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Honda Accord High Mileage Success Stories

alertikalertik Posts: 6
edited July 2014 in Honda
I know it is a bit early to tell if the latest generation of Accords keeps the reputation of a Honda “which will never die”. But I would appreciate some feedback from owners who put a lot of miles on a car. I’m buying 03 LX sedan with 89K miles and so far I have hard times finding positive comments from owners who had new accord for 2-3 years. Thanks a lot.


  • wreckwreck Posts: 4
    Well I have a 2005 Accord Auto I4 All Highway 123 miles per day. 17 months old 52,000 Tires look like they will go another 40K although I will be putting triple treads on it this winter,brakes should go an easy 100K Just had them checked they had 7/32nds on front and 8/32nds on rear left. I have been using mobil 1 since 7,000 miles and changing it every 7K. 32-35 mpg always on reg. Not one single warranty claim. Leather looks perfect though I condition it ever month with lexal..Would I buy another YES..This is a driver nothing else. I also have a 2006 C6 vet and a Audi that I love. :)
  • 06nighthawkv606nighthawkv6 SE TexasPosts: 55
    It's not how long a Honda will last that is important and key because that's what they're known for and still are but they stopped innovating and domestics are catching up slowly but just haven't completely closed the gap yet.
    Longetivity, unfortunately, it's the only thing they're known for but they used to be known for their great fit n finish and great designs. They stopped innovating in these areas and Honda stopped doing all the little things that made them so great like body integrity(too many squeaks and rattles), fit n finish(atrocious compared to 10 years ago or even 5 years ago) and efficient dsigns(ever seen a 1990 Honda Accord coupe or sedan (lean and lightweight) and now you have seen, I'm sure, how big and bloated(heavy) they are now? High mileage is *yawn* Honda's one-trick pony.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    (ever seen a 1990 Honda Accord coupe or sedan (lean and lightweight) and now you have seen, I'm sure, how big and bloated(heavy) they are now?

    Unfortunately for the fans of "light" cars, the rest of the world wants lots more noise insulation (my 1996 is loud compared with a new Honda Fit), lots more room, lots more safety features (a 1990 Accord didn't have one Airbag; now they come with 8 standard), ABS. It shouldn't be a problem, Accords now are more powerful (by about 40 hp) than those 1990 models, and get much better economy. I fail to see where I feel like I should be missing. Frankly, on my Tahoe/Expedition/Sequoia-filled commute, I'll take a heavier car anyday when there's no mileage penalty. Also, to the "larger" part, its nice that I can sit behind my dad in my 2006 Accord (he's 6'3", I'm 6'4"). That's something that would be impossible in my 1996 LX 4-door, or especially the 1990 Accord. I have no rattles in my current Accord (2006), no door dings, no rock chips, and no misaligned body panels. Maybe yours was an anomoly, maybe mine is. Either way, I have no problem with mine.

    It's not how long a Honda will last that is important and key because that's what they're known for and still are but they stopped innovating

    They've stopped innovating how? By producing and bringing to market awesome technology such as SH-AWD? Getting 120 horsepower per liter from a car engine? Setting trends with things like introducing a 5-speed Automatic in the $20k mainstream family sedan field (only VW Passat had one otherwise, I think), using electo-luminescent gauges for maximum readability (a trend that took off once Honda did it...Nissan's were too hard to see to count, IMO).

    By the way, that one-trick pony gets me to the beach and back (250 miles or so each way) on one tank of gas (about 15 gallons because I don't run it to empty)...38 MPG on one trip, 40MPG on another...That's one impressive pony considering it offers much more zip, is much safer, and holds people MUCH more comfortably than my 10.5 year old Honda (130 hp) that gets 31MPG going on the same trip.
  • I'm in sales and bought this car in June 2004. It now has 143,682 miles on it. Only changed the oil, did a tuneup at 100,000 miles. Can't believe it is still running, just bought a 2007 version of the same thing. Can only hope it does at well as the 2004. I put on about 70,000 miles per year. Our company only let's us keep the car for 3 years max.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    That's awesome... you have almost as many miles on your 2004 as I do on my 1996 (167,000). I'm glad to hear your success story, because I have a 2006 EX that I hope to drive into the ground!
  • I guess one of the side benefits of my job is endurance testing of vehicles, I will know either way if a car can last 150k+ miles within 3 years. We have 39 other sales people in our company, all of whom picked different vehicles so it will be interesting to know how long their cars lasted.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    That would be interesting to know, especially if they are also midsize sedans. Maybe consider posting this in the "Midsize Sedans Comparison Thread," where a lot of people feel like Honda owners are "brainwashed" by the media, when in fact, we just like the best car! :P
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    )) "It now has 143,682 miles on it. Only changed the oil, did a tuneup at 100,000 miles." ((

