Nissan 300ZX Climate Control Problems

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I have a 91 300Zx. I have recently lost power to the A/C, windshield wipers, power mirriors, and the rear window defroster. Has anybody had this problem before?


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    i have a 91 with the same problem. Have you fixed it and what did you do? thanks for your time!!
  • hacker4hacker4 Member Posts: 2
    Lost all electrical power in my 1984 300zx have replaced the black fusible link and battery have not been able to restore power to my head light motors wipers or climate control any help?
  • hacker4hacker4 Member Posts: 2
    I am having somewhat of the same problem you had with you 300zx were you able to solve it Thank you
  • rdobbsrdobbs Member Posts: 1
    I have an 85 300ZX that has good freon and cannot get cool air into the car. I always have HOT air 150-160 0C, from the defroster outlets. The conrtols have no effect. It seems to be a faulty vacuum problem but I cannot find any vacuum hoses off. The speed control went haywire at about the same time. Anybody had this problem to help me with this?
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    Its one of the relays behind the fuse box inside the car. The fuse box is located underneath the driver side down to the left of the clutch. To be able to get to the relay you will have to be able to remove the whole fuse box. You will be able to see the relay on the back of the fuse box. How I found the bad reIay I removed one of the relays under the hood that runs the headlights which was already working and enterchanged it with another relay behind the fuse box inside the car until I found the one that went bad. There is more than just one relay behind the fuse box, but just one is bad. We got the relay at Auto Zone. It was around $12.00. Hope that helps!
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    use to work or that is come could see temp and adjust if needed but then went off cant seem to figure wat it may be........ relay ? is it common?
  • mpksrmpksr Member Posts: 3
    i have a reading of what looks like -56 on the ambient temp display compressor will not turn on......any info is appreciated thanks
  • joani1joani1 Member Posts: 9
    Try replacing the power supply located under the dash on the drivers side.
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    My 91 nissan 300zx climate control system unit flashes on and off and I hear a clicking sound from a relay under the steering wheel. All functions- heat and cool and econ- shut cycle on and off with the flashing of the unit. Where should I start?
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    Did you ever get this fixed. I have an 86 300ZX with the digital dash that has the same problem, again. About 8 months ago after my regular mechanic gave up the dealer replaced a pre-amp board and it worked until last Monday. I took it back to the dealer and even though the symptoms were the same the said it was the climate control main board, which they could no longer get from Nissan. Also when it does not click I get 100% AC and when I remove the fuse, it gives me heat, nothing in between.
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    Posted to what seems to be (maybe) some of the problem that might be occurring. There is an exchange valve (best I know what to call it, it replaces the heater core thermostat that american cars have. It is located on my 1986 Nissan 300 ZX nontur/automatic, cal emmision, looking into the engine comp. the left hand side, there is a sieries of 3/4" hoses and a sensor like cylinder conected to the vacuum canister valve accuator with or without two wire connected too the sensor. The reason I wrote without is that this sensor (from what cars I have seen are missing the wires and there is a connector to it ussually empty) is a heat sensor, for when the car water temp is warm the valve is turned open, and when cool and if the AC is on the vavle should be in the closed position. Car auto idle up switch works fine, turn AC on RPM increases from 6 to 10 RPM, but hot air is all I get. Any suggestions before outside servicing, or can I replace freon myself?
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    86 300zx non turbo, the blower blows (Climate Control) but only half as hard as it was. It blows on low and high (half strength). It blows full blast when you push the manual defrost (override) button. HELP
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    I have a 1986 300zx and found an unattached 1/8" vacuum hose behind the glove box. The hose comes out of a T where the other 2 hoses go into a brass colored cylinder (servo?). Where should this hose be attached?


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