Mazda5 Changes You'd Like To See

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Have some thoughts on ways to make the 5 better? Post your brainstorms here.


  • shuedshued Member Posts: 107
    At Jan 8, I attended the San jose Auto show, and have chance to take a look in Mazda5. I hope that Mazda need to add some small items to Mazda5:
    1): Passenger seat armrest.
    2): Tint window, if you hope customers to think this is a mini-minivan.
    3): Trunk cover when the third row seats are down.
    I also feels that Mazda has a general marketing problem: about the term "Zoom, Zoom". Mazda hope to use "Zoom, Zoom" to give the impression that they have strong engine, but all Mazda engines are at smaller end at the category.
  • audia8qaudia8q Member Posts: 3,138
    Tint window, if you hope customers to think this is a mini-minivan

    your comment alone would eliminate mazda from tinting the windows...LOL. If you mention the word Mini-van and Mazda5 in the same sentance at mazda HQ, they would throw you out of the building. They are avoiding the mini-van tag on the 5 like the plague. The target buyer is somebody who doesnt want a traditional minivan.
  • bobw3bobw3 Member Posts: 2,989
    Regardless if the manufacturer calls something an SUV, minivan, crossover, station wagon, etc...the vehicle is what it is. Maybe it's just me, but when I look for a vehicle I just try to find something that meets my needs...whatever it's called. But then I'm not the typical buyer looking for the latest cool thing out there. I look for something that's practical, economical, a level of quality, and safely meets my needs. I do research, test drive, and buy. But I guess the marketing people need to be employed!
  • edf4edf4 Member Posts: 65
    My recommendation to Mazda to get rid of the "minivan" tag, would be to move the rear door handles to the back of the door, rather than the front where they are now. This is an immediate minivan identifier. Also, given that the actual latch is in rear of the door, this should be easy to do. By making this simple change, the 5 would have the look of a four door wagon, but the benefit, and "trick" of having the doors open as a slider. It would also be the only vehicle with such a feature.
  • rdrrrdrr Member Posts: 20
    Who cares what its called, I don't. Are we so caught up on an image name, labels etc.
    It is a minivan, minivan, minivan. Just a little something to annoy all you Mazda 5 minivan drivers. Don't get me wrong I think it is a nice vehicle and probably great for young families. So its just a hunk of metal and plastic with 4 wheels and please don't call it your "baby".
  • audia8qaudia8q Member Posts: 3,138
    Regardless if the manufacturer calls something an SUV, minivan, crossover, station wagon, etc

    I really don't disagree with you but so many folks are really hung up on names and titles. Call something an SUV and everyone wants one, call it a truck and nobody wants it. The word mini-van causes younger buyers to run away like the building is on fire but call it an All activity vehicle (AAV) and bingo it becomes appealing to younger people. Marketing is an amazing thing.
  • pagetunerpagetuner Member Posts: 41
    "Who cares what its called..."

    I do. Its nomenclature determines what it gets compared to, and what it gets compared to determines, in part, its success. Readers of this list are MUCH more likely than the average citizen to be aware of available models and their strengths and weaknesses. Hopefully the 5 will appear in comparisons with Caravan (eg Size Comparison)and Odyssey, AND in comparisons with Pacifica and R-Class, AND in comparisons with Jetta Wagon and HHR. That way everyone will be impressed with our farsighted early purchases, and when it comes time to trade in everyone will want a used one.

    Incidentally, State of NJ registers it as a station wagon.

  • bobw3bobw3 Member Posts: 2,989
    I think a better comparison would be with a Focus wagon, since the Mazda5 only has 1 more seat. Sort of silly to compare to an Odyssey, Pacifica or R-Class.
  • bobw3bobw3 Member Posts: 2,989
    Especially when you consider that the Mazda5 is based on the Mazda3 platform. That makes the Mazda5 really the Mazda3 station wagon. That's why I compare it to the Ford Focus wagon. There's the Focus sedan & 5 door, similar to the Mazda3 sedan and 5 door, and then there's the Focus wagon...based on the Focus but longer, like the Mazda5 based on the Mazda3 but longer/taller. Anyway, my take on it.
  • pagetunerpagetuner Member Posts: 41
    "Sort of silly to compare to an Odyssey, Pacifica or R-Class."

    Depends on what the shopper's wish list starts with. You wouldn't call the Nissan Xterra and Mazda 5 direct competitors, but in 2000 I wanted a big station wagon with a 5-speed and the Xterra was as close as I could get. In 2005 I wanted the same thing and got the 5.