    I hope there was no implication that the word, "only", in relationship to the oil change didn't coincide with the 100,000 mile tuneup...
  • At 70k a year, that car doesn't sit idle for long. With the engine being up to or close to normal operating temp for much of it's life, it helps in it's longevity.

    Actually, 143K on a Honda engine isn't that rare at all. A local Honda master tech told me that he routinely sees older Accords with 300K+ on them. They tend to rust out (in WI) before they wear out.

  • Mine has 177,000 miles on it and still running pretty soundly, just started having issues with the transmission. I'm hoping that I just need a flush!! Both of the window motors and pulleys on the drivers side are shot, the drivers side power seat motor went out, and just had to have a new radiator installed in August. Other than that, tip top shape!
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Just went to 170,000 miles. Repairs done:

    ($300)Brake Master Cylinder - 160,000 miles
    ($320)Main Cooling Fan Motor- 132,000 miles
    (Don't know the cost)Odometer/Speedometer - 111,000 miles

    It now needs a rear-passenger side power door lock actuator, but for $200, I'll lock and unlock it manually, thank you very much. :)

    I love this car!
  • I drive a 2004 Accord (4cyl, auto), purchased July 1, 2004. I'm in sales also, driving 40-45,000 miles/year. Car now has 140,000 miles on it and it's been great. Scheduled maintenace, one set of brake pads, two sets of tires, is all that's been necessary. Fuel economy is pretty good--30 mpg average.

    I prefer a 5 speed but the vehicle belongs to the company I work for and they made the decision to go with auto. If no problems occur, I'll probably keep this one until spring '08 which means I'll be pushing 200k.
  • chrisxxxchrisxxx Posts: 18
    19 year old '88 Accord DX MT. Still flying around town with over 200k and runs like new. I bought it new and it still got close to 40mpg on the highway when I sold it last year. Was it perfect? My reasonable expectations are concerning engine and tranny. As long as those hold with maintenance then I have no prob fixing the 'little' things. Yes brakes faded fast new ones were better. Wiring harness on retractable headlights snapped about 7 times before new silicon wires were developed. Nowadays message boards would be full of angry people screaming about Honda losing it. (this was from 88-98) Air conditioner compressor failed around 40k. A few other things...axle boots and timing belts and a clutch and so on. Valve adjustments. So I bought that car for $12k and drove it for 17 years without ever worrying about breaking down. It never did once. Husband left me with 2 kids, Honda was always there with no payments, great mileage and few maintenance bills. Whats $500 a year to fix a few little things and do a thorough tuneup compared to car payments and insurance hikes? That car literally allowed me to almost pay off my house by myself and indulge my kids sports and take was a life saver!
    So I just bought my daughter a 1996 Accord with 130k, checked to make sure timing belt had been changed..took to trusted import mechanic and it checked out with engine and tranny like new....power door locks need motor, axle boots to be replaced so what? I feel like she has 100k to go with it. What a deal!
    I now have 2007 EX. In some ways my '88 was better. I wonder if Honda stopped being so perfect with the Accord when Acura was born? But its still a car I trust.
    BTW I have friend with close to 400k on her 91.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    So I just bought my daughter a 1996 Accord with 130k,

    Congrats. In 2002, my grandmother gave me her '96 model that had 123k or so on it. I now have 174k on it and I drive it nearly every day. I've put about $350 a year into it. Brake master cylinder, main cooling fan motor, oxygen sensor (this year was more - a radiator at $560; that hurt). The timing belt is coming up in 5k miles.

    But, the car looks great, revs to 6,000 RPM without burning oil (not that I do it regularly, but it does see 4,000 RPM on a daily basis due to one bad on-ramp near my office building).

