Can't get the check engine light off. Bad computer?

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I hope someone can help... 2007 cadillac SRX with 75,000 miles has the check engine light on ( and tire light on). The check engine code is bringing up a bad 02 sensor. Replaced all of them and it still tells me bad 02 sensor. So we replaced the cat. converter. STILL throwing up the 02 sensor code! Any insight? Is in a bad computer... which is why I bring up the tire light being on as well. We tried a million times to clear that and it won't clear either, tires are fine. Thank you for your time.


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    For the tire light, have you done a TPS reset? Check owner manual. You may need a device to do it OR you may be able to do it with specific steps using the key fob and key ON, starting at left front wheel and dropping or raising pressure with an air hose til horn beeps, then RF, then RR, then LR.

    As for the engine code, this is likely an example of the box stores and someone using a P code readout to diagnose a problem rather than take the code as a symptom and troubleshoot.

    I assume you have been turning off the check engine light and it returns...

    The Oxygen sensor codes may be from something else related to the mixture and the catalytic converter rather than a bad catalytic converter or bad oxygen sensor. This requires diagnosis.

    Unfortunately this is the step most people want to skip--having a qualified professional check the performance of the engine parts using the computer to determine what's causing the SYMPTOM to be whatever code you were getting.

    Take it to a professional.

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