    If the shopper's wish list starts with "occasional seating for 6", the R-class, Pacifica, and Mazda 5 are on the list. Once you've got that list, some people will want to pay $10- to $30-thousand more for a V-6 and some people won't. Doesn't mean the cars shouldn't be compared.

    If the shopper's list starts with sliding doors so the kids don't dimple the other car, the 5 is on that list with the Odyssey. Is the 5 a good "only car" for a family of six? I wouldn't say so. Is the 5 a better value than the Odyssey for a family of three or four looking for a minivan? I think some people would agree it could be.

  • bobw3bobw3 Member Posts: 2,989
    "If the shopper's wish list starts with "occasional seating for 6", the R-class, Pacifica, and Mazda 5 are on the list"

    To me that's like comparing a Mazda 3 or Focus to a big Lexus, Ford 500 or Camry just because they all seat 5. There's a class difference because of space and luxury even though they all seat 5, and the same with the Mazda 5. I doubt if the guying buying a big Mercedes is going to suddenly say, hey, I'll just buy the cheapest Kia because it also seats 5 people. Just like I doubt if people buying an R-class would even consider the Mazda5.

    And maybe it's just me, but I doubt if anyone's shopping list starts with looking for a vehicle iwth sliding doors ;)

    I like the Mazda5 as a the six seater version (station wagon version with sliding doors) of the small, economical Mazda3.
  • bobw3bobw3 Member Posts: 2,989
    Also, on your webpage you compare the Mazda5 to the Grand Caravan. Again, I like the Mazda5, but to compare it to these bigger minivans might cause people to feel disappointed on the interior specs if they think that the two vehicles are in the same class just because they have sliding doors and three rows:

    Mazda 5 vs Grand Caravan
    Front legroom 1,034mm (40.7") 1,031mm (40.6")
    Rear legroom 894mm (35.2") 991mm (39.0")
    3rd row legroom 780mm (30.7") 988mm (38.9")

    Front hiproom 1,344mm (52.9") 1,453mm (57.2")
    Rear hiproom 1,481mm (58.3") 1,717mm (67.6")
    3rd row hiproom 1,039mm (40.9") 1,245mm (49.0")

    Front shoulder room 1,410mm (55.5") 1,598mm (62.9")
    Rear shoulder room 1,412mm (55.6") 1,643mm (64.7")
    3rd row shoulder room 1,250mm (49.2") 1,577mm (62.1")

    Maximum cargo volume 1,257L (44.4 cu.ft.) 4,754L (167.9 cu.ft.)

    The Mazda5 is a great vehicle, just in a different class than a full size minivan. Again, it's a great Econ car with an extra seat.
  • wreineckewreinecke Member Posts: 13
    Don't be so sure about the R class vs. the Mazda5. My wife has an E320, and I nearly bought the R class. But I decided for the Mazda instead...

    Also don't be so sure on the sliding doors. I did not set out to buy a car with sliding doors, but it is what sold me on the Mazda. Plus, I liked the 4 year warranty and the timing chain instead of a timing belt.

    But then again, I might be a bit more quirky than the typical buyer...

    :) :surprise: :D :P
  • bobw3bobw3 Member Posts: 2,989
    You're right. And I'm sure some potential Rolls Royce owners opt for the Corolla ;)
  • shuedshued Member Posts: 107
    Ok, for my previous message, if we foget what the mazda5 is called, Do you guys agree that Mazda needs to add that three small items? or you dont care?
  • pagetunerpagetuner Member Posts: 41
    Cover for the luggage area is available as an accessory; get the salesman to throw it in as a deal-sweetener. Tinted windows are available aftermarket; be grateful you get to choose your own percentage. If Mazda did it it would probably be too dark or too light for you. Passenger arm rest would be nice, you're right. Maybe next model year.

    And on your zoom-zoom issue, notice it is called zoom-zoom, not vroom-vroom. I was just noticing today how crisp and flat the cornering is. I would call the acceleration adequate, the braking good, and the handling very good.

  • twaintwain Member Posts: 185
    Despite the stigma associated with minivans, minivan sliding doors are the most practical on the planet. Moving the handle to the rear would only make them less practical. The sliding doors are the main feature that sets the 5 apart from other vehicles like the Focus wagon, the Matrix and the PT Cruiser. Many people are tired of "minivans" getting bigger and fatter and Mazda came to the rescue with the 5.