    Is the 1996 an LX or an EX? 4-cyl? Auto?

    Still, it's a terriffic car that has zero rattles.
  • chrisxxxchrisxxx Posts: 18
    My daughters 96 is a LX Auto 4cyl. I have to put in rear brakes pads, axle boots and the electric motor for the door locks.
    I am sorry to hear about the radiator for you....although I do beleive mine might have been replaced in the 88 at one time.....I can't remember now.....but still a 96 Accord is almost 12 years old so I don't consider things wearing out an abnormal thing.
    I think Hondas are made to rev high and I suspect its good for 'em!
    Yeah, my daughter loves her car. I mean loves....she is 17 so lets see if it'll get her thru college or maybe she can pass it down to her little brother and get something newer if she saves up her money! I consider an older Honda to be one of the very best cars to get a teenager.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I'm glad your daughter loves her car. Mine is just like hers, a '96 LX Auto 4-cyl. You can check it out on my Carspace page.

    My parents had promised me a NEW car when I graduated high school if and ONLY if I got a full ride to college. Well, I came through with my end of the deal, and in November 2005, they did too. Instead of selling the car though, I've kept my 1996 along with my 2006. I put about 10,000 miles a year on each of them!

    And yes, I like to rev them both, fairly regularly, but I don't just drive the #3LL out of them though. - G/page/photo.html#pic

    Heres a link to the pic of the two cars, from last year.
  • chrisxxxchrisxxx Posts: 18
    I love your 'mama' and 'baby'! Your 96 looks to be in great shape!
    Both of our Accords are white, mine has the rear spoiler and her windows are tinted darker.
    I really noticed the 96 is smaller than either my 88 or my 07 though, I was surprised.
    BTW I might give my daughter my new 07 if she gets a scholarship too! She is gunning for a volleyball scholarship so we will see. She graduates highschool in 2 years.
    Congratulations on your full ride scholarship and your beautiful rides!
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    I really noticed the 96 is smaller than either my 88 or my 07 though, I was surprised.

    The 96 is smaller than the 88? You sure we're not talking about a 98, instead of 88?
  • chrisxxxchrisxxx Posts: 18
    My daughters 96 LX is most definitely smaller than my 88 was, I was surprised. Even the seats are smaller.
    07 is bigger than 88. Most noticeably in the huge trunk (love it) and width of vehicle and more leg room in rear seats. Also, distance from front seats to where windshield meets dash is longer lots of room for those nice air bags!
    I read somewhere that Honda gambled with a smaller Accord in 96? I guess they took a hit with that one and went bigger.....something like that.
    My 88 was/is a great version of the Accord. The only thing it lacked was airbags and horsepower with the manual tranny. The seats were very comfy, the ride most enjoyable..quite cutting edge at the time. I loved it. Daughter was too afraid to learn stick so sold it, but someday I am going back to a manual tranny....maybe with a new deisel Accord? ;)
  • bepickbepick Posts: 8
    My 2004 V6 Accord has 179,947 miles and until recently just had regular maintenance. A couple weeks ago the air conditioner core was replaced, then this week, a power steering pump replaced. The engine sounded like it was whining. It's quiet now. A month ago, i replaced the original battery. The first set of tires were replaced at nearly 95,000 miles. And this set of Michelins still have plenty of miles to go. I'm in sales and drive a thousand miles per week, of mostly highway miles. I've been driving Honda Accords since 1986 and typically get 250,000 plus miles before buying a new one. This is the first V6 for me. I loved driving the 5 speed manual 4 cylinders, yet driving in a major city traffic, the V6 without having to shift if in bumper to bumper traffic, was more practical. And the V6 is much more smooth, quiet, plus has a lot more get up and go if needed. Knock on wood, i've yet to have transmission problems, for it shifts smoothly. With miles per gallon, i average 30 mpg, 26-28 if more city miles and 31-34 if almost all highway miles. I'd like to keep this car for at least another 52,000 miles (a year for me). Even with this many miles, others are asking me when i might like to sell it, since it's been such a good car.
  • falmouthfalmouth Posts: 30
    My 96 has 289.5 K Miles on it. Engine is still perfect and original Clutch. Has had to have some items replaced. New master cylinder and slave on clutch. New front axles due to boots. New calipers and Rotors. Exhaust system. Timing belt of course. Other routine items. But engine is still peppy and uses no oil. Gets about 32 mpg. I was driving it about 550 miles every week until recently. Just bought a new '07 in same configuration. I'm now trying to sell it because I have enough cars. I also have an 01 same car and an 01 EX coupe Auto which is my daughters to drive. I previuosly owned a 90 Accord EX and an 88 Accord Ex. I have been very happy with Honda and never had a problem which upset me. :)
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    Thanks for the great stories! You drive a lot more than I do. With only two Accords (92 and 03), I have only accumulated 190k miles (140k and 48k) between both of them. 140k miles was not a lot on the 92, but it was 12 years old, so I wanted a new one. Hope the 03 gives me the same great service the 92 did. Happy Hondaing :D
  • alykalyk Posts: 14
    Now i know this is not a high mileage car, but i just thought i would put it in here, i have about 50/ oil change for synthetic, tires every two yrs (i drive it hard) and a few fluid flushes, and brakes.

