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imageMonthly Update for March 2019 - 2018 Honda Accord Long-Term Road Test

Our long-term 2018 Honda Accord didn't cover many miles in March, but it did spark an interesting car-shopping conversation about which Accord is the best Accord.

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  • kirkhilles1kirkhilles1 Member Posts: 863
    LOL, okay. Bashing the Accord for too much leg room in the back? Ha. The Accord Touring is an amazing piece of machinery. As a techie, I LOVE the HUD and it's a very nice car - I couldn't imagine an Acura being any nicer. In terms of the G80, well, you guys have the Accord rated higher in your own reviews and well, if a $60k drops to $25k in a year, there might be a reason for that high depreciation...
  • SadButTrueSadButTrue Member Posts: 48
    @kirkhillies1 Hey man, nice to see you back in here. I generally agree with your Acura comment; this Accord is a leap forward and Acura's still working with previous-gen stuff. And yes, if you're scoring based on expected depreciation, it's hard to beat a Honda. If you're scoring based on whether it has a naturally aspirated 420-hp 5.0-liter V8, however... :)
  • SeminolezzSeminolezz Member Posts: 4
    I bought an 18 Hybrid EX-L and completely agree there is no reason to go for the 1.5T except that the Hybrids can be hard to come by. When I was shopping in my entire state there were only 5 EX-L's, all the other Hybrids tended to be base or Tourings. For dealers that have 300+ Accords in inventory they might have had 10-15 total Hybrids. Because it has the lockup clutch that acts as a fixed gear on the highway, if you routinely drive over 75-80 your gas mileage will suffer but if you drive reasonable it will get great mileage, around 50mpg at 60mph, 47mpg at 65mph and about 44mpg at 70mph. I'm averaging about 580 miles to a tank and around 51mpg right now with 7500 miles on it.
  • missmytsx21missmytsx21 Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2021 EX-L 1.5T. I won't comment on the gas mileage besides saying that I consistently exceed what Edmunds is reporting for typical MPG. The reason that I didn't even consider the hybrid is because it cannot be had with a spare tire. I've had a blowout on a highway because I ran over something in a construction zone, and needed to put my spare on. If this had happened with the Hybrid, I would have been out of luck.
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