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Toyota Sequoia Real World MPG

steverstever Posts: 52,462
edited April 2014 in Toyota
Please report on your gas mileage - tell us about your driving style, city/highway mix, mods, odometer, octane used, or anything you think will help others compare their mpg to yours. Thanks.


  • bigboytoybigboytoy Posts: 6
    I have a new Sequoia with 650 miles on it. I am getting 12 mpg, overall. It started out getting 10.5 and has slowly improved. This is a combined travel schedule... half town and half freeway. I am using A/C. Will I get any better mileage on the road once it gets broken in? Can anyone help me with this issue? :confuse:
  • bigboytoybigboytoy Posts: 6
    What fuel is everyone using? I have been putting regular in it during the break-in. I am going to tow a car home next week. Should I be using mid-grade or premium for freeway use? The book says 89 octane. Mid-grade should do it, right? :confuse:
  • kumarkumar Posts: 22
    I have been using 87 gas for my 2005 sequoia, it has run 30K miles, the average mileage in the trip comupter says 15.8
  • aliminalimin Posts: 80
    My 05 SR5 is at 15.3 on the trip computer. 40K miles, mostly urban with 2 - 3 300 mile highway trips per month. I've got a Toyota Camry Hybrid on order (arriving in 2 weeks) and will keep the Sequoia for all its advantages, especially during a Minnesota winter. Gas is 89 octane w/ 10% ethanol. Has anyone done any research on the after market conversion to e-85 products for this vehicle?
  • I have a 2003 with 40k miles and average 14.5 mpg. That's with 70% city and 30% hwy driving using 87 octane. Trip computer says 16.5 avg, but checking tank to tank is always around 14.5.
  • 2006 Sequoia LTD. combination city/freeway. Owned for almost a year and the electronic trip meter shows 16.7 MPG for total ownership.
  • I have a 2001 Limited Sequoia about 60%city and 40%highway and I only use regular gas since I bought it, according to the computer I'm doing 15.6 mpg but after I replaced 20"wheels it went down to 15.2 mpg but it was not that bad.
  • i immediately put a K/N filter. drilled several 1" holes in bottom of filter box to increase air flow, put in a tornado, and changed to AMSOIL 2000 synthetic 10w30. within 1000 miles i was getting, and still getting, 17.5 mpg. it sounds great when you put your foot in it to pass. it gives it that old 4 bbl intake sound. plus, it does get up and go.
    try it. it is a modest investment for the results.
    check AMSOIL. it is a oil that has to be bought through a dealer, not off the shelf. the guarentee is unbelievable. priced competively. i use it in my Porsche turbo, ford festiva, and toyota highlander. i have used it for too many years to remember. it has never let me down.
    i'm anxious for the new sequoia. i got a feeling it is going to be too pricey. it will be replacing or into that land cruiser/lexus money. too bad!
  • jerrydockjerrydock Posts: 29
    I am consistently AVERAGING 18.5 MPG.

    Amsoil synthetic oil. K& N filter. Goodyear TriPlex tires.
    Awesome vehicle; now if I can get my rear lift gate handle replaced without losing a finger I will be good to go.
  • braunmabraunma Posts: 3
    Chamaza, I just bought a 2005 Sequoia 4X4 Limited. The gas mileage tends to be below the 15/18 EPA rating. I read your post and am concerned about the AMSOIL and drilling holes in the filter box. Can you give me more details? If confident enough, I may do the same. Thank you. Mark
  • I have a question. So you replaced the normal air filter, drilled a couple 1" holes in the bottom of the box for more airflow and then put in a tornado. I am using AMSOIL Synthetic 10w30 already, but only getting 13-14 mpg with about 40% freeway and 60% city. Just wanted to know what your mileage was before and then after?
  • xierxier Posts: 99
    I saw someone post 17 avg for an 08 in the prices paid thread but have yet to see anyone confrim that #. I guessed it would be in the 13-14 with a mix of highway/city.

