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Stabilitrak, Traction Control and Low Power Warnings - Possible Fix

Blackcat_1Blackcat_1 Member Posts: 1
edited April 2019 in Chevrolet
Background info - I have a 2010 LTZ Traverse that was having all these same issues: Service Stabilitrak, Low Power Alarm, Traction Control - OFF warning....

After scouring the interwebs for the better part of the past week and becoming more and more desperate by the day as the alarms were going off while trying to just get to work a couple miles away, I decided to try the Throttle Body cleaning that many have been suggesting. Well...I was not successful with that remedy. Thinking that my next step is the dealer to run diagnostics and probably end up with a sizable bill, I thought I would differentially diagnose and replace the throttle body...at least then all the main suggestions I’ve found would have been worked through. The throttle body was available locally at Auto Zone and with a 10% discount coupon it was ~$160. My thought at least it would not be the $300+ that the ship would charge for the same part.

Next the installation...DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED. A person with a kindergarten degree can complete this fix as long as you have the tools. Socket set, flat head screwdriver is all you need.

To start clean with the ECU disconnect the battery and leave it disconnected wile you disassemble and reassemble the throttle body.
Pull the air intake assembly- removed the 2 clamps
Pull the old throttle body by removing the 4 bolts...disconnect sensor plug and then repeat to reassemble.

End of the repair is simply to connect the battery back up...turn engine on and let idle 3-5 minutes. Shut off and idle 3 minutes again (this was suggested through another forum and I do not know if required although seemed to work).

It fixed all codes...check engine is off, throttle response was like new and most importantly after driving ~45 minutes absolutely no alarms or codes noted.

My suggestion is prior to heading to the dealership or local shop; if you are having the warnings as noted in this forum, just replace the throttle body, reset the codes and then see if you need further diagnostics.


  • Teachergal92Teachergal92 Member Posts: 1
    I sm having the same issue with my 2012 Traverse. All of a sudden the lights went off for my ABS, Stabilitrack, and my AWD. It has been to three different mechanics. They say it's a wire that is cauding it, but they can't seem to find it. Any suggestions?
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