washer fluid issue

lawbecca1lawbecca1 Member Posts: 3
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2006 Kia Spectra5. Washer fluid is not working. Both wipers still work. My son says when he pulls back for the washer fluid his wipers also go on. Wiper relay was changed. There is fluid in the resevoir. We also switched the wiper fuse. Nothing has changed. Any suggestions? I'm thinking pump. Cannot hear it engage. Should I?


  • rhondasrhondas Member Posts: 7
    most likely the pump went you should hear it
  • lawbecca1lawbecca1 Member Posts: 3
    That's what I figured.... Do you know if there is a pump for the front and back? Or just one? I am going to order it before I take it apart. I assume I have to get at it from under the wheel well.
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