01 to 03 Buick Century Transmission swap

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I have a 2003 Century with a very good body and interior however the engine is very high millage and the transmission has failed. I have a donor 2001 Century with much less miles and working transmission however we did not know before switching the transmission and engine that the 01 was not compatible with the 03. Since the engine and transmission from the 01 has already been installed is there a work around for the electrical to "make" this transmission work in the 03? If not I will have to scrap the Century as I've already spent too much money on this. Lesson learned to do a ton more research in the future and that just because the cars are the same model, if they are not the same year, you can't take for granted that parts are compatible. I'm just hoping someone can help me out with idea how to salvage the best from a bad situation. Thanks


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    My suggestion is it's likely to be difficult. You might find a transmission knowledgeable person in a trans shop, but the time involved IF there's a workaround is going to be costly, IMHO.

    The first thing that should have been done was to check with a trans shop to ask IF the 2001 is compatible with the 2003 car setup.

    A check on car-part,com for transmissions for the 2003 Century, shows 20 or more pages of transmissions available for as little as $200, but that then requires the Remove and Replace. I notice that the car-part site does NOT show any other year as being compatible with the 2003. If there are other years or other car models with interchangeable transmissions, it would show them in the offerings from the hundreds of recycling yards that participate in their listings.

    Good luck. I'd suggest cutting your losses unless you find someone who needs and 2001 engine and transmission.

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