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Toyota 4Runner Real World MPG



  • marcus88marcus88 Posts: 2
    Hey - I saw your question about mpg on your '96 4-Runner (I have a '95 and the mpg is even worse).

    Did anybody reply to your question about how to improve it?

    Marcus Peterson
  • marcus88marcus88 Posts: 2
    If I'm getting sub10 mpg, am I likely to improve it into the teens with a tune-up? Granted, a tune-up is MUCH needed (and it'll get one) but is there any way to get up to what the others in here are getting??? Upper teens???
  • duke15duke15 Posts: 161
    city 16-17

    hway 20-22

    90K miles, 1 owner
  • newdavidqnewdavidq Posts: 146
    Getting about 18 suburban, 20 hiway. Computer is about 2mpg high. I drive conservatively and I could probably get 23 (+ -) at a steady 45 or 50 on the highway.
    At 70+ tho. aerodynamics take over and mileage takes a dive.
  • I have a 2003 4runner and get pretty good mileage, 19-20 city and 22-24 hwy.
    thx tho
  • josephd05josephd05 Posts: 46
    16 city, and 20-22 mpg highway. Not bad for a V8. Driving habits are very important. With the V8, you rarely need to get over 3k rpms.
  • claymore1claymore1 Posts: 21
    I get very close to your mpg on my 2001 4Runner.
    I have been recording every fill up since I go it new.
    Living in LA with a daily 40 mile drive up and down PCH to Malibu...
    18 mpg is my average.
    14 mpg worse case (slow bumper to bumper freeway trips like to Temecula)
    23 mpg best case (free speedy drive down to Yuma)

    Such a handy car/truck to lug around and haul items. It is a necessity, really. I just wish I could also have something like a Prius (but not
  • 4runner74runner7 Posts: 1
    I'm seeing some pretty solid numbers from my averages 25 MPG day to day. I reset the MPG meter on a recent 120 mile trip down 1-71...and saw a solid steady 27.5 MPG for two hours at 65 MPH (cruise on).
    I also notice if I keep it at or below 60 MPH, I improve my city/hwy combined to 26.7.
    I've been fortunate because the MPG have averaged 23-25 since I drove it off the lot a year ago. I do drive it light, coast up to lights, and now tend to stay out of the left lane. I have also, like others, verified the MPG with the tank empty/full test.
    I'm happy, but someone needs to design or market an aftermarket hybrid /battery
    system so we can keep these machines for years to come.
  • duke15duke15 Posts: 161
    The mpg numbers on my 2002 had dropped by 2 mpg, and didn't get better after the 90K mile service, done at 88K miles. But it looks like I am back to the mpg I got when new once I hit 91K miles - I just got 24 mpg driving mostly highway, one day trip at 70 - 75 mph on I-95 south from Northern VA to South Carolina - with 20 minutes of heavy rain at 20 - 40 mph. The next tank with about 75% highway, 25% mixed, with much more idling with AC on, gave me 20mph. The next important issue with my 4Runner is... surfboard rack for the roof. God I love my 4Runner!
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    The gas mileage computer on my 2003 V8 4WD 4Runner is about 2 mpg optimistic. It shows about 19.5 mpg. The best way to accurately determine mileage is to fill the tank, reset the trip odometer, drive a few hundred miles, then refill the tank and divide miles driven by gallons used to refill the tank.

    My most recent fillups have shown that I'm getting about 17.5 mpg in mixed city and highway driving, about 2 mpg less than the computer reading. I'm driving with a light foot, keeping highway speed about 60 mph, coasting to lights, turning off the engine while stopped at traffic lights, etc.
  • c5t4rc5t4r Posts: 13
    I have a 2WD V6 and just took a trip from Texas to California. I actually got 22.5 MPG REAL mileage (computer read 24.2) at one point. That's cruise control on about 75 MPH, good weather, no wind, no traffic (there seems less these days), and relatively flat traveling.

    check out

    You can register and see what other owners are getting....we need some 4runner owners on there, because right now there are only 2 of us sharing info.
  • heyboerheyboer Posts: 6
    Hello. Just pick up a 2004 Limited with V8. Is premium fuel needed?
  • c5t4rc5t4r Posts: 13
    go with your owners manual recommendation - in my experience with Toyota vehicles you can't go wrong with that. no need for premium, they run great on regular.
  • I have a 2004 4runner, V8, 4WD

    I used to get 20 highway, 16 city. That was in the USA.