    About the, I wouldn't feel too safe sitting in those back seats. But I also think 3 across seating in a small vehicle is ridiculous. 2+2 or 2+2+2 is the way to go. Fold down those back seats for more cargo or only use them on rare occasions. I don't think a family of six should buy a Mazda5.
  • rlyonrlyon Member Posts: 57
    I don't own a 5 yet, maybe in 2-3 weeks. But fromr esearch I'd pay for and/or wish the 5 had-

    1) variable wipers
    2) DTR lights with auto off/on
    3) struts on the hood (IIRC the one I saw had the old stick for support)
    4) leather
    5) bose, infinity, JBL, something not stock for the audio, and 2 more speakers in the back
    6) lights on the door buttons for night time visibility ( more design related)
    7) power slide doors
    8) euro roof rack
    9) euro trays on the rear of front seats
    10) bumper step plate should be standard

    I think that's all I would want over the touring with NAV with Sirius and cargo cover.
  • nowakj66nowakj66 Member Posts: 709
    I would like to see:

    1) heated front seats
    2) leather seats
    3) iPod connectivity
    4) intermittant wipers
    5) 5 speed auto
    6) a different red than cardinal
  • andmoonandmoon Member Posts: 320
    diesel or 2.3 turbo from the 6.
    middle temp./foldout seat for 2nd row.
    heated seats
    tow hitch (I need for bike carrier)
    rear vents and a/c boost
    Then I'll trade in my wrx wagon :)
  • once_for_allonce_for_all Member Posts: 1,640
    great list!

    Do you think the rear vents alone will do it? I am thinking a full rear AC/Heater is needed, just like the MPV.

    I love the diesel suggestion. Bring it in with the 6 speed.

    I am a Subaru guy too, but I don't think the 5 is set up for AWD. Leave it out, or make it optional.

  • rlyonrlyon Member Posts: 57
    There are rear vents, under the fronts seats. They come on when the floor vents are used. Maybe not what you meant, but there is something for the rear.

    You can get leather seats from the dealer. The seats are just seat covers so most dealers will get their seamstress to leather up some seat covers for the 5. Around $800-$900 I think.

    People have installed a hitch to the 5 for their bikes.

    I think I read that the US can't have the middle row because of a law or something. Also, that makes it much more difficult to get into the 3rd row.

    Trade in your wagon, you won't regret it. THe 5 is so much fun to drive and I love the looks I get.
  • mr2spydermr2spyder Member Posts: 7
    I'm looking into the Mazda5, just one quick question:

    Even the Mazda3 has HID headlight, it is weird that HID is not even an option on the Mazda5. Will this be added to the Mazda5 in the future?

    Other than the lack of HID, I'm pertty impressed by the Mazda5. It is a good looking car with a lot of funtions.
  • rlyonrlyon Member Posts: 57
    HID is not an option, but someone has a thread of their replacement with HID. It didn't seem to take them long to change it out so it's that's a major issue with you at least you know you can do it yourself aftermarket.
  • psychoartpsychoart Member Posts: 17
    Hey, hey, hey!!! You are not the only one scratching your head on this one.

    Yes, the name makes a diffence. You have a Mazda3 with HID, and you want another car for your family with the equal safe driving feature at night on a model that is named more than a 3. But the let down on the higher model named 5 has less content. It's a big "no no," and an insult like I have previously posted on many many Mazda website.

    Of course, there are some people around that don't dig this 'thing.' And those people would say: "Why the 'thing' would you need it anyway? I rather have no AC, no airbag, and have 2 door and 2 speakers only in my car. That's just my 2 cents." Bless you, and welcome back to the 1960. Here's a new commercial for the marketing folks: "What's in your wallet :confuse: " I guess there's something call Yaris... PLEASE!


    Back to the subject. I would like to see the Special Edition with the chrome grille from Japan in the US.