    The only thing i am having problems with is the drivers door lock does not open all the time with the remote and the windshield wiper motor is bad, and keeps stopping randomly.

    Good luck to all with their accords.
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    Interesting info, thanks.
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    At what intervals do you change your oil,transmission fluid,and coolant? Thanks.
  • One of my dad's friends can't stop talking about his Honda cars. He is on his 3rd one and he put 500000 miles on his previous two. I have seen other cars reach 250000, but 500000! wow!
  • To blufz1. Engine oil is replaced every month, thus every 4 to 5 weeks. Checking the oil stick at least 3 times each week, when fueling up, if it looks like it's getting darker quicker, then the oil and filter is replaced by the 4th week. I check all of the fluids every time i fuel up. The transmission fluid and coolant have been changed every 30 to 35,000. The brake fluid and power steering fluid also are flushed regularly.
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    Thanks, I check my oil the 1st of every month but, of course, that's only 600 miles for me. Looking at the oil on the dipstick is a great way to moniter the engine. How much oil consumption did your cars exhibit as they accumulated mileage? I'm sure any other info you feel important would be appreciated by those of us that keep our cars a long time. Thanks,again.
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    You wrote "Engine oil is replaced every month, thus every 4 to 5 weeks. Checking the oil stick at least 3 times each week, when fueling up, if it looks like it's getting darker quicker, then the oil and filter is replaced by the 4th week."

    Using that homegrown logic, why don't you change your oil once a day and your filter weekly?

    Any oil or engine authority (the engineers who design and test them) will tell you that it is totally natural for oil to get gradually darker as it is used. That's called oxydation, and it's no reason to throw away perfectly useable oil thousands of miles earlier than recommended by the engine manufacturer.

    Sorry, but I have to consider such usage an irresponsible waste of a dwindling natural resource. Also, the less oil that we have to import from the Middle East the better.
  • My first Accord, a 1986 5 speed, i drove it harder than any of the newer models. I had been use to driving Oldsmobile family type company cars, thus the Accord 5 speed was a lot more fun. I had bought my wife a 1983 Honda Prelude, for which was also a lot more fun to drive than the Oldsmobiles. Though the Prelude was automatic and i wanted to shift gears, like a sports car. The 1986 started using oil around 184,000 miles. I kept that one till 245,000 miles. The newer models i've driven more responsibly and didn't notice oil consumption till closer to 250,000.

    I always try to clean the car every week, for which at least helps to maintain the good looks, particularly important as the miles add up, so that you feel good about still driving it.

    Unlike most people, when i first start my car up in the morning, i let it warm up, passed that C line. Most people, i observe, just start their cars up and go. In my youth, my first vehicle was a motorcycle, that you "had" to warm up, thus i just got into the habit of always warming up car engines before moving. Some have told me that with these newer engines, it's not necessary, yet it's a habit that i continue to do.
  • Some have told me that with these newer engines, it's not necessary, yet it's a habit that i continue to do.

