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imageAftermarket Versus OEM Car Parts: Is the Extra Cost Worth It? | Edmunds

Are a manufacturer's car parts better than aftermarket auto parts, or just more expensive? Here are some pros and cons to strike a balance between quality and cost.

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    Is there any specific type of parts where you wanna go OEM instead of Aftermarket besides body parts? Example, solenoids, electrical or valves?
  • jawneelogikjawneelogik Member Posts: 1
    This article is total BS and the author knows it. There's no such thing as OEM parts anymore. Auto-manufacturers have long ago outsourced ALL their parts manufacturing to 3rd party sources and those sources have off shored all their manufacturing to either China or companies in Eastern Europe that nobody's ever heard of. Even the so-called "premium" brands have closed their factories and handed off to the Chinese. They retained the brand name, but they don't make the parts. Don't be fooled.
  • berriberri Member Posts: 10,165
    But I think the difference, even though outsourced, may be whether the part is the same one shipped to the manufacturing plant, or a knock off.
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    Worked for a GM parts counter for 14 years, there are very few actually true GM parts. Only the vital parts GM can control with their licensed software and charge maximum retail as you buy them at the dealership and have to have installed /programmed at the dealership. You'd think by now the dealerships would be embarrassed to sell parts as Jawneelogik pointed out, most of the parts are reboxed from the 3rd party sources, and if you look at where they are made you'll see "China" "Taiwan" "Korea" etc, etc, etc... "You get what you pay for" has changed it's meaning, "You get less then what you think you've paid for" is more accurate in current reality. There are less and less trusting people rightfully of the dealerships and brand names, as the bottom line has replaced the customers being a priority, GM controls where the parts come from and has made themselves the middleman, forcing dealerships to buy from them or be penalized, forcing the dealerships to be "LOYAL" to GM, or pay dearly
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    Your link to “21 states” is invalid please fix
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