    My vehicle is now in Thailand, I am working here. I do plenty of highway traveling (2 hour drives at 70+mph) It seems that my computer never reads more than 16.6mpg. what gives ? I have tires inflated to 35psi. I have always kept up with maintenance.

    It seems that I first started noticing the lower MPG after I tried a couple tanks of the gasohol that they sell here. Could it be that the gasohol caused a problem ? I switched back to gasoline (95 octane) and I am still getting only 16.6. seems my computer is stuck on this number. most of my driving is highway.

    any ideas what I can do to improve MPG ? I always used to get 20+ highway in the states. once I hit 24. Could it be that the gasohol caused problems with the computer ?

    Gas here is 39 baht per liter. I have an 80 liter tank. 33.40 baht to the dollar. thats $100 a tank.

  • Based upon miles driven divided by gallons used over 7500 miles, I am getting a consistent 18-19 mpg in suburban driving and 21-22 mpg in highway driving on Ohio roads. I drive at 0 to +5 mph over interstate speeds. My driving is 90% in 2 wheel mode. If you run in 4 wheel mode on the highway, you will get about 1 mpg less. Best was 25 mpg on a 100 mile highway trip with a tail wind. The onboard trip computer is consistently 1.5-2.0 mpg optimistic, so do the math yourself. Runs very well on any major brand of regular gas.
  • newdavidqnewdavidq Posts: 146
    Getting almost identical numbers as rasmaxwell including computer being about 2
    mpg optimistic. I run regular 87 octane gas, but have experimented with 89 octane and seem to have gotten a mile or two better mileage although obviously not under controlled conditions. I think if I really tried and drove like a hyper miler never going over 50 mph etc I could get 23 or 24 real mpg.
  • turns out I needed to reset my computer. Once I did that, and kept it at 70mph or lower, my computer read 20-21 mpg on the highway.

  • Does anyone have any advice on what I can do for my poor 4Runner?
    I just bought it used a two weeks ago and right from the start I noticed it using a lot of gas. I was encouraged to test it and told that they really do not do too badly so not to worry. Well after driving it for about 1,000 miles I have verified that it gets between 10.2 - 14.4 MPG and that is taking it easy, keeping it around 65 on the open road.

    I have gone back to the Toyota dealer I bought it at and ask for some 'warrenty' work to be done to bring it up to better MPG. They told me that all checks fine on the computer - no error codes and I owe them for the bill. The 'warrenty' apparently only covers MAJOR items.

    Also, does anyone have trouble with the 4-wheel drive not engaging at very cold temps such as I do here on the mountain (-15 degrees). It takes a full 2 to 5 minutes before it clunks into 4 wheel drive. I have tried driving slowly (15-20 MPH or stopping and shifting to Neutral then pausing and shifting to Drive or stopping and trying reverse, then neutral and drive. It just blinks and appears 'stuck' in limbo - not in or out of 4 wheel drive. Since the 4wheel drive worked when they looked at it; no repair work will be done.

    When I talked to the dealer they told me that I should have bought a Lexus and that I have a 2nd rate vehicle - what did I expect for buying a 2nd rate car. (*!#!*&%)

    The 4Runner has 120,000 miles on it and the dealer tells me now that it is worn out and I had better buy a new car at once. It looks just like new; I hate car sales BS especially when the dealer does not stand behind their sale 2 weeks later. (This is supposed to be a reputable dealer - lot of my family and friends have bought cars there with nothing but glowing reports...)

    The 4Runner ran quiet at first, now it creaks and groans and sounds like it aged 10 years in a week. Still however it looks like showroom new. Is this just the nature of the beast; creaky, clunky, and all the rest? I hope not. They must have sprayed 10W40 in all the joints...

    I have the V6 engine and it is a 2002 model. :

    Thanks for your help.
    Frustrated in Northern PA
  • quarksterquarkster Posts: 13
    I purchased a 2000 SR-5 4WD new in Sept '00, and have recorded fuel consumption for every tank of fuel used. Truck now has ~145K miles, and has "stock" size 265-70R16 tires. Long-term average is 18.7 MPG in mixed city-freeway driving. I frequently see 23 MPG on long freeway trips. Note that this truck is equipped with the locking differential, which has 4.30:1 gearing, considerably lower than the "standard" 4.10:1 gear ratio. Consumption is calculated by odometer miles traveled/fuel used. Worst mileage ever seen was around 16 MPG ( I keep the tires pretty hard at 35 PSI.)