    The best way to warm up an engine is moderate driving (say - under 3,000 RPM). You don't waste gas idling, and you aren't going to hurt a thing.
  • Looking at the 6-cylinder model owner's manual, if normal conditions apply, then change the oil every 7,500 miles. If severe conditions apply, then change the oil every 3,750 miles. Question is, what is severe? Over the years, i've gotten into a habit of changing the oil every month. I've yet to use the synthetic type, for which i could extend that out to every 10,000 miles. And wonder about changing over to the synthetic oil at this point?

    Per oil oxidation. The filter doesn't remove the affect of oxidation, thus possible sludge formation, additive depletion, base oil breakdown, filter plugging, acid number increase, corrosion, thermal oil cracking, all of which can increase fuel consumption. To me, changing the oil isn't difficult, nor takes a lot of time, nor is it expensive, thus well worth doing regularly. Each time that i fuel up, i log the miles per gallon and note what type most of the driving was, thus helping to decide how soon to do an oil change, if miles per gallon is less than other comparable drives. In sales, for tax reasons, it's necessary to keep a log of one's driving, thus it's become a habit.

    Blane, we get more oil from friendly Canada than we get from the Middle East. And the problems that the U.S. is having with the Middle East is the result of our political leadership, thus once we get a new president who doesn't confront every major oil producing nation in the world with hostility, that situation could improve. Have a nice day.
  • Thank you "thegraduate". I do watch the RPM's while driving, to get better mileage. I live in a hilly area, thus when first starting out, i could reach 3,000 RPMs, yet it would fall back down, thus wouldn't stay that high. I'll try it. Though when i'm warming the car up, i'm also setting up that driving log for the day, making sure that the windows are clear of dew, listening to the radio traffic report and have a little quiet time with the Lord that i find good for the soul.
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    Thanks again for the benefit of your experience. There is always much to be learned from any success story. My Honda service manager told me to let my engine warm for about 10 to 20 seconds prior to driving off. I start my engine when I hop in, then fasten and adjust the seat belt,etc. before driving off. Try to drive moderately w/ no a/c till the temp gauge begins to moving. Turn the a/c on at my next stop. Interesting observation re mpg drop and oil change being due. I "seem" to have noticed this too, not sure yet. Thanks.
  • You neglect to tell us how many miles you average a month. You also seem to equate the quality of today's oil with that of "over the years". Oil has improved greatly in recent years. Changing oil every 2K miles would be a waste. Every 4K, not.(in my opinion) You should check out the expert info on BITOG. I've extended my intervals some after becoming more informed. Still, it is your right to do what you want. However, if everybody changed their oil every month regardless of need, the price of oil would be driven up affecting all of us.
  • alykalyk Posts: 14
    IF you read his earlier post, you would have seen he drives 1K per week.

    And that means he changes his conventional oil at 4 - 5k ... very reasonable, so he is not wasting oil.

    I too drive a lot and change my Mobil One every 3 - 5K depending on usage.

    So I dont think he is wasting any oil.
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017
    Isn't a major selling point in using Mobil One, or any other synthetic, that it does not have to be changed as often as dinosaur oil? It sure seems like a total waste of money, natural resources and effort to change it at half the manufacturer's suggested interval.
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    Naaaaagh! The point is it's a better oil for your engine. Less likely to sludge,quicker flow,etc. I'm lucky, I've managed my miles down to 7500 a year, so the cost is less of an issue for me.
  • alykalyk Posts: 14
    Actually I look at the oil to see if it is dirty... I drive it EXTREMELY rough... but before you see how much oil/ gas i consume, I AM DRIVING A CAR THAT GETS 22 miles per gallon with the way i drive. And i have gotten 10K from the oil, but it was NASTY~~ so i decided to go ahead and maintain my engine, so that i do not have to replace it.

    I would think an engine in the junkyard would be more of a waste than to use extra oil/ gas from the middle east.
  • How did you get a full ride to college. Which college was it. I am looking at a 200,000 bill for my son. any advice? :cry:
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731

    Well, my schoarship was based on my ACT Score (28) combined with High School GPA, which was 4.25. I go to the University of Alabama at Birmingham, an excellent medical and nursing school. Our University Hospital is the only Level I Trauma Center in the state of Alabama!

