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Toyota FJ Cruiser Changes You'd Like to See

steverstever Posts: 52,462
What does Toyota need to add to the FJ to make it perfect?

Navigation (or is the Garmin ok)?

A diesel engine option?

That rumored Moab edition?


  • racer_65racer_65 Posts: 43
    The current version doesn't cut it for me, but it doesn't miss by that much. I hope they continue to enhance it over the years (and they probably will). What bothers me about the styling are all the "toy-like" elements, such as that silly dashboard (almost inspired by the Mini), and those fake tracks in the floor mat. On the exterior, they need to get rid of that blind spot on the sides. Doesn't even look that great. In addition, that gotta offer a soft top version, or make the hardtop removeable. The original FJ40 has none of the above flaws, which is why I continue to own one.
  • What does Toyota need to add to the FJ to make it perfect?

    It's not just a matter of adding - they need to subtract some things as well: I want an FJ Cruiser that's more true to the original FJ40's standard of function taking precedence over form.

    - Simplfy the bumpers, dump the hideous cladding and plastic bodywork.

    - Fix the big blind spots, (shrink the C-pillar, increase the size of the rear passenger windows).

    - Improve the forward visibility.

    - Improve the turning circle diameter.

    - Add a diesel engine option.

    - Switch to independent front suspension.

    - Add wider rear passenger doors with external door handles.

    - Add traditional FJ40 colors (red, green, beige)

    - Add removable hardtop, optional softtop, optional sunroof (for pretenders).

    - Increase flexibility in adding options.

    - Improve the stereo (or make it optional for those of us with good ears).

    - Remove the premium fuel "requirement".

    - Add proper side mirrors.

    - Add rear seats that fold completely flat.

    - Keep the price around $25,000.
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,432
    Looks like a dandy start to me.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Good answer with the things to subtract. I understand that there is a memo going out to the dealers advising that regular gas can be used with just a slight hit in hp.
  • chiefjojochiefjojo Posts: 39
    Switch to independent front suspension.

    I think you mean solid front axle (like the old FJ40-80), right?

    I agree, oh and a removable roof option and make the Moab version simple with only 4WD goodies added... 33" all-terrain tires, locking rear diff, ATRAC, roof rack, winch, etc.
  • gypsyjongypsyjon Posts: 38
    DIESEL ENGINE>>>>>>>>DIESEL ENGINE........Diesel engine..

    And a smallish one, not some firebreathing behemouth...just a nice mild maybe 4 cylinder Perkins type 150 hp or so.

    My wife has a Jeep Liberty with a little 4 cylinder diesel in it..great mileage, power aplenty...great little truck, but interior is just a tad small for my 6'6" body..

    I would arm wrestle you for an FJ with a nice moderate diesel in it.

  • I meant switch from IFS...
  • murphydogmurphydog SeattlePosts: 735
    I don't know if a removable top is possible, but some sort of sunroof should be. When Toyota adds that I will pay a visit to the local dealer. I know I can go aftermarket, but I don't want an 18 year old with a sawzall cutting a hole in my roof! :shades:
  • I agree with the sunroof option. I've got a Jeep now, and would really miss the option to be able to open up a vehicle at least a little bit. Also, with the windows sooo small in the FJ, it seems to fill a little "cave like" inside... a sunroof could really help address that problem.
  • I am the perfect model of a consumer who wants a new FJ. I had a Tacoma that I loved, and now I drive a Nissan Pathfinder (long story) which I HATE. I want to get back into the Toyota family, but WILL NOT make a move until I can buy the diesel. Overseas, the Toyota Diesel has a rock solid reputation. But when it comes to the US market, and more specifically the new FJ, it is as though Toyota refuses to acknowledge the market demand for diesel. I realize that there are regulatory hurdles, but those look to be lowered in 2007. ADD A DIESEL OPTION!!!!
  • Agree with most of those already suggested. Keep it utilitarian leaving most of the creature comforts for RAV4/Highlander/4Runner buyers but the following wouldn't go amiss:
    - Winter package: windshield wiper, washer jet & exterior mirror deicers, engine block heater, heated seats
    - Stability control that remains on in high-range 4WD
    - Opening rear windows
    - Engine immobiliser
  • fbazzofbazzo Posts: 1
    I just got back from a trail run with the Toyota Trail Team. I got to drive the FJ and watch others drive it where I thought it wouldn't go. I think it's an awesome vehicle. I would only change three things.

