Purchased used 2008 Buick Enclave CXL recently and left turn signal will not work.

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The left turn signal will not light up on dash or flash on front or rear. The back tail light bulb was blown. Replaced it but did not help the problem. Any solutions?

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  • buffybuffy Member Posts: 5
    Waiting for answers! Anyone else have this problem?
  • buffybuffy Member Posts: 5
    Yes the hazzard lights work front and rear. Brake light works also.
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    Since those are the same lamps, that means everything on the output side of the circuit is working, you need to test/inspect the input side from the multifunction switch to the body computer. The switch grounds the circuit to command the turn signals on and since one side works, that means the ground is OK leaving the switch and the wire inbetween the body computer as the most likely problems.
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    Thanks, my son ordered a new turn signal lever thinking that might be the problem. I will tell him o check out what you said,
    will the new turn signal have the switch in it?
  • buffybuffy Member Posts: 5
    Installed new turn signal lever and still cannot get left side blinker to work!
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    having the exact same problem ever get it fixed?
  • BuickEnclave08BuickEnclave08 Member Posts: 1
    Fuse box in the engine bay. Fuse labeled RT PRK - Right Side or LT PRK left Side.
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