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Is Cheap Gas Bad for Your Car? | Edmunds

Is there much difference in the quality between off-brand cheap gas and gas from well-known companies?

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  • imposter222imposter222 Silicon ValleyMember Posts: 1
    Thank you for providing an unbiased report on gas. The only question not answered is the recommendation by the auto maker that suggests premium gas for certain cars. Is this suggestion found on reliable investigations on car performance?
  • BobAbBobAb Member Posts: 1
    My wife always purchases the cheapest gas she can get on her 2013 Chevrolet Equinox. I prefer to use Shell or Chevron on my 2009 Altima and warned her that it’s not good for the engine to use cheap gas. When the engine light lit-up on the equinox, I took it to the dealer for service where it was diagnosed with a bad catalytic converter and the dealer also recommended cleaning from carbon buildup in the engine. At almost 130k, I never had an engine or catalytic converter problem in my Altima. Do you still wonder what causes excessive carbon buildup? I don’t and my wife is now also convinced 🤪
  • mick31mick31 Member Posts: 1
    When I first got my 2000 Tundra new I used bargain gas and in a couple years the fuel injectors clogged. I figured it was the cheap gas and switched to top tier gas and never had a problem since. It was a $300 repair. Stay away from cheap gas. My Tundra is still running like a new truck too. I'm keeping it till it quits.
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