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Momof2wldboyz83Momof2wldboyz83 Member Posts: 6
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Does anyone happen to have the correct fuse/relay diagram for an 08 Passat Komfort? 2.0t tsi So frustrating


  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,701
    If you mean the fuse locations and designations, one of the best resources is your vehicle owners manual. If you don't have that you can download a copy from VW from this link.

    If you mean the actual schematic, yes I have access to that. Specifically what do you want to know?

    In the other thread you wrote

    It was the starter. Got it fixed yesterday. Ran great yesterday and all day today. Then I noticed my defrost/heat/cig lighter wasn’t working. Started pulling fuses and now the damn thing isn’t starting again. It’s turning over but not firing. Any ideas? 

    Using the guide in your owners manual make sure that the fuses have been put back into the proper locations. There are many times where a fuse block will have empty slots. Sometimes fuses get pulled to be checked and are accidently installed into what is supposed to be an empty location and then the place where it is supposed to be ends up not having a fuse.

    If that doesn't reveal the cause of the cranks but wont start a proper diagnostic routine will. By first prooving what is missing (aka spark, fuel, or both) the process of proving why it's missing will lead to the cause.
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