Honda Android Bluetooth Issue

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I was considering leasing a new Accord and was going to test drive today, but first wanted to be sure my Android Galaxy Note 8 would work find with bluetooth (I know it works with Android auto). It paired up fine and contacts, etc. loaded/downloaded, but when I pushed the talk switch on the steering wheel it gave me a screen on the car that said "Unable to Start Voice Session on the Galaxy Note 8". I thought it was maybe just a setting in my phone so we found someone at the dealer who also had an Android (different model) and got the same message after pairing his phone. I found literally one post in the entire internet when I search "unable to start voice session" and it didn't address this problem. This must have come up for others since it seems to be an issue with Android phones using bluetooth in new Hondas?


  • kfbkfb Member Posts: 1
    crazy as it sounds, you have to start playing music on a music player program via bluetooth and then the voice command will interupt and start working.
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    I have had the same problem with a Pixel 3 XL. Unless I connect the phone to the car with a USB cable and turn on Android auto, I cannot use google voice service by pressing the talk switch on the steering wheel. It shows the message "unable to start voice session on Pixel 3 XL". And you are right, it is awfully strange that there are only two places on the entire world wide web with the words "Honda" and "unable to start voice session", one of them is this site. Let me know if you were able to figure anything.
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    I bought a 2019 Accord and have the same problem. I tried the solution mentioned above by Kfb but that did not work either. If I plug my phone in using the usb cable it works fine. I have tried two other android phones and the same problem occurs.
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