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Two editors describe their experiences driving electric cars for three years and nearly 47,000 miles.

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    "SOMEONE" forgot to factor in the cost of a reasonably priced solar system for an average sized home... in my instance... a 1,550 sq. ft. home the panels were $22,000 PLUS $26,000 for the three (Tesla recommended) whole house batteries... ok..ok... play the tax break game... $16,000 credit (only good against any taxes owned) most would not get much tax benefit ... now try a real comparison ... over the same three year lease period, the monthly cost for solar is $888/month...ok, offset by reduced electric bills of say $150/month... and use $250/month gas savings... and folks you are still way under water... at over 38mpg, My BMW 535d has a far greater range than my bladder!!!
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    I got a battery vehicle too. It is quiet fun. It's also quite and quick. My range obviously have outdone both your cars, in distance and in range. It is quiet comfortable as well. Since the vehicle is just for me, I set it up to suit all my needs. The controls are within reach, and I am always cool. Acceleration is blistering fast, and many onlookers almost always ask me "what have I done to the motor". 

    I saved up every spare change I could so I did not have to finance it, or get a loan. I know this might sounds weird or unusual to some, but I painted the car to my liking. Yes, this new car. And because it is electric, and acceleration is wickedly fast, I tuned my suspension to race mode for more excitement. I also lowered it a bit for some attitude adjustment.

    Gas or electric. Gas powered cars has it's benefits. The sound and purr. The growl and the screams of that howling motor is a thrill within itself. Shifting gears adds to the excitement too. And those jealous eyes, makes me smile every time. The sound system on a gas, I can just go crazy, not so on an electric. I got to watch out for power consumption, like those two guys above. So no excessive sound system.

    Now concerning the charging, I've been so lucky I have a charging station almost throughout, plus I got a fast charger so it puts an indefinite grin on my face, as play time and driving time is not so limited. So I feel for the guys, and family above who have to restrict their driving time and distance.

    Concerning space, I'm pretty fine with mine. For one, I want to keep my car light, for the purpose of acceleration. I always try to find ways to lighten the car up, because speed is the priority of my wishes.

    I do not let my friends or family drive my car, as I feel they would not take care of it, like the way I would. Sorry, that is me. And I do not like surprise dings and scratches.

    So all in all, after I move out of the house, I plan on getting a full size car, as this 1/10 scale is getting a little boring, plus I'm gonna turn 28 soon. So Mom and Dad won't be happy if I'm still home at 30 !  ...But I'm sure, I can make an excuse if I really need two more years after thirty to stay.

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