/70R-17 or 285/75R-17 in the factory 17 wheels (without a suspension Kit). Do you have comments about that?
    Thanks you
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