    Are the 08's supposed to get better gas mi than previous models?
  • rtribblertribble Posts: 45
    We get 15-16 mixed driving and 17-18 hwy @ 75 mph. This is on regular gasoline with no methanol mixed in.
    The methanol mixed gasoline will cost you 2-3 mpg.
  • braunmabraunma Posts: 3
    I have considered that the crap E10 is stripping my MPG. Around town, I am averaging 11-12. That sucks. So, I am considering changing my gas to see if that improves. The way I have it figured out is if it costs me a total of $2.60 (10cents more per gallon on a 26 gallon tank) for purer gas (not ethanol), then maybe its worth it. Who knows. All I know is that I'd like to improve my gas mileage. BTW, anyone else drill holes in their air filter box? I'm a little worried about that. How about a blower that can be added to the box to force air?
  • xierxier Posts: 99
    11 to 12 sounds low. I was assuming a 15MPH to be my average if I do 70 percent city and 30 highway... Dealer told me that replacing the airfilter with K&N could possibly get 1+ more MPH.

    How do you know if E10 is in your Gas - Assuming there is a sign etc... or all gas in state XYZ has E10?
  • braunmabraunma Posts: 3
    I assumed the same. Unfortunately, I have yet to reach the 15 MPG mark. When I am done with this tank, I will try another blend and see what happens. As for the E10, the gas pump will say something like "10% ethanol added." BTW, what type of K&N filter? A stock type that fits directly in the air box?
  • xierxier Posts: 99
    I assumed it was a K&N made for the Seq - It's one of the first mods I did to my Vette's. Not sure of the model# - but you should be able to check on the k&n site.

    Will have to look at the gas when I get back to Cali - perhaps I'll be stuck in the 12MPG as well.... have not pulled the trigger on an 08 yet - did not really consider MPG before but at this point I'm wondering if I should start.
  • pete57pete57 Posts: 2
    Have about 8,500 miles on my 5.7L SR5:

    City: 11-14mpg depending on how aggressive I drive, its hard to not dip into the HP
    Highway 65-70ish: 18-19mpg
    Highway steady 80mph across SD, MT: 17mpg

    The highway mileage was with 7 passengers, gear, hitch mounted cargo box, so a full load.

    Fuel was 87-89 octane, probably some tanks were a 10% or less blend of alcohol.
    I removed the carbon filter from the airbox at about 1000 miles, did seem to improve highway mpg by about 1mpg. At the the 5 k service, replaced oil with 5-20 castrol synthetic.

    Bottom line is that you can achieve reasonable fuel economy with this vehicle if you go easy while accelerating, but it will suck gas big time when you put your foot in it. But, it sure is great to feel this thing get up and go when you do stomp on it, so I definitely enjoy 'hypo'-miling in it as well as trying to squeeze 20mg out of it on the highway.
  • I have 2004 that I bought as the 2nd owner from a Toyota Dealership in January of 2008. At that time it had 31K original miles and they sold me a full bumper to bumper warranty at my time of purchase. At that time they told me 17-19 MPG Highway and 13-15 City. Real world? I drive 15 miles to work every day 2/3's freeway and 1/3 city streets. I average about 13 miles per gallon. On a trip from Sacramento to Oregon which was 602 miles, I averaged 17.5 loaded with two adults and one child. On a trip from Sacramento to Los Angeles (Disneyland) with three adults and three children I averaged 18.2 MPG. I use 87 Octane gas all the time.
  • Those of you with 5.7 engine and 4x4 that have the instant MPG read out. I was wondering if yall could report the “sweet spot” for what highway speed has the best fuel economy. I read in another post that one person had reported 68 mph as their sweet spot.
  • dyangdyang Posts: 4
    The INST MPG is useless. I can get 99 MPG sometime when I drive local.
  • xierxier Posts: 99
    I have not found any "Sweet Spot". On my 4th tank now and have been driving very "EASY" - first 3 tanks were mix highway/in town and I get about 14 ---- on my current 4th tank I have 90 percent in town and am getting in the 12's.... If I were to drive it like my old SUV I'm sure I'd drop a few MPG's....
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