    Some of the features I would like to have are,

    1) LED signal in side mirrors
    2) power retractable side mirrors
    3) blue tinted wide angle and heated side mirrors
    4) memorized side mirrors position for different drivers (e.g. husband and wife)
    5) (alright, enought about the side mirrors) tinted rear windows
    6) power rear hatch (better than power side doors)
    7) lights on the doors when opened (for night safety)
    8) rear ventilation ducts (not necessarily rear AC)
    9) better sounds system for the family PLEASE!
    10) knob control for the sunroof. The push buttons are pain in the 'thing'
    11) HID
    12) rear LED
    13) Euro chrome roof bar please.
    14) tire pressure monitoring system
    15) 5 speed automatic
    16) the foldable trays that everyone has forgotten
    17) the foldable 7 seats

    Well, basically bring the Japanese version here, and name it Premacy. We will all be happy. :sick:

    BTW, I have all that in my Mazda3, except #4, 6, 8, 10, 13, 16 and 17. #15 is getting standard in 2007 model. The rest of that do not show as regular features have been upgraded with parts from Asia (e.g. #1, 2, and 3), and or custome made (e.g. #7). Even the lowest VW's model (i.e. Golf) has some better safety lightning system than a family Mazda5. Again, it's not just absurd but an insult to precious members of a family. Yes, like the name Mazda.
  • mrnimmomrnimmo Member Posts: 271
    1. Diesel w/ manual.
    2. 7 seat option, even if it is a fold down jumpseat in between the middle seats, though a bench seat is preferable.
    3. Maybe some optional suspensions. An inch or two ground clearance would be excellent. Don't like cars that have trouble clearing speed bumps.

    I don't give a crap about bling-bling lighting or any other bling bling. You people watch pimp my ride too much.
  • edf4edf4 Member Posts: 65
    AWD or limited slip differential for us folks in the New England snow belt. Also, while on the subject, a second front and rear power outlet, dual/extending sun visors, and a dashboard switch to control rear interior lights from driver's seat.
  • mazda5mommazda5mom Member Posts: 1
    Moveable roof rack bars...or a basket bracket attachment to accomodate the Load Warrior...

    The Mazda5 roof rack does not accomdate the Yakima Load Warrior basket that is sold as an accessory - SHAME!! on Mazda for not testing this more thoroughly (check the pictures on their site). After purchasing my rack and basket from Rosenthal Mazda, I was not able to get the basket installed on the rack - the roof rack spread is greater than the basket brackets will accomdate. I've talked with Yakima, my Mazda dealer and a specialty car rack retailer/installer (Rack & Road in Seattle). The first 2 were no help - Rack & Road says without moveable roof rack bars, the Load Warrior will not fit.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAMember Posts: 9,372
    Hope you can join us for a little meet and greet with your fellow Mazda enthusiasts!

    The Mazda Club Chat is on tonight. The chat room opens at 8:45PM ET Hope to see YOU there! Check out the schedule
  • mazdalvrmazdalvr Member Posts: 16
    I agree the 2.3 turbo would add a nice increase in power to really make the 5 move. The 4 speed auto is ok around town to really get this thing to move you have to use the manual shift mode.
  • burtlancasterburtlancaster Member Posts: 7
    If you have looked at the final drive ratios listed in the Mazda specs, the auto actually has a taller overdrive than the manual 5 speed. I would like to see Mazda put in a 6 speed, or if that is considered too busy, maybe they could space out the gears a bit more and put a taller final drive ratio for better economy on the highway.
  • zoomandyzoomzoomandyzoom Member Posts: 19
    I didn't see this mentioned above, so I thought I'd mention it now. A lot of people, including myself, would like to see HIDs available on the Mazda5. A new "Grand Touring" model for the 2007 model year is going to be available in the U.S. It comes standard with leather seats, HIDs, and blacked-out headlight and taillight bezels. I've also heard that it's only available with the 4-speed automatic, a disappointment.

    The 5 is a vehicle that my wife and I are seriously considering when the lease on our 2003 Protege is up next spring. We have a little one on the way and would like to increase practicality without sacrificing "fun-to-drive".
  • castg1castg1 Member Posts: 34
    I need a mounting thingy in the right rear window where I can mount a wide-angle mirror (blind spot eliminator). This will help big time when backing up from the garage. Looking back to my right while backing up, the feeling is like that of being in a box. There is no peripheral vision available to see on-coming car from the left. The mirror will minimize frequent head turning.
  • castg1castg1 Member Posts: 34
    The Front Grill.. I think the design is faulty. The mazda5 with its configuration uses the fins of the Aircon radiator to screen out flying insects. I need to see a screen filter at the back of the grill that can be removed for cleaning off trapped flying insects.
  • tlongtlong CaliforniaMember Posts: 5,194
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAMember Posts: 9,372
    Is the 5 perfect as is? :)
  • achudoddachudodd Member Posts: 1
    I was convinced this was to be our new family car until my husband tried to sit in one at the dealership.