    That's the end of my UAB commercial. :) I love the school though!
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    Cold starts produce 70% of all engine wear. So minimizing cold starts minimizes wear!! We all need to work on combining errands,etc., so that we increase the ratio of warm starts to cold starts. Let's get some posts in here to help us all someday have a high mileage story. So, that's my high mileage tip for the day. Fewer Cold Starts! Got a high mileage tip?
  • To "thegraduate"...WAR EAGLE and Merry Christmas! I have been lurking across the Accord forums since 2004 and have enjoyed thegraduate's posts (especially mpg). Good school choice, may I never need your services :sick:

    On longevity, I own two vehicles...a 99 Jeep Wrangler and a 96 Grand Caravan. I am heading out with cash in hand to hopefully buy an 07 EX-L 4cyl AT tomorrow. Wish me luck as it has been a long time coming. Anyway, in the van's 3.3 V6 I have run Castrol 5W30 with changes at 3500 miles (fram filters) and have 142K miles with no leaks, noises or internal engine issues. On the Jeep 4.0 in-line 6, I run 10W30 Mobile 1 synthetic and change it at 3500 miles (Fram filters). At 95K miles no internal engine issues and runs like a top.

    Why not run the synthetic longer? I really do drive off-road where the engin can run for 12 hours, only travel 25 miles and eats dirt. Also, I have seen the inside of a Jeep in-line 6 (which turns a fraction of the RPMs of most other engines) run on conventional oil and the sludge blocked oil passages caused gasket failures, etc. I do not expect I will have the same issues with the Accord 2.4 I4 and plan to run Mobile 1 for 5K between fill ups. I don't think Mobile 1 synthetic is imported from the Middle-East so that should passify those who believe...sorry, wrong forum.

    On my Jeep I also run synthetic in the axles and transmission. Anyone running synthetic in the Accord tranny/transaxle (maybe it is required...don't know)?

    Another item I keep regular tabs on is intake cleaning. I had a mechanic friend of mine take the time to remove my intake prior to and after running a B&G intake and injector cleaning on it. Before, it looked like black mold growing in it. After, there were a few black spots in the corners is all. Sold me.

    Hope to report back in a few days that I am a Honda owner. :shades:
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Ha, well Merry Christmas to you, and ROLL TIDE (Go Blazers as well!)

    I think you'll LOVE the Accord - I really love mine the more I own it. :)
  • This car has over 224,000 miles on it and I am the original owner. Nothing special done with respect to maintenance. I get the oil changed every 5,000 miles and follow the owners manual maintenance schedule, gotta love Honda's.

    I have a local ASE certified mechanic do all the work. The only things he can't do in his shop (tranny flush and valve adjustment) I get done at the dealership. My mechanic is amazed with this car, no fluid leaks of any kind and it hasn't started burning any oil yet.

    This is an Alaskan commuter car, with a daily round trip of just over 100 miles. With 4 Nokian Hakka studded tires this car will handle everything an Alaskan winter throws at it.

    I keep looking at new ones (Acura TL and 08 Accord EX-L V6) but can't bring myself to get rid of this car.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    How many valve adjustments have you needed? What prompted them?

    I have a 1996 4-cyl Accord that has never needed an adjustment (not that it hasn't had a few repairs!). It has been a terriffic car, and I can't get rid of it either.
  • Actually I look at the oil to see if it is dirty... I drive it EXTREMELY rough... but before you see how much oil/ gas i consume, I AM DRIVING A CAR THAT GETS 22 miles per gallon with the way i drive. And i have gotten 10K from the oil, but it was NASTY~~ so i decided to go ahead and maintain my engine, so that i do not have to replace it.

    I would think an engine in the junkyard would be more of a waste than to use extra oil/ gas from the middle east.
  • I had them adjusted at 172K. I was getting a check engine light coming on and it turned out the catalytic converter had failed, the dealer needed to do that replacement not my usual mechanic.

    As part of the diagnostics to clear the check engine light they also found that I was getting misfire codes on all 6 cylinders, and when they checked the valves they were "tight".
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Thanks for responding.
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    I always park in a drive thru parking lot space. I just put it in drive to leave and drive forward out of the space. I don't have to engage reverse to back out of the parking space and then shift into drive to go. One less transmission shift that way. Maybe my auto trans will last longer.
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