15 Cad ATS Lux Coupe w/ 49k miles, $19k....Was this a good deal?

mikeshepmikeshep Member Posts: 1
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Was 1-owner lease from Toronto area. Just spent 780 w/ GM Assistance and
had a local Cad dealer replace CUE System, do trans flush, decarb engine.
Body/Interior super clean. Did I overpay? What can I expect to get out of it, mileage-wise? I know higher cost of ownership...but its a Cadillac...and really love this model/style.

Does need new rear tires...Hate run-flats but fronts are still pretty new...figuring buy rear RFs for now, get equal tread wear on all four, then replace with set of non-run-flats when time comes for a new Set. So, so far I’m into it for abt. 20k. Plus GM giving me a $750 certificate for Accessories in lieu of not covering full cost to replace their known-defective CUE system.

Just looking for opinions on if this sounds like a relatively good deal overall?

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