    He's 6'4" (all legs) and he couldn't get in to the driver's seat with it pushed all the way back. His knees would hit the dash under the steering wheel. There was no way that he could get comfortable in that space. The funny thing is that he has no problems fitting into a standard compact car like Mazda3 or a Corolla. This either needs a longer track for the seats, or some kind of redesign of the dash around the driver.

    It looks like we'll have to get a real minivan... :-(
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAMember Posts: 9,372
    I know it's a Mazda discussion :P but have you looked into the Versa? I have "issues" with leg room in most vehicles (including the Mazda5), but the Versa has more leg room, front and back, than my Altima.
  • shell6shell6 Member Posts: 1
    I think they need to bring the 7th seat to North America!! We saw the 7th seat version in Europe, and thought it was great. Got really excited until we checked them out here and found the 7th seat missing!! We're a family of 5 with 3 smaller kids (4,6,7) and want a small car (hatchback!!)with the flexibility of the third row. But if our third child is always in back, the carrying flexibility is gone for us!! (And our slobbery dog.) A regular minivan is just too big for us to park and drive. We just spent a year in Europe driving hatchbacks and that has totally changed our perspective on cars!
  • bobw3bobw3 Member Posts: 2,989
    I doubt if you could fit three car seats across in the Mazda5 even if it had the optional 7th seat. It's the same width as the Mazda3, so you can try it there and see. It's pretty tough finding a car to put in three carseats across in the second row, and one that's not too big. The Mazda MPV isn't that much bigger than the Mazda5 and has more space. It's only 8" longer and 3" wider, so it's still about a foot shorter than the full size minivans. You'll still have to put one of the kids in the 3rd row, but you'll get more interior space than the Mazda5.
  • forbes3forbes3 Member Posts: 7
    As some have already mentioned, I would love to see

    * seventh seat;

    * 6 speed manual or taller gearing;

    * better fuel economy... diesel?;
  • kev604kev604 Member Posts: 30
    One change I'm glad Mazda didnt make on the 07 Mazda5 was to go with the 07 Mazda3 rims. Those are damn ugly.
    I think the 5 spoke rims on the Mazda5 look great and along with the lower profile 205/50/17 tires really goes a long way in enhancing the sporty look of the vehicle.
  • burtlancasterburtlancaster Member Posts: 7
    I second every one of your proposed changes. I think everything else except this is fine, although I would add that a bit better ventilation and A/C system would be nice.
    The 6 speed or taller gearing would definitely help with the mileage. I think the variable-valve engine doesn't necessarily provide the mileage that a normal-valve engine would -- probably just technology for technology's sake. I'd rather have something simpler, without the zoom-zoom.
    I'd be happy with a bit more low-end grunt (torque), even if it took a few ponies off the top.
  • mazdalvrmazdalvr Member Posts: 16
    sometimes when I turn on my turn signal I end up flashing my brights or turning them on. I have pissed a few people off doing so and not having an arm rest on the passenger seat is really annoying! even if it is supposed to interfere with the middle storage cubby they could have raised the lid to match the height of the arm rest. o-well I am not to impressed with the headlights I find myself straining to see when I am turning onto another street or around a corner at night.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAMember Posts: 9,372
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAMember Posts: 9,372
  • castg1castg1 Member Posts: 34
    I need a switch that has the same function as opening the door. This would turn on all the cabin lights and makes it easier to look for the things you dropped on the floor.
  • zbxzbx Member Posts: 30
    I have a 2007 Mazda5 GT.
    It bothers me more that there is no pocket on back of passenger seat than lack of arm rest.
    I'm also not a fan of drinking in the car, so think that the numerous cup holders could be replaced by more storage compartments.
    The pockets in the drivers and passenger side doors are also not long enough.
    I would also like a "jam plate" that I can brace my left foot against when driving.
    The centre console is also not big enough (conversely I think the glove compartment is huge, probably becuz the manual is as big as a phone book).
    I'm also used to a moon roof which retracts horizontally 100% into the roof, rather than only 1/2 way on top of roof.
    But for the price, I'm happy with the Mazda5 GT.
  • dapontdapont Member Posts: 21
    Whenever the Powers That Be decide to replace the 4 speed automatic with the 5 speed (used in all other models) along with power sliding doors (so popular in Japan) maybe I'll take another look.
  • maltbmaltb Member Posts: 3,572
    Well look for the the 5-speed in 2008. Those doors are so effortless that it would seem a shame to add power to slow down the process.
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