    1. Tailgate option instead of a swing out door.
    2. Move the rear view mirrors forward four or five inches.
    3. Sunroof
  • I'd really be interested in seeing them "open up" the interior somehow (i.e. sunroof, power rear window, or even removable top). Driving the FJ was fun, but it sure would be hard not having the ability to open it up like you can with a Jeep, as opposed to the small windows (and visability) in the FJ... leave driving a tank to the military.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Someone else isn't too thrilled with the rear doors:

    FJ Cruiser's Suicide Doors Are Well Named

  • murphydogmurphydog SeattlePosts: 735
    So I saw the pictures of the modified FJ from SEMA - and I noticed the sunroof. The article stated that some of the mods were future features planned by Toyota. Do we have any Toyota experts who may have a clue when the sunroof will be a factory option?
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,432
    That is why I am selling my Hybrid Sierra. I hate those doors on the extended cab PU trucks. The FJ is equally bad. I sat in the back seat and it was not pretty. I don't know how Toyota is getting rid of them.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Buyers are drivers?
  • full time 4wd for the auto, a V8. Really thats all I would want to change.
  • The original FJ40 has flaws of its own....RUST
  • I agree on the blind the rear windows and the rear passenger windows should be allowed to go down..they should extend the body about 6 inches, and make an extra door for the passengers to allow for easier ingress/egress. Possibly put in a v8. I agree it does look a bit toylike. I did go to the LA Auto show and there is a company that actually converts the FJ into a convertible (for $11k). But I do agree they should offer it as an option.
  • murphydogmurphydog SeattlePosts: 735
    extend the body? bigger doors? I don't get it you want Toyota to make 2 4runners?

    Add a big canvas sunroof and I would be pleased.
  • rdhollemrdhollem Posts: 2
    Have the new TRD FJ. Sure would like more windows that roll down, better back-up visibility (tough on trail), tail lights butt ugly (good aftermarket project for flush led type), and real bumpers you can hook a jack to. Would like all white or all sand color option. Black paint is awful for showing scratches.
    Overall still best all purpose off-road vehicle on market.
  • maxwell3maxwell3 Posts: 10
    just two things...a bit better fuel economy and not such a big blind spot!
  • adethieradethier Posts: 16
    Yes, please make a diesel engine for the FJ!!!
    Also a sunroof, although i understand that it might interfere with the integrity of the overall structure.
    I got Toyota to install heated seats on mine... good for my winter trips to the snow. Otherwise, please keep the FJ pure and keep navigation and as much electronics out of it.
  • A few things:

    1) A warning system for when you leave your lights on.
    2) A way to control the interior lights on the dash as
    opposed to the overhead light control switch.
    3) Remove the blind spots.
    4) Less plastic on the interior.

    Still love my FJ but these things would sure make it a better vehicle.
  • pauliep13pauliep13 Posts: 44
    The main two changes I'd like to see would be better MPG's, and a part time 4WD system for the manual tranny. I basically think it's be much better with a 4 cyl. and part time 4WD. I can't speak for everybody, but I feel that since it isn't going to be off road all the time, then it shouldn't be in 4X4 all the time.
  • I was really disappointed to see that the 2008 FJ still doesn't appear to have an option for a sunroof, or removable hardtop. I realize these are "aftermarket" options, but was expecting Toyota to tweek out the 08 FJ a little more... really don't see much that changed, and thus no more reason to buy an 08 vs an 07 model.
  • Bigger gas tank, at least 26 gals, 30 would be about perfect.
  • Bigger gas tank 26-30 gals
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