    I drive "conservatively", rarely exceeding 70 MPH. Got 86K miles out of the original Goodyear tires, and got ~120K miles out of the front brake pads. All in all, by far the best vehicle I have ever owned. At 145K miles, total unscheduled maintenance has been two brake light bulbs ($4), one nylon gear rack for the power antenna ($27), and a blower speed resistor for the HVAC blower ($24).

    Smog test results have slowly improved over the years; the most recent test had the lowest emissions of all tests performed so far (every two years in CA). Oil is Mobil-1 10-30, changed at 5K miles. Vehicle is completely rattle and squeak-free despite frequent 4-wheeling in CA desert areas.

    I intend to keep this truck for 300K+ miles.
  • I have the 2007 v-8 4wd 4runner and I have been using midgrade gase 89 octane the car is getting better mileage as well, I think next fill up I will try premium just to compare
  • I have the 2007 V8 4WD 4RUNNER that i bought dirt cheap with only 16,000 miles on it. I bought it just as everyone was in a panic about the price of gas. I also own a 2005 BMW 325ci, if there are any negatives about the 4runner I have not encountered one yet, I absolutely love it, I am looking to purchase a pop up trailer and have read many positive remarks regarding its towing capacity. I have not yet used the 4WD, but it is nice to know that I have it. I have probably only driven my BMW a handful of times since I have owned the 4runner.
  • agnostoagnosto Posts: 205
    I was able to get 18MPG in the 1st tank from a dealer's low 6.7MPG when I took possesion of it. Now on my 2nd tank (around 400 miles in ODO) and computer AVG shows an amazing 22MPG mixed C/H miles. Wow, what an amazing vehicle, great job Toyota, you did it again!!!
  • agnostoagnosto Posts: 205
    I got 22.1MPG (computer AVG) and 22.533MPG manually calculated AVG in mixed driving C/H in 2nd tank of gas and 705 miles in ODO... very impressive for a 4805 lbs vehicle!
  • quarkster, what kind of MPG are you getting nowadays on your 2000 4Runner?

    I'm thinking about buying a 1999-2001 and want to know if they still get close to original MPGs when new.

    Also, thinking about spending a little more to get a 2003+ as it has 5-speed Auto Transmission.
  • agnostoagnosto Posts: 205
    I got 23.3MPG (computer AVG) and 22.642MPG manually calculated AVG in mixed driving C/H for the 3rd tank of gas for 440.2 miles and in a different gas station.
  • agnostoagnosto Posts: 205
    I just drove 325 highway miles (90%) on a full tank of gas and going away from home without cruise control I averaged over 24MPG (computer calculated) and here is the big surprise coming back home and using cruise control set most of the time between 56-58mph I got an amazing over 26MPG (26.4MPG to be precise computer calculated)... Wooow, what an amazing beastly vehicle the new 2010 4Runner Limited 4WD is... Thank you Toyota, you have done again an amazing job!!!
  • pjc1pjc1 Posts: 72
    my last 3,000 miles saw about 60/40 highway/city and I am averaging 18.9mpg. I tend to be a bit heavier than average on the pedal.
  • agnostoagnosto Posts: 205
    I see... try to be gentle in the pedal since the 2010 4Runner has more than enough torque to handle mostly all driving conditions, truly, I was not expecting to achieve more than 25MPG when using the cruise control, but I was proven wrong, when I tried it and noticed I was driving about 1500-1850rpm especially in the highway... what an amazing vehicle this 2010 4Runner is :)
  • agnostoagnosto Posts: 205
    441.1 miles (90% highway) with 25.43MPG manually calculated and 25.6MPG computer calculated. Wow, it is nice to know you can drive over 500 miles on a single tank of gas.
  • agnostoagnosto Posts: 205
    Wow, 27.1MPG (computer calculated) and 26.69MPG (manually calculated) it is unheard but true, as I did it driving 98% highway miles and cruise control set at 55mph... great job Toyota, what an awesome